In this phase, humans would learn to become their own gods. Register Start a Wiki.

5 is obviously the typical civilian, kept ignorant by evil-politician-1 XD.

Each one of the rag dolls embodies a part of the scientist’s soul and personifies one of his traits. Anything and everything that you can think of that would be considered a subject for discussion. In 9, the world is definitely going through the Nigredo phase: It is dark, burnt down and in ruins. Stitchpunks likely don't have a conception of religion, besides maybe 3 and 4, because the humans are dead and thus they would have nothing to base it upon.

The title of the book, “Annuls of Paracelsus”, basically tells the viewers: “This movie is based on hermetic philosophy and alchemy”. The film stars the voice of Elijah Wood as the titular role, alongside other voices of John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Crispin Glover with Martin Landau and Fred Tatasciore. There's also my theory that the Chancellor and Scientist somehow represent the Devil and God. In short, he is how occult groups perceive themselves. 6 I have a bit to say on. In fact, it was once a weapon, turned into a benign source of light. He actually says during the movie: “Actually I don’t mind having one eye. FANDOM.

;)_. I think a lot of people underestimate One's character, I think, in a way, he's facinating. The voicebox from the baby doll could be symbolic of 9 being young and pure, the voice of an inosent. Given his attire, it is quite clear that 1 represents the power and authority of the Catholic Church (and religions in general). They are the epitome of man playing God and giving life. (welcome to the forum, by the way). Okay, first something obvious: religion.

It actually describes a technique to create a “little man” using horse dung and human sperm. i strongly believe that a sequel will show up, although critics gave it mixed to positive reviews, it did net a lot of money, and movies that make money, make sequels. I will definately start reading tomorrow. Look what they left us with.”.

In that case 1's hat could be compared to the Pharoh's crown. Yeah, I have a very gloomy outlook on life. I'll give you my first ideas if u ask, In my opinion there is so much more story to be told in this world, don't you agree?

In a post-apocoliptic world it destroyed five things - 1 (logic) 2 (the weak) 5 (the comman man) 6 (mystics/philsofers) and 8 (the ignorant). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Osiris was the “king of the living and ruler of the dead” and his Age was characterized by strong governments and religions, notably Christianity’s “emphasis on death, suffering, sorrow and the denial of the body”. 1 wears a cape and holds a scepter, symbols of power. I think that says a lot about the way 1 acts and treats the others. While 1 apparently awaits a divine intervention to save the world, 9 represents the Promethean/Luciferian concept of attaining godhood through one’s own means. I've also been working on figuring out any connection to the Tarot (my husband suggested it) but so far I've only been able to come up with 9 being the Hermit. I wouldn't count on a sequel, and if there was going to be one, it'd be in three years at least - bu then I'll probably be off my 9 fetish. Forget it!”, – I know enough to leave their ancient evil to moulder. THERES GOES OUR LOGIC! It was sufficient for the adepts, and it was important not to initiate the vulgar.

9 is the hero of the movie. Ooh, and here's another one: In mythology and natural history, human beings were afraid of three sorts of animals. His work in the field of Hermetism, alchemy, and medicine are still thoroughly studied to this day, in practically all occult circles. Doing this caused a disruption in the actual soul spirits and pulled them back into their bodies. Or it could be a reference to Moses' staff-- since Moses led his people out of misery and slavery, but in the process he killed all the firstborn Egyptians, drowned the Egyptian army, and killed off a generation of Hebrews by wandering for forty years in the desert. *peeks out of dusty forum window* "No, not really. Just me D". In the scientist's eyes, he was supposed to be the leader no? Would love your thoughts, please comment. I know this was already explained on the DVD about the connection between 7, her helmet, and the birdcage seen in the catbeast fight scene, but has anyone else thought about 7's bird helmet as something to do with being like a frightened bird underneath your skin?

The end of the movie is also extremely symbolic. Totally. But this world is ours now. This is pretty much the message of the entire movie. This is getting off the subject of this thread, Private Message me if you wanna chat more. Netflix’s “Cuties”: Here’s Exactly What Mass Media is Praising, How the Movie “Contagion” Laid the Blueprint for the Coronavirus Outbreak, “A Children’s Book of Demons” Teaches Children How to Summon Demons, The Actual Reason Why “Joker” was Bashed by Mass Media, The Sinister Messages of “K-12” by Melanie Martinez, The Deeper Meaning of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”. 9 is a 2009 American computer-animated science fiction action film directed by Shane Acker, written by Pamela Pettler and produced by Jim Lemley, Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov and Dana Ginsburg. – Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ageseval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'vigilantcitizen_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',150,'0','0'])); The most prominent occultist of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley, stated that the last 2,000 years were the “Age of Osiris”. Through symbolism and references, the movie describes humanity as a whole and the transitional phase it is going through. 6 is a visionary obsessed with a symbol that turns out to be the talisman needed to save the dolls. Though...........there may be many things associated with religion around, but I don't see things resembling religion itself. Tim Burton’s “9” is a computer-animated movie that was released on 9/9/09. I find him quite similar to Simon from Lord of the Flies being he's a mystic. It even defines a “new age” for humanity as seen by occult secret societies.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'vigilantcitizen_com-box-3','ezslot_1',172,'0','0'])); 9 takes place in a dark, post-apocalyptic world where intelligent, self-reproducing machines destroyed all life on Earth. Should they bring the characters back? It's too hard to focus on all of these at once O.o it's 12 p.m here, I will do tomorrow or somwthing though, don't worry! Wow.

I swear im so obsessed over this and I hav so many questions! When the dolls open up Paracelsus’ book, 1 tears up the page describing their creation. Add new page. “In plain language, the Aeon of Horus means that the Godhead is being passed down to the individual who needs to learn to activate and find the God-Within themselves. The number 7 is assioiated with faith. He seems to be powered by logic only, his logic tells him to hide and later destory the Machine - he does this up until his death. Talisman definition: A talisman is an object which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring you... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 8 is the working class, easily brainwashed by politician-1. His position of authority and his distinctive garments make him the leader of the group. In addition to the creation of homunculi, the movie also includes other parts of Paracelsus’ research, such as the use of magically charged Talismans, a tool Paracelsus used to treat his patients.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'vigilantcitizen_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',631,'0','0'])); Understanding that the backstory of 9 is steeped in ancient occultism gives the movie’s storyline a specific color: It describes the world as seen by members of occult secret societies. His body uard, his followers, no one actually listenes to him when Nine comes along, with good reason of course, but still. 9 is the number of wholeness-- a trinity of trinities in the Christian belief system, if I'm not mistaken. This phase represents the process of burning, turning the base material into black ashes in order to break it down and remove its impurities. Only the illumined reason can carry the understanding part of man upward to the light. Here's Wiki's list of "common examples": Well, it looks like it fits for 1 and 2, 3, 6 (he's definitely in flux), would you consider 7 to be the thoughtful type?, and definitely for 8 and 9. *skips 9* The Machine I always thought repersented society itself in a way. Reminds me alot of Jurgis from The Jungle, big, ignorant and hurt by society. 7 and 1 hate eachother, this may have been science vs religion in a way. I can give u the name if ur interested. He used the data to bring to life his Stitchpunk.

No one has accomplished works greater than his, and for that very reason he conceals the virtue of ceremonies and merely teaches in his occult philosophy the existence of that magnetic agent which is omnipotence of will; he sums also the whole science of characters in two signs, the macrocosmic and microcosmic stars. 9 is pretty much the opposite of 1. Many traditions use them as part of a ritual or in magic, both black and white. The fate of each doll represents what occultists predict will happen in the Age of Horus. 7 is the number of completion-- 7 days of creation in Jewish/Christian faiths-- and another significant number for stories (seven dwarves, seven swans, seven princesses) though the number 7 appears more in the form of supporting cast while 3 often appears more as part of the narrative. In the New Age, occultists believe some elements of humanity must be “purged”. The above paragraph pretty much sums up the plot of 9 in its entirety – and that is probably what most viewers got out of the movie. Then it starts raining and we see living organisms in the drops of water. The purge has allowed life to be brought back to Earth and only the representatives of the Luciferian principle have survived. All forum posts must be suitable for teens.

lol, caps abuse.

And Shane Acker explained the light bulb, but no one else brought it up here... the light bulb staff is symbolic of 9's ablity to see through the darkness and provail were the others failed. 9 creates a bonfire that will release the souls of 1, 2, 5 and 8. Oh wait...1 died. 7 should have died too, just for the joke, "there goes the last female" XD, I always thought that 9's original mistake of awakening the beast was similar to the story of adam and eve from the bible. Therefore, if 9 never woke up ALL of them would be dead but just to cool ones. Doesn't make perfact sence, but neither did the actual film. He even loses the coin on his hat. Once Mr.Fab was up and running he'd be making beasts to take the Stitchpunk so he can eetz their soulz.

The first can be placed in baths, a method in which the amulet is placed inside the water. 4 is the number of cardinal directions, and thus the number of order and stability. Does this scene represent religious elites holding occult knowledge while forbidding their followers from seeking it? Here’s another evil one-eyed robot. The voicebox from the baby doll could be symbolic of 9 being young and pure, the voice of an inosent. In the sinareo that he never woke up the Fabricator AFTER Cat Beast was dead that would be true, but I think that the Stitchpunks where SUPPOSED to die to restart life as was implyed at the very end of the film. I thought I'd throw in my own theory pertaining to 1. After finding the “Stele of Revealing” in an Egyptian museum (it was exhibit #666), Crowley wrote this about the coming New Aeon: “Horus rules the present period of 2,000 years, beginning in 1904. Whatever. I think the helmet is an emotional mask. She wears the helmet until the end, and by then she loses all of her guard, not wanting anyone else to die. Magic Symbols and Meanings – Black and White – Norse and Celtic. And Shane Acker explained the light bulb, but no one else brought it up here... the light bulb staff is symbolic of 9's ablity to see through the darkness and provail were the others failed. More recently, Aleister Crowley and his followers were obsessed with the creation of a homunculus (Crowley used the term “Moonchild”).

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