Mikhail: The whole Scrum Team should come to a solution about the first Sprint length before starting it. A member of the Development Team takes the Scrum Master aside to express his concerns about data sercurity issues. 6.

Definitely, it needs to be discussed with the team. Which phrase best describes a Product Owner? I think, in the broad sense the answer is “yes”. The Scrum Guide tells:

What best describes the relationship of the Product Owner and the stakeholders? Mikhail: A. D. Pull Product Backlog items for the Sprint. E) Forecasting which team will deliver which Product Backlog items. Mikhail: The answers are A and B. Mikhail: The correct answer is C. Teams in Scrum are self-organized. Mikhail: The PO can delegate writing Product Backlog Items. What is a Development Team responsible for?

The Sprint Review is the only formal Scrum event where the Key Stakeholders are allowed to take part in. Option A. above is wrong because process improvements cannot be a part of the Product Backlog.

So, the correct answer for this question is C. Sprint Results. This will elicit collaboration, because the people funding the team have a benefit in getting the teams unstuck. A. Who should make sure everyone on the Development Team does his or her tasks for the Sprint?

"Which are not appropriate topics for discussion in a sprint retrospective. to some feature), most likely the requirements should be processed as a sub-task within this feature instead of the DoD. What are two ways that architecture and infrastructure are handled in Scrum? Mikhail: The best option is D. Scrum recognizes just one role “Developer” within the Development Team.

Mikhail: Scrum addresses the most of the risks involved in software development. Who is allowed to tell the Development Team to work from a set of requirements? A and B are wrong because teams are self-organizing. The Sprint Review The old team will spend a lot of time for communications with the new teams.

Which answer best describes the topics covered in sprint planning? In the absence of either the Product Owner or the Product Backlog, the Scrum Master is required to construct an adequate Product Backlog prior to the meeting and to stand in for the Product Owner. a. A.

This is a PO responsibility. Which topics should be discussed in the Sprint Review? What does Product Backlog management include? Also while I was reading a blog on product backlog, got few questions…, Should everyone be allowed to update product backlog? "45. The Product Owner has the option to release any of the completed functionality. What factors should be considered by the Product Owner in the release decision (select four)? He remembers the sprint goal(s) or release goal as set at the start of the sprint (committed work). Those who need information are responsible for getting it. What does the word "development" mean in the context of Scrum? False, If burndown charts are useds to visualize progress, what do they track?

Let the “shop members” create a big banner with the feature name on it for people to know what they can learn in each shop. The scope of the next Sprint will be set at the following Sprint Planning. As the Sprint Planning meeting progresses, the Development Team sees that the workload is greater than they can handle. the dev team has decided that a retrospective is unnecessary. However, the following points can be taken into account: From my experience, the optimal Spring length is 2 weeks.

None. The Product Backlog may also be adjusted overall to meet new opportunities.”, The second option relates to the Daily Scrum: “The Development Team uses the Daily Scrum to inspect progress toward the Sprint Goal and to inspect how progress is trending toward completing the work in the Sprint Backlog.”. "69. 45. You should bring it up in the next Retrospective and try to come to a solution that everyone is happy with. F) Good enough. Note there is no use to start inviting real customers randomly, since not having any context will lead to hindering your SR with questions that should be addressed in other sessions.Make sure you announce which features you will be inspecting in an invitation (e-mail or slack or whatever you use) so your stakeholders can decide if these features are important enough for them to join the Sprint Review. In my quizzes I have a similar question: who can change the PB? In which meetings the Key Stakeholders are allowed to participate? 3.

Who is responsible for crafting the Sprint Goal at the Sprint Planning? If yes then it should be in form of user story? During a Sprint, a Development Team determines that it will not be able to finish the complete forecast. Productivity will decrease because the first team should spend time on interaction with the other team and resolve dependencies.

Mikhail: The Scrum Guide contains A Scrum Team is only allowed to meet with stakeholders during the Sprint Review? What are two things a group of 100 people should take into account when they are forming into multiple Scrum Teams? Is there an error in one of the questions? "The dev should have all the skills needed to: "When many dev team are working on a single product, what best describes the definition of ""Done""?

Scrum does not have a Project Manager role. Mikhail: Of course, the PO needs to bring up the concerns to the team. Above question is in your “Scaled Scrum Quiz” answers are A,E. D. Wrong. Also the PO can ask the DT to write the stories.

You have just been hired by a company new to Scrum. What is the primary way a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest level of productivity? I am thankful to you for all your help. When a Development Team is having trouble delivering a working Increment because they don't understand a functional requirement, what should they do? B. I also came to it when answering a question above and re-reading the Sprint Planning section of the Scrum Guide. True or false? "a) It provides just enough information to enable a Scrum team to start the design phase of a product.

"_ The Sprint is extended and futer Sprint use this new duration. What are two typical activities for a Product Owner in a Sprint? Note that for your very first Sprint Review Bazaar, don’t push too hard on getting those stakeholders in. What activitives would a Product Owner typically undertake in the phase between the end of the current Sprint and the start of the next Sprint? B. is bad because Organization is not responsible for the Sprint length. Both meetings involve representatives from all the teams. PSPO I – Learning Mode

Don’t be tempted to make it any longer. What is include in the Sprint Backlog? "a)Ask the Product Owner to discuss the product or project, its history, goals, and context, as well as answer questions. Scrum value affected by lack of trust, 39. If burndown charts are used to visualize progress, what does a trend line through a release burndown chart indicate? Currently, your Development Teams are organized to address a single layer only (for example, front end, middle tier, back end, and interfaces).

The Scrum Guide states:

You are the Scrum Master on a newly formed Scrum Team. The Product Owner must release each increment to production. C. Yes, but only for Scrum Teams whose work has dependencies. The Scrum Guide clarifies it: Frequently enough to eliminate the risk that the product's value will get out of line with the marketplace. I agree, C option is the best. "A) The Development Team. This Product Owner may delegate to others for specific value, capabilities, and functionality within each product. No, the Sprint Review contains much more activities. B) could also be correct as it’s about collaboration with the dev team…but I’m getting confused about the meaning of “parse”.

He/She has handed over the required Product Backlog for the Sprint but is not collaborating with the Development Team during the Sprint. Select the best option. Is it a good idea for the PO to proxy or outsource some of their PO Scrum Team duties to these people (for example, Scrum Team facing duties)?

The Development Team is responsible for the Definition of Done. Invite internal and external customers who are in some way involved in the product development process. Q. Assume a liaison role between both parties. So, the answer is “No”, not frozen. Which of the following is required by Scrum? What does it mean for a Development Team to be cross-functional? It is prohibited to add new work into the Sprint Backlog later by the Development Team.

When is a Product Backlog item considered complete? PO, SM and even Dev Team members can work on more than one Product at the same time, but productivity will suffer because of switching focus. The Scrum Master should not allow the Product Owner to attend the Sprint Planning if the PO is not ready with a Sprint Goal. "49. When the work remaining will be likely completed if nothing changes on the Product Backlog or the Development Team. They cannot deliver only documentation or an unit test. Your management has assigned you to be the Scrum Master of six new Scrum Teams.

There will be 6 teams, but they are all new to Scrum. The Team will demonstrate this functionality to the Product Owner and stakeholders at the Sprint review meeting at the end of the Sprint. The Daily Scrum "20. A Development team selects a set of Product Backlog items for a Sprint Backlog with the intent to get the selected item done by the end of the sprint.

However, if it were my question, I would mention the PO in this option. Do not abuse this meeting for any managerial or operational updates; This is not the information the attendees came for. Why is it important? Which best describes the role of budgeting in Scrum?

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