The Public Morals Chairwoman dislikes the free-spirited Yoshiko but when Akuru makes some casual remarks that compliment her, the chairwoman falls in love with Akuru and begins stalking him while repressing her perverted thoughts. He was the one that first introduced her to bananas (her absolute favorite food) and hits her a lot. Aho Girl!".

She even gets zeroes on multiple choice tests. Aho Girl “ For a final episode, I’m surprised at how flippant Aho Girl is about its impending end. [40], Volume 1 reached the 43rd place on the weekly Oricon manga chart and, as of May 18, 2013, has sold 27,861 copies;[42] volume 2 reached the 22nd place[43] and, as of October 27, 2013, has sold 61,653 copies;[44] volume 3 reached the 20th place[45] and, as of April 27, 2014, has sold 62,692 copies;[46] volume 4 reached the 22nd place and, as of August 24, 2014, has sold 55,158 copies;[47] volume 5 reached the 34th place and, as of January 18, 2015, has sold 27,473 copies. Her skin and hair are very well-cared, because she wants to look good in Akuru Akutsu's eyes.

Yoshiko tries to help Ruri find something she can do well outside of classwork.

Akuru often scolds Yoshiko, due to her eccentric and stupid personality. He gets along well with Sayaka, being the only person that he doesn't mind or yell at. Keizou Kusakawa served as the chief director, with Shingo Tamaki also as a director, and Takashi Aoshima as the script writer. Yoshiko's mother is worried that the cute and innocent Sayaka might steal Akuru away from Yoshiko, and demands to check her panties.

1: Is Manga over???

Unlike him, his neighbor and friend, Yoshiko, has made a name for herself for being incredibly stupid in both academic and social affairs. Sayaka has a sleepover at Yoshiko's. Other stories include: Yoshiko and Akuru watch a, Chapters 20-36. She hangs out with her studious classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu, who is frequently annoyed by her antics and does not hesitate to physically scold Yoshiko. no comments yet. They're good friends since childhood. [38], The opening theme is "Zenryoku☆Summer!" Their classmate Sayaka Sumino discovers Akuru does not have any friends and decides to be his friend. Covers chapters published in, The volume introduces the main characters for the series: Yoshiko Hanabatake, a stupid and clueless high school girl; her classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu who loves to study but is annoyed by her shenanigans; Yoshiko's mom devises schemes for the two to be together in romantic situations; Sayaka Sumino, a classmate that becomes friends with the two; Ryuichi Kurosaki, a delinquent guy who looks up to Yoshiko; the school's Head Monitor, a girl who despises Yoshiko, but develops an obsessive crush on Akuru; Akuru's little sister Ruri, who also struggles academically; the neighborhood kids at the playground that Yoshiko hangs out with; and Atusko Oshieda, who is Yoshiko's homeroom teacher. Dog seems to be the only other being besides Sayaka that Akuru likes or isn't irritated by, as said dog seems to be more intelligent than Yoshiko.

Do not take your foot off the pedal of prayer, Prophecy, Doubt, Protecting Kids, Christian Entertainment & More! The series is based on the manga of the same name created by Hiroyuki. Covers chapters published in, Chapters 120-125. Yoshiko trains Ryuichi to be Akuru's friend, but he ends up being more of his servant. She usually wears her school uniform. He usually wears his school uniform and always has a serious expression.

How will you respond if your candidate wins or loses? [48] Volume 6 placed 24th and sold 52,198 copies over 2 weeks. Only one person is up to the task of keeping her insanity in check: childhood friend Akuru "A-kun" Akutsu.

Akuru is deeply disgusted by Yoshie's perverted personality and hates her betrothal plans of him and Yoshiko. [1] It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine on November 28, 2012. Yoshiko becomes friends with the level-headed Sayaka Sumino, who, along with Akuru, try to keep Yoshiko in check. Please click here to learn how. Sayaka gets in trouble when she says she is happy to see Yoshiko in her class. Dog goes for a walk around town, saving multiple children from danger along the way. save hide report. Yoshiko invites the kids from the park to a local, Akuru reluctantly goes with Yoshiko and Ruri to see the latest, During the beach trip, the Chairwoman tries to get closer to Akuru, but is buried in sand by Yoshiko. Yoshiko and Akane spend the night playing games instead of working on their festival project. Akuru is a handsome fair-skinned young man with short, straight, black hair with bangs and stern-looking brown eyes. At home, Akuru agrees to watch Yoshiko's dog, and forms a bond with him over a Western movie. Head Monitor tries to befriend Ruri but Yoshiko's mom gets in the way.

100% Upvoted. Yoshiko and the gang go to the beach and enjoy the hot springs and staying up late. Questions about Aho Girl. Then again, do opposites really attract on the newest Japanese slice of life anime series, "Aho Girl"? This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 18:32. 2: Who does akuru end up with?? Akuru was shocked to see Ryuuichi was actually smart since he scored higher than him in tests. Aho-Girl (Japanese: アホガール, Hepburn: Aho Gāru, lit. AHO-GIRL ep 12 END *spoilers* Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other ... Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show. When's Yoshiko's banana is partly run over by a car, Yoshiko tries to cope by, Chapters 98-105. He cares about her but doesn't really show it. [13], An anime adaptation produced by Diomedéa aired under the title Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl from July 4, 2017[35][36] to September 19, 2017. Indeed, Yoshiko has a way with people, but the unnamed Public Morals Chairwoman refuses to be moved. This anime chronicles their everyday lives, and how, no matter how annoyed Akuru gets, he always sticks around to keep the utterly pure and simple-minded Yoshiko in check. Meanwhile, Ryuichi spends the vacation trying to delay Yoshiko's mom from ruining the trip.

Yet, they still hang out and walk home together. Yoshiko tries to befriend some, Akuru gets into an argument with Akane Eimura over her chairing their class's Festival Committee. Will Akuru be able to protect Yoshiko through their entire high school years? Despite this, Akuru is said to be strange himself as he is completely antisocial, having few friends due to his abrasive attitude. Though he bemoans the ridiculous behavior he has to endure, the studious but terrifying A-kun is always ready to put an end to any stupidity Yoshiko gets up to, with no qualms about using physical force. Akuru did compliment Ryuuichi on his act since he showed he wasn't an idiot like Yoshiko.

She fails to realize her own dramatic actions as well as A-Kun's perspective of her.

Yoshiko considers him a best friend and lover but Akuru considers her a pain and a drag down. 12 Must-Listen Podcasts, The Importance of an Integrated Approach to Theology, Philosophy, and Apologetics, Calling All Christians for the Health of Our Nation, North Korea: Christians executed for owning Bible, newborn babies murdered, Tony Evans says gov’t dividing Church, vitriol of Christians on social media is embarrassing, US Marshals rescue 27 missing children in 5-day Virginia operation, VP Mike Pence’s daughter delivers message for those ‘nervous’ on Election Day, Dolphins rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa gets win in first NFL start, 2020 Dove Awards promotes unity, diversity after last year's backlash: 'Lift every voice and sing', Christian coaches John Harbaugh of Ravens, Mike Tomlin of Steelers set to make NFL history, Dave Roberts, who aims to reflect Christ, leads Dodgers to World Series win, Natalie Grant reveals she has COVID-19, asks for prayer for asthmatic daughter.

Yoshiko also befriends Ryuichi Kurosaki, a delinquent who thinks of Yoshiko as a gang leader, a group of playground kids, a group of gyarus, and some other students and staff at school. [5] The show was broadcast on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, and BS11. Aside from Akuru, she will also befriend the level headed Sayaka Sumino and a delinquent guy named Ryuichi Kurosaki, who mistakes her for a gang leader.

When Yoshiko plays dolls with the playground kids, she turns it into a crazy romance drama. [11], Kodansha Comics has licensed the manga series in English. Yoshiko confronts a delinquent student Ryuichi Kurosaki but wins him over with her idiocy.

Nozomi tells the playground boys that she wants to be like Yoshiko. Covers chapters published in, Yoshiko visits Akane at her home and they read a manga together. She dislikes Yoshiko, and she may have even started viewing the girl as a rival after she fell in love with Akuru. In the spin-off, Tenshi Girl, Akuru says that he does not mind marrying Sumino. Oshieda-sensei misses Yoshio, so Yoshiko puts on Yoshio's wig and brings her to her house. Akuru has to wake Yoshiko up every morning, and deal with her mom, who is hoping that Akuru will marry Yoshiko to take care of her. Yoshiko eats domestically-grown bananas that are so good she literally sprints across Japan to personally thank the farmer, dragging Sayaka with her. Akuru is an intelligent and serious high school student who is forced to deal with Yoshiko Hanabatake’s stupidity. She loves eating bananas. Yoshiko celebrates the beginning of summer vacation. Throughout the series, Akuru is seen as the straight man, constantly dealing with the eccentric personalities of those around him (especially Yoshiko) and is quick to make rude remarks. 0 comments. Yoshiko tries to cheer up Akuru at home by acting like a mother to her baby. Covers chapters published in. Diomedéa is producing the anime adaptation, which has the alternative title "Clueless Girl." Akuru is a handsome fair-skinned young man with short, straight, black hair with bangs and stern-looking brown eyes.

Do you want award-winning journalism with a Christian worldview, delivered to your inbox? The only person he considered as a friend. Akuru initially did not like him but it grew on him since the animal was behaved and understood him. Yoshiko Hanabatake is a stupid high school girl, that she even gets zeroes on her multiple choice tests. "Security in Senior Citizenship! [5][37] All episodes were written by Takashi Aoshima. Akuru believes that Yoshiko got her eccentric attitude from her mother since the latter's father was normal decent man.

"Aho Girl" airs on Tuesdays at 11 p.m. JST on Tokyo MX. [3] Twelve compilation volumes by Kodansha have been released. A large stray dog attacks the kids at the park, but Yoshiko tries to ride it, heedless of the consequences. But still,l it doesn't mak up too much. She often stalks him and occasionally does deviant acts, such as laying in bed with him and peeking on him bathing, claiming what she is doing is her duty as the head of the disciplinary committee. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular. best. and it is performed by Angela. The story follows the everyday life of high school girl Yoshiko Hanabatake.

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