34873 34873, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.871927, 50.0547085, 40. Find the right flight ticket at the best price with Skyscanner. Salahuddin12513As Salhiyah12486 Al Hussam34223Dahran34313 Al Faisaliyah32272Ash Shati Al Gharbi32411

Al Safarat12556Al Raed12652 Al Amal12562King Abdul Aziz District12573

Al Shati46422Sendan Yanbu Yard Camp46438 You can also display car parks in Al Khobar Al Shamalia, real-time traffic information and petrol stations.

Get the best hotel deals for hotels in or near Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar. What if someone dies crossing a Road in Saudi Arabia.

Al Qouzeen District22615King Faisal Naval Base22512 Moreover, the addition of 4 digits in already existing 5 digit postcode signifies the more precise and the exact location of someone where the object needs to be posted. Al Athir32248Ar Rakah Ash Shamaliyah34224 If you are 13 years old when were you born?

Al Nakheel46451Saudi Aramco - Yanbu Refinery46476

An Nawwariyyah24211Umm Al Qura University24381 Darin35813Scrap Cars Area35428 The Zipcode of the district Al Balad where the majority of historical buildings, SAMA head office, and SAPTCO Jeddah can be found is 22233. Firstly the system was originated in European Countries and on July 1, 1963, by the United States Postal Service. DistrictsPostal CodesDistrictsZip Codes There are 6 flights on 5 different routes from Hofuf Al-Ahsa International Airport, connecting HOF to 4 different cities in 2 different countries. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us via this form, Find out more about managing your data and your rights, Service stations of Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar Al Shamalia - Dhahran directions, book your Al Khobar Al Shamalia hotel free of charge, API ViaMichelin - Itineraries, Geocoding, Traffic, Mapping, Michelin POI. 34444 Al Khobar 34444, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 26.303913, 50.1945121, 45. 36237 36237, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.4884764, 50.2862819, 9. Abdullah Al Ghamdi Farm46442An Nawah46456 Al Kandarah22242As Sarawat22524 Al Jar46434Ayn An Nawa46452

Al Khobar Al Janubiyah34621Al Tahliyah34713 34855 34855, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.9338135, 50.0033677, 43. Al Mahdiyah12545Al Murabba12625 ZIP code or postal code in Saudi Arabia is a 5 numbers digit and each digit represent a particular area; For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram channel. If you don't write the correct postal address, the Saudi post will deliver the shipment at the wrong station. ViaMichelin offers free online accommodation booking in Al Khobar Al Shamalia. We have given the postal codes of 47 major districts of Mecca below. Khobar Postal Code The Zip Code of Al Jisr, the most famous district of Khobar where King Fahd Causeway toll and Civil Affairs offices are situated is 34714. Al Jisr34714Ishbilia34712

Al Majid46431Driving School in Yanbu46516 Use coupon code IHSALE25 & Get Upto 25% instant discount on Al Khobar Al Shamalia Hotels. Al Qadisiyah32247Muhammed Ibn Saud32241 Al Malaz12546King Saud University12584 36651 36651, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 24.7095517, 50.4514913, 26.

The ViaMichelin map of Al Khobar Al Shamalia: get the famous Michelin maps, the result of more than a century of mapping experience. Al Jalawiyah32246Dammam Airport32335 Al Adamah32242An Nawras32214 Michelin Travel Partner will process your email address in order to manage your subscription to the ViaMichelin newsletter. The postal code of Yanbu Al Sinaiyah where the Saudi Aramco refinery and LUBEREF are situated is 46477.

A Saudi begging to come back Home, How are prisoners treated in Saudi Jails? An Nakheel12282Al Wurud12576

Ghizlan35412. Al Amwaj34752Al Yarmouk34424 34254 Hajar, Dammam 34254, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 26.3620257, 50.1006314, 47.

36632 36632, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 24.46282, 51.2003761, 11. Lastly, the examples of a few cities along with their postcodes are:[3], "Postal Codes for Major Cities of Saudi Arabia | Updated List", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Postal_codes_in_Saudi_Arabia&oldid=975386763, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 06:43. Al Khobar Al Shamalia34425KFUPM Beach34772 Designing a postcode in Saudi Arabia is based on the segregation of 8 regions in the country as per the division of administration where every city or state is categorized with a specific numeric, coming at the beginning of a postcode. Who is Wessam B AlSahli? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores?

Zip Code/Postal Code of all cities of Saudi Arabia. Shamalia, Al Khobar Zip Code: 34426 Additional # 3344 P.O. Al Taawun34632University of Recreation Center34776. Al Hadaiq46424Aswyq46445 A Guide to read and understand your Saudi Electricity Bill. 36635 36635, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 24.3682202, 51.2841298, 12.

36653 36653, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 24.5370474, 50.534262, 25. Al Olaya12554Al Oud12634 Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? 34861 34861, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.915004, 50.0958127, 2. If you don't write the correct postal address, the Saudi post will deliver the shipment at the wrong station. We have listed down postal codes of 49 most important areas and districts of Jubail below.

Al Balad22233Al-Ruwais23211 The most important area of Jubail is the place where the Saudi Aramco refinery is located with the postal code of 35713. Ad Dirah12395As Sulimaniyah12571 Al Aziziyah32424Ar Rawdah32257 All Rights Reserved. Al Badiyah32243Ar Rayyan32256 Adyan22375Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Sharqiyah22235 Al Dhabab35712Jubail Industrial City35553 31952 is the postal code for Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

3rd Industrial City22763Al Thaghr22331 An Nada32271Uhud32263. Al Multasa46432Milha46461 Al Bustan34422Corniche Road34612 39356 39356, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 28.2221504, 47.6652051, 34. Al Izdihar12488Al Mughrizat12433 Find Prince Majed Street, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34427, Saudi Arabia (N 26° 17' 15.5724", E 50° 13' 5.9376") on a map. Al Dabab32261As Safa34221 Al Muhammadiyah32432King Abdul Aziz Port32211 Al Falah46517Asowary46458 Subscribe to the newsletter! Zip code of al khobar Saudi Arabia? Al Farooq22349Al-Wazeeriyah22414 Al Qashlah34232Rakah Al Shamaliyah34224 Al Kakiyyah24352Ash Shuhada24227 Al Moulysaa22621Ghulail22413 Al Wahah32255Safwa32473 Al Fadeylah22543Al-Thaalba22322 For home delivery, the first digit signifies the broader area numbered 1-8. Commercial Port35515Sanitary Landfill35731 Al Aziziyah24235Ar Rawdah24236

Ad Diriyah12394At Taawun12572 What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? 34882 34882, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.8524906, 50.085534, 38. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Finally, you can view and book your choice of the MICHELIN restaurant selections for Al Khobar Al Shamalia, or book your Al Khobar Al Shamalia hotel free of charge (including MICHELIN Guide listed hotels). 36613 36613, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.1190617, 50.4928628, 5.

Al Murjan34753Qurtoba34233

Al Jawhrah35524Second Industrial Support Area35724 Al Umrah Al Jadidah24413King Fahd District24341 36617 36617, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.0131916, 50.534262, 27. Make sure you are registered with the National Address System of Saudi Arabia to receive any shipment at your address.

Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Al Fayha'a22243An Nazlah Al Yamaniyyah22332 What is the hink-pink for blue green moray?

We have given the list of zip codes of 50 important areas and districts of Khobar. ), tourist points of interest with their MICHELIN Green Guide distinction (for featured points of interest). Al Sabeel22325Sulaymaniyah22253. Al Buhairah34722Corniche34411 The Zip Code of Al Jisr, the most famous district of Khobar where King Fahd Causeway toll and Civil Affairs offices are situated is 34714. 36221 36221, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.7309493, 50.0906731, 42. Al Salam32416Qasr Al Khaleej34244 We have listed down the postal codes of all 45 districts of Riyadh below. Al Fursan32333Badr32265 Umm Al Hamam Al Sharqi12645. Al Amir Fawaz Ash Shamaly22362Al-Nazlah Al-Sharqiyah22335 Al Qwizain22613Mahamid22394 The first part contains 5 digits further categorized by a hyphen with the addition of 4 more digits for more clarification and preciseness of the Saudi National Address, making a total of 9 digits.

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36212 36212, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 25.7511171, 50.1523764, 37.

12: First two digits 12 indicates sub region or postal circle. Al Shoula Tourist Resort34777Sinayiat Al Thuqba34626

Al Manar32274Industrial District32443 Abdullah Fuad32236An Nasriyah32233 Masjid Al Haram24231Arafat24271 36645 36645, Saudi Arabia Coordinate: 24.8284935, 50.4514913, 30.

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