Pros Like you mentioned the drive by wire can be laggy, the start stop is annoying as hell(I turned it off).

Exceptional on-road dynamics It's slow and lazy, and feels like a transmission from the early 2000s.

Sure the Maxima is a nice sporty-ish family car, but it's not even in the same league as the G70. I would test drive both the same be day and see if a new C43 is worth the premium, or worth buying used to get one for a similar price to a new Ti Sport. The layout is excellent though, with ergonomics and functionality clearly having priority over all else. Tight back seat More than any other Lexus I've seen. Some excellent upscale design touches Great handling The V8 is awesome but the RCF is more bang for your buck. This is after a few months of ownership and about 4,000 miles.

The 2019 Alfa Romeo is the cognoscenti’s sports sedan, and not just because it’s Italian. Waiting on the outcome, and will likely go the same route again. • Other Notes: Honestly, I really like this car. What it lacks in passion it makes up for in engineering. Some people like the C Class interior, just like some people like the Lexus front bumper.

I cross shopped (newer, I already had a 2015) M3, C63, and the RC F before driving and ultimately buying my Alfa QV. CVT is all you need to know about the Maxima, 2019 G70 Prestige Red/Gray Interior 3.3T AWD. I have the TI sport in white.

After going through that list, the GSF is it for me, probably late next year. Another complaint is the cup holders, which are placed so close to the front dash that two large capacity cups fight for space and often bump against or even block HVAC/seat climate buttons. The tech is too limited and frankly Audi and BMW have a bit more to offer in a similar price range (minus the reliability). In the end, after driving them all extensively I fell in love with it. AWD traction with lightning fast shifts in Sport mode, yet smooth as butter when cruising around in comfort/normal modes. Looks like a sports sedan and acts like one, too; 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia driver-side small overlap IIHS crash test, 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia | CarGurus Test Drive Review, Comparison - Lincoln Nautilus Black Label 2020 - vs - GMC Acadia AT4 2021, Comparison - SEAT Tarraco XCELLENCE 2020 - vs - Lexus UX 250h 2020, Comparison - BMW X2 xDrive 35i 2018 - vs - Lincoln MKC Reserve 2018, Comparison - Lexus RX 350L Luxury 2018 - vs - Infiniti QX30 Premium 2018. When you look at a GS F with a Mark Levinson sound system with 10k miles at $50,000, things are a lot more interesting. Luckily for you, if you read this first, you would go buy a gently used one with exceptionally low mileage and save yourself $30+ thousand dollars. New C43s start in the high 50s but most of the ones you'll find at the dealer are in the 60s. The shift logic is excellent, and Dynamic mode shifts so quickly that you feel like a baseball bat is hitting the back of your seat with every upshift. The C43 is probably the second coolest and a good package. For anyone looking to spend around $50k (USD) for a high-performance sedan, or slightly more for a new version of a couple of these cars, I hope this helps you! For as little as $1.67 per month, you can help us to keep helping you. How can we compare? I had the sport interior in red, the thing looked amazing.

Compare the 2020 Genesis G70 2.0T 4dr Rear-wheel Drive side-by-side against the 2020 Acura TLX 3.5L 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan and the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan. I could beat on this car for hours straight (I have) without any hint of power drop off or overheating.

And my car is a 2017. Potent V-6 Spacious, supportive front seats.

As I sat in traffic in the new Genesis G70 my mind wandered inexplicably wandered to the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Jaguar XE, two of the new Genesis’ main rivals.

Superb engine power Italian quality is often maligned on this sub, and at a point it was correct, but the current crop of Italian vehicles, both from Alfa and Maserati, are of a much higher quality than in the past—strikingly higher.

Active safety tech costs extra, Audio And Cruise Controls On Steering Wheel, universal remote transmitter (for garage door, security system, etc. Lackluster infotainment Instead you use a combination of a dial and joystick for everything. There is absolutely zero question in my mind that it is the best pure driver's car of the bunch, definitely the quickest, and the range between "race mode" and "comfort mode" is huge, the adaptive suspension in the car is just perfect.

I’ve driven the 18 S4, 2015 S6, GSF extensively, Giulia TI, 440 grancoupe, C450 (before they changed a lot for the C43), IS350 (that’s a whole writeup in itself lol) and at the end of the day I’m set on a used GSF.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport - This is essentially the $46k version of the Giulia, which ranges from $38k to over $80 for the Quadrifolio edition which most people cannot afford.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. Perhaps it's the market reacting to an overpriced car. The transmission is the finest of the bunch, with the ZF8 seeming to be tuned and programmed by the Gods. Everything about this car makes it a front runner for bang for your buck in both tech and performance. Look up the TrueCar value and you can expect to save anywhere from 4-7k off of sticker price, with plenty of inventory to choose from. ), Leather And Simulated Alloy Steering Wheel, Driver seat with power adjustable lumbar support, Passenger seat with power adjustable lumbar support, Driver Seat With Power Adjustable Lumbar Support, Passenger Seat With Power Adjustable Lumbar Support, auxiliary audio input and USB with external media control, Auxiliary Audio Input And USB With External Media Control, Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation, blind spot and lane departure warnings accident avoidance system, Passenger Airbag Occupant Sensing Deactivation, Driver Assist Static W/Front Sensors Package, 19" X 8.0"/19" X 9.0" 5-Hole Dark Aluminum Wheels, 19" X 8.0"/19" X 9.0" Y-Spoke Aluminum Wheels.

2019 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport - Looking at the sticker price, the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport (some refer to it as RS) is a great value.

produces 25 more horsepower (280 vs. 255) and 46 lbs.-ft. more torque (306 vs. 260) than the G70 … Cramped back seat. Manual transmission isn't as engaging as it could be

I would have a hard time to choose between the GS F and the Giulia QV.:). It's also much more expensive to maintain however (the oil/coolant/brakes).

The big kicker with Infiniti is the desperation to sell car. You can support our mission by becoming a Sustaining Member. Pros

Great write up.

Curious as to your thoughts on the IS350. 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Review and Road Test In 4K UHD! It's engaging without being harsh over bumps. There are no inconsistent turbo issues to worry about, it just goes like hell. Base-model seats are flat and uncomfortable I've had a couple software issues in the very beginning but it's been fine since the updates. A 10,000-mile GS F can be had for under $50k. I leave it on if I know I'll be stopped at lights for a long period of time otherwise I turn it off. I’ve driven this car on multiple race tracks and I think brake fade is minimal, and even better than the RC Fs I used to track. The 2.0T is the mainstream car, and for the money, that's what compares to the others here. Just wanted to add since folks are skeptical on its reliability and build quality.

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