But when just we thought it’s the end, she was gone! Her killing herself is also a solution to her baby dilemma, that way the baby won’t go on to live a life without her mother (if she chose abortion) but Katie also wouldn’t have to deal with taking care of a child at such a young age. She knew at that point nothing would change. Our beloved Amy will be the brightest shining star up there. Could he have been her neighbor? What if the main character is actually the mother? For whom ? I find it weird because if he is really encouraging her to move out and make decisions on her own, then why move in with him where he lives close to where she lives? Her letter to the man who abused her was her last bit of closure on her old life. Or did she run away?! the character in the movie brings it to real life how an event can have lifelong effects and can controll the day to day choices. By using this site, you agree we can set and use cookies. Francesco Quinn Net Worth, In fact, a car swerves at the last minute to avoid her.

So I haven’t read all the comments and thus if someone mentioned this I apologize but I have a theory. Also I believe Paul was the one who called her. I kind of wish that more people would take the knowledge that they have about their family history and then be a little more proactive in taking care of themselves. Her life might have not been that amazing in her eyes, apart from her blog. “She took her mobile and last made contact with a friend at 2.30pm but since then we have been unable to contact her. Could it be this book was written as a precaution to pedophiles and abusive men? 4. Just a thought. My only thing is this ; when you mentioned after your first theory ….that Amy/ Katie was in a session with her therapist about the conversation of being depressed . (Much less a complicated biological one.). Well, let me rephrase that. I can honestly say I’ve discovered my skin-care-fountain-of-youth-formula. And move forward away from the girl she used to be. Police say a body has been found in woods near her home, which is believed to be Amy. Many times in the movie it shows Katie driving past a bridge, usually after something bad has just happened to her. We pictured all of these perfect beautiful people because that’s what we expect in a movie but in the end they’re all normal and all have problems of there own! All the dialogue seemed unrealistic, the characters were unrealistic. So I think it's a good thing to give yourself a little time to figure out what normal is now and then just take it from there one day at a time in little manageable chunks every day. , The bookstore owner is a rapist! A women goes missing because she gets involved with the wrong man. I finally saw the movie. Anyone could have lied to the PI. When Katie bumps in to the fiance at Dan’s house, requesting an extension on ‘her paper,’ what name does she use? All of this could just be puzzle pieces I’m trying to force together, but maybe not.

Before the whole mother reporting her missing thing, that’s the real movie. I remember when we only saw feet and I thought it was weird since they we’re so explicit with all the other sex scenes.

The way he offered to care for the baby and dump her other ‘boyfriends’ – even the young guy. It was time for her to make her own decisions. The book store owner told her ours time to make get own decisions. Which brings us to the ‘why’ of the text that leads to the call, that leads to her disappearance. There’s plenty of parking with entry on Kimbark Street. Elisa, there is nothing dangerous with him though, right? ASCO's toll-free patient information line:571-483-1780 or 888-651-3038. The fact that he ripped up the card she wrote him showed that he definitely didn’t want to get caught. Katie is actually the mother telling her own story. (And perhaps the author feels that the internet is the greatest, modern enabler of a solitary life, ironic — and left vulnerable — in its excessive introspection. She starts life anew and we see the blog version of reality. All rights reserved. Also did they mention talking to the cops about the guy who tried to commit suicide? He could have, hopefully, provided her another life – like money and a new identity – to keep his marriage intacted. Someone below said “I want a happy ending” – not sure if you will get that but the sequel to Undiscovered Gyrl is called Another Girl (a novella available on Amazon). Could it be possible? Katie/Amy says early on that names and events have been changed… And this is exactly what happens, and what the ending reveals: we have been ‘reading’/watching her blog. (BTW, though typically a female name, Allison Burnett is actually a man.) But yes, I think the bookstore guy did it, Maybe she went to go see that guy in st. Jude’s after he tried comitting suicide she told some lady on the phone to call her if he can have visitors so maybe she went over there to see him ? Police are gravely concerned for the welfare of missing teenage girl Amy Latham.

Amy: I kind of did too, but what I mean by that is just that when you are going through something like treatment you have a certain period of time in your life mapped out a little bit. Why would he offer to raise her child and for her to live with him? She doesn’t lie, bend the truth. Therefore, it’s not some random blog reader (because she has this person’s number) and it’s not Martin Sheen’s character (because she wouldn’t be texting him about getting together when he’s standing RIGHT BEHIND HER).

Thank you Bezoris!! We learn that Katie is a fictional version of the woman writing the blog named Amy Grantham, who has gone missing. And that’s to be loved (which always reminded her of her father).

That was actually my immediate thought when I was watching the movie for the first time.

Other than that one detail it would make a lot of since for your second theory to be true because there wasn’t really a point in the scene where she originally pretends to be her mother to get out of therapy. But the fact that her mother/or she writes that she would continue blogging on there is the only thing that confuses me with that theory. So it is my understanding that she envisioned a new life for herself and carried it out, or tried to anyway. Rather, I believe this movie takes on a spiritual, metaphysical, existential theme, proposing that her life story stands as a prophecy, primarily educating herself, leading to her acceptance to “keep walking” the path in which misadventure (of which she had many familiar brushes) loomed large — I.e., a profoundly confounding misadventure that would mark, analyze and explain, what became of her very existence. WHy? Or it could be that she ran away to start her own free life, a sort of triumph over adversity theme. ), That being said, the ending is a crucial structural component of the narrative (more on that later); without it, the movie/novel wouldn’t really make sense. I think you can keep thinking of this movie and the more you think about human nature the more ways you can spin it. What was it like to do this while you were still going through treatment and transitioning into your recovery? It won't cost you a dime (in fact you'll usually get a discount), and I'll get a small commission, which is very much appreciated. For me, it was just a good way to take everything that was cluttering up my head that was really overwhelming and get it out and kind of clear space for some new things to come in.

Oh very interesting!!!!!! I cannot remember. I just wish the movie elaborated more.

In fact it almost glamorizes it. And then they want to pull like a “Lovely Bones” type crap on us in the last 5 minutes. It was time for her to make her own decisions.

There is?? I felt for sure that he was about to do something horrible to her. Then it does a quick reality check. amy grantham missing. What do you do in therapy? An Undiscovered Gyrl. Also, remember, she sent a letter to the neighbor who abused her… as therapist suggested. So I’m curious to know if anyone else maybe had these thoughts or more pieces to add. Theory #2 (My preferred, and I believe intended, interpretation): Remember the early point about everything being somewhat fictionalized, all names being changed? ‘People do react interestingly when we’re out.

I think it sets up very well for a sequel. Hmm… Good perspective. AND SO if you remember early in the film she talks with her dad about not remembering “him being her hero” so it’s small but the memory connection also plays into her suppressing those molestation memories because they were of her dad. I think he’s fully capable of it.. also SIDE NOTE; did the mother mention him at all included with all the men? We never see her describing on her blog what anyone looks like so why change the actors? So who is Katie texting? (Another side note, since I think someone mentioned being annoyed by Katie’s typos: in the novel it’s made clear that she makes frequent grammatical errors because she’s usually drunk while blogging. The Glamour Geek is located at 520 Main Street suite D, Longmont, CO. because it was years later so they were older, it wasn’t years later I’m fairly certain it was shortly after her disappearnace and the characters were just more realistic looking–not older. 2008 Election Results Nz, There is no baby. I do not believe her “life story” indicates that a blatant lifestyle of stupidity, on her part, ultimately caused her death. She was probably not sure if the bookstore owner can be trusted or not. It went that way with the movie so that none of us would suspect that it was really Amy. So, I was kind of hyper-aware of something possibly coming up. FYI a man wrote the book and directed the movie. Detectives found all 3 guys, so means she didn’t ran away with any of them. She got a phone call, left, and disappeared. And then of course, it would happen to me. I just learned about it and bought the kindle book. It is also possible that she might have ran away from everyone but for some reason I find that to be a stretch. I have some random thoughts. And we were all set to do that, and then I started chemo, which obviously [laughs] ended that one pretty quickly. Definitely a reminder on hints to catch onto in the human race. Over all she was a mess, not by choice but because of her past, she was broken and damaged, by the molester, by the divorce, by her fathers death…she lived a ‘on the edge’ type of life that lead her exactly there…to the edge… At first I started the blog because I thought: Ok, well, it's really difficult to, say, go to the doctor in the morning and find out all of this information about a surgery coming up and then have to relay that to maybe six or seven people when I haven't even totally digested it myself. I completely agree with you Alana, I freaked out with the ending my heart stared raising and I was trying to remember if I had missed the ‘based on a true story’ note! Totally agree with you on the possibility of the dad being the molester, thought that during the movie. I have a theory. That’s perfect! And to answer your question yup I read this so to speak “blog” of the recent comments. And in a way, I wasn't completely surprised, as strange as that sounds, because I have a family history with it. Wow, that sounds pretty bad ass ending when you tell it like that . Maybe we are all the writers. Master Origin, Plus where was Joel in the real world. Well, it’s true! And the entire theme of the movie points to the ending being negative in some way, whether she was murdered, abducted, or otherwise hurt, it is impossible to say.. That and the fact that none of her money was touched. She already faked writing as her mom in the letter to the therapist. It was quite obviously her drug addict best friend and boyfriend with rage issues. Or, katie/amy really was depressed. What do you do when you blog (or what is Allison suggesting we do? It's not everything, but it does help a little bit. But then when I was about to go through radiation treatment, I got back in touch with Matt, and we decided that it was time to just sit down and write a script. I NEVER thought that I don’t think anyone else wrote that in the comments either……. © 2019 Amy Grantham Photography and Art, All Rights Reserved.

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