The problem is, shock collars can often be mis-managed or misused altogether.

It is a great option for those that don't want to leave the country or travel across international borders. But we do it, and we love it, and we gripe about it, and we’re a little relieved when season is over, and we can’t wait til season opens next year, and we’ll do it all again for as long as we’re able. Stuttgart, Arkansas — Still considered the duck capital of the world and legendary for mallards in the timber, it has to go on a list of mallard hot spots. You may not feel like a complete waterfowler if you haven't at least dreamed of going after a tundra swan, and the go-to place to do it is North Carolina, where some outfits run success rates close to 100 percent.

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Rarely do developed waterfowl tracts come available in this area and one gander at the harvest photos and video should have even the most seasoned waterfowler salivating.

Mossberg & Sons, Inc. Safety and Safe Firearms Handling is Everyone’s Responsibility, Privacy Center | GENERAL DESCRIPTION: World class waterfowl hunting for ducks and geese on managed waterfowl impoundments and agricultural fields near the famed Fort Cobb Refuge.

Hot ponds and reservoirs are magnets for huge numbers of mallards and stretches of flowing water. *discount for new memebrs only*. Duck country down here is so different from the rest of the U.S., with some of the best dirt in the nation in regions with the lowest, wettest spots imaginable, places where rivers come together and the flooding creates some of the best habitat in the world. “Layout blinds can be an absolute pain to move around, but they’re key for the way we hunt,” Wallace says. 4. Let’s make it happen! Season 8 Ep.

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In bigger fields, birds don’t always set up in the same area. Ten people with limits by 10 a.m.," he says, "and they did that all but one day of the entire season."

Stuttgart, Arkansas — Still considered the duck capital of the world and legendary for mallards in the timber, it has to go on a list of mallard hot spots. Joe Genzel has been a writer and editor for over 15 years. Famed Beaver Dam near Tunica is a must see, and if it’s a dry fall and the birds are condensed it can mean quick limits followed by breakfast at the Blue & White Restaurant. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. Somewhere in this process, while picking up decoys, I stepped off a levee into a hole and fell face-first into the water, soaking any bit of skin that might have stayed dry under my waders. This routine will continue for the duration of the trip. Isn’t it funny how lunch always tastes better when you’ve been hunting? Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in my duck hunting experience, you would have to try darn hard to pick out a brown duck in Kansas. Public opportunities in the Deep South are getting tougher, but private land waterfowl hunts with outfitters are becoming more affordable, and this is a place you just have to experience. Browse our gallery of the property or contact Nick Bilava at 402-720-8980 With a seven greenhead limit and tornadoes of pintail, wigeon and Canada geese flocking through eastern Washington, this is one of the most consistent bets in the country. I like to know what section of the field the birds are using, and hunt accordingly.

Right? Terms of Use | We hopped up and moved the blinds 20 yards away where we had a little more foliage, but that didn’t seem to satisfy them, either. Kevin Steele takes part in a family driven duck hunt in Sweden. Check out the public access at Swan Lake, Grand Pass, Fountain Grove and Four Rivers. Is Nebraska Better Than Canada for Waterfowl Hunting? Where else but NoDak can you legally hammer 15 Canada geese in the month of August? Yes indeed, the Snake River is a duck hunter’s dream. Agree. "My kid out there mowing grass this summer could afford this hunt.

All Rights Reserved. Here are five top locations for killing a pile of snows this spring. There are some prime hunts to be had around that region.

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Guest will arrive to our newly built 5,000 sq ft lodge near Wilmot, Ar the day prior to their hunt. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Give a Gift   We set four layout blinds behind a levee and immediately got soaked, as the mud and water were inescapable. Wallace, a self-described “borderline mallard purist,” has been going there since 2001 for greenheads.

One of the best kept secrets for years, a sandhill crane hunt on the Texas Panhandle is at the top of our list. Mallard Duck Hunt – AR Arkansas mallard mecca! Example: One of Russell's favorite duck hunts is just over the border heading north out of Monroe, Louisiana, where a wide spot in the road called Wilmont, Arkansas, just may be near heaven for the duck man. 20% Off Your First Year Annual Membership! Cypress breaks, ag fields and flooded impoundments host mallards, gaddies, teal, wigeon and just about everything else.

1. There’s no doubt that Arkansas is still the Mecca for mallards. The state has a wonderful cooperative private land farming (WIHA is a program fro public-private hunting) that can turn up some gems, too.

Missouri, more than 250,000 birds behind. The best time to hit north-central Missouri for duck hunting is the month of December. And there are so many locales across the four flyways to pursue a limit of our most beloved bird. The best intentions always fall victim to a job that…, Shock collars are fundamental to training a hunting dog. Gun Stories host Joe Mantegna talks about the origin and history of the Browning A5 shotgun. After the harvest we will return for brunch at the lodge. In fact, Arkansas Game & Fish reported over a half-million mallards being harvested in 2015. Who else would go through all that work and water and mud and misery for, what, two pounds of meat? A wet-but-productive morning in the rice fields is a great alternative to the traditional flooded-timber hunting in Arkansas. Join Our Mailing List to stay up-to-date on all of the new and exciting things happening at Trips4Trade, and get a 20% off coupon for your first year Annual Membership sent right to your inbox.

Staying mobile and flexible is really the key to chasing the birds into every corner of a flooded field, and the gear has to be up to the task. Buyers acknowledge, and shall assume full responsibility for verification of all information contained herein. For a good aquatic intro for your pup, simply take it easy.

Mallard Meccas exist in several areas of the country and are just waiting to be found and hunted.

Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use cookies. The start of a great two-part series from the Grind Waterfowl TV takes on mallards in Arkansas! 5. Contact Us. New High-tech Ways to Find Waterfowl Hot Spots, Cowboy Fernandez Commemorative Yentzen Classic Duck Call.

We shot our 16th mallard of the day around 11 and started packing up to take photos. Russell's waterfowl hunts run $350 a day and for $1,500 you can get lodging meals and everything for a three-day duck hunt. It's a simple outing and affordable for this ultimate trophy. 2. They put a stop to the boat races at Meto (at least in theory) for coveted duck hunting holes, but if you’re an out-of-stater on first-come, first-serve public land, it’s going to be tough.

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