A seminar is a type of corporate event that’s organised with a target audience in mind and aims to impart highly relevant information to them.

So again, things get complex, but like with the governments left-right paradigm, it is all analogous to the equality and liberty paradigms (in that, generally speaking, a populist movement is a collective movement against the authority of another group or individual whether it is left or right-wing). With the above basics noted, before expanding on the above theories, let’s return to the easiest and most accurate metaphor for what left and right, origin story of the terms left and right themselves. = 0% government, where individuals and businesses are free to make their own decisions. What does th. The El Paso shooter was a climate alarmist. Recommended Reading: 6 Strategies for Organising Classes, Workshops and Seminars. Further, I would consider modern Republicans to be socially conservative (which is an ideology that mashes up classical liberal loving liberty with classical conservative traditionalism; often in America avoiding authority in many cases… although certainly this mix does result in “some individuals having less equal outcomes than others,” right?… maybe I framed this in an awkward way above, as you can see I’ve tried to update the page to avoid turning people off right away). Speaking of models that don’t work that well, let’s talk about two that do: the political spectrum from politicalcompass.org (the better of the two), and the very useful the Nolan chart (the original spectrum from the 1960’s). From this point, with the above political compass and the rest in mind, one only needs to deal with the points eluded to above about complexity, namely, that a Tyrant who favors the collective is to the left of the tyrant who doesn’t, and that pure lawless individualist focused anarchy is to the right of an egalitarian commune focused on social welfare with the same degree of liberty. The “Peter goody – two – shoes” theory is therefore a sociologically relevant construct which delineates the meaning of the dichotomous conundrum afflicting each and every one of us in our relationship with society as a whole: Of course, including theory in the discussion means that this article goes a bit beyond political fact and into political philosophy.

TIP: In general, populism has a markedly classical left-wing quality to it, but in practice there is a populist left and populist right. The authority of a collectivist ideology may be right, but its favoring of the collective is left. In one California congressional district, for example, four Democrats and two Republicans all ran against one another in the June 2012 primary. A look at the 2012 presidential election shows how the opinions of different demographic groups vary.

Consider, in terms of logistics, a policy like single-payer healthcare is a social welfare program that seeks social equality (left), but requires in trade some amount of authority in terms of mandates and taxation (right). (Credit: modification of work–Rooster Teeth “Political Party Symbol Change” at http://roosterteeth.com/forum/politics-%26-current-events/topic/2232075). August 2013 According to Dr. Rothbard, the left/right political spectrum measures the increases in governmental power, especially the power to intervene into the daily lives of individuals and businesses. Our theory expands upon and (in my humble opinion) improves upon these models (it adds to, not replaces these excellent and useable models).

Since the United States has a presidential system in which the winner is selected indirectly by a group of electors known collectively as the Electoral College, a situation with “swing states” has arisen. States have been front-loading since the 1976 presidential election, with the problem becoming more severe in the 1992 election and later.[33]. single speaker, or a small number of speakers, 6 Strategies for Organising Classes, Workshops and Seminars, 7 Email Templates To Sell Out Your Next Event, 51 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event, 4 Must-Have Video Templates to Promote Your Next Event.

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