Bone scans for metastatic disease are also available. The digital imaging system at Auburn University allows the viewing of the radiographic image in as little as 4 seconds. Board Certification: ACVIM, Specialty: Cardiology For the ambulatory service or when large format 14×17-inch radiography is needed, computed radiography (cassette based digital radiography) is available. Residency: University of Wisconsin-Madison

This type of examination is sensitive to subtle disease processes and may be able to localize the problem area and allow for the use of other diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Residency: Texas A&M University Residency: University of Wisconsin Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology For more information on appointments, go online to Auburn University’s radiology staff is happy to help you with your imaging cases. Veterinary School: Massey University Gated cardiac studies and abdominal organ evaluation are available. The Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital also houses two radiographic units designed specifically for digital veterinary radiography, one in the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic and one in the Radiology Service. Our radiation oncologists and veterinary oncologists consult with veterinarians and animal owners about individual recommendations for cancer treatment. Dr. Cole graduated from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. The Radiology Service also provides digital radiology for patients of the JT Vaughn Large Animal Teaching Hospital in two formats: direct digital radiography and computed radiography. Residency: Kansas State University Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology All Design and Content © 2014 Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

All rights reserved.

Auburn University’s radiology staff is happy to help you with your imaging cases. The service has five dedicated radiologic technologists and an ultrasound assistant. Vets Choice also offers digital storage solutions, on-site ultrasound exams and training, and equipment sale or lease options. Board certified veterinary radiologists perform and interpret the examinations on small animal patients. Veterinary School: Massey University Three dimensional radiation therapy planning software uses the patient’s computed tomographic or magnetic resonance images to plan precise radiation doses to the cancerous tissue.

Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology Board Certification: ACVIM, Specialty: Cardiology Nuclear medicine scans involve injecting a short-acting radioactive agent into the patient, and images of the radiation emitted from the patient are recorded using a gamma camera. The in-house radiographic machine is adapted specifically for large animal radiography. Greg Almond, DVM, MS, DACVR (Radiology, Radiation Oncology). Auburn Veterinary Specialists (Gulf Shores) 21541 Coastal Gateway Boulevard (County Road 8) Gulf Shores, AL 36542 Referring veterinarians can contact our Client Service Representatives at 251/227-8480 during normal business hours, to submit a patient referral.

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