With its Schmidt and Bender variable telescopic sight (3 to 12x50), Harris bipod, butt-spike and fully-adjustable cheek comb and shoulder stock, the SR98 rifle is accurate to 1000 metres and is equipped with a picatinny rail, enabling attachment of the range of sighting devices currently in service.

Capable of firing full auto at 800 rounds per minute from a 30-round magazine to a range of 100 metres, the MP5 is a highly reliable close-quarters weapon. Field repairs are also relatively straightforward due to much of the weapon’s stripping being by means of an Allen key. It was formed on 25 July, 1957 and still exists, they have served in Borneo, the Vietnam War, peacekeeping operations in the Middle East and Somalia, Kuwait; serving along with New Zealand’s counterpart, East Timor, Australian and even international sporting events; such as the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, 2003 Rugby World Cup and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Fiji and other places in Africa.

Formed in 1957, it was modelled on the British SAS sharing the motto, "Who Dares Wins".

One Black Hawk crashed immediately killing 12 personnel on board, while the other was able to make a crash landing but burst into flames, killing six.

A derivative of the Austrian Steyr AUG STG-77 assault rifle. [14][15] TAG (West) maintains a short-notice capability to conduct military operations beyond the scope of state/territory and federal Police Tactical Groups.

Trained to move fast and hit hard, they are capable of arriving in hostile territory by submarine insertion and powered rigid-inflatable boats such as the Zodiac F470 or by HALO (high altitude low opening) para drop. The standard dress of the regiment is the new Multicam-design camouflage which became standard issue to special forces troops in 2012, and is now being introduced to all other Australian Army soldiers in Afghanistan and will eventually become the standard Operational Combat Uniform (OCU). Though the SASR inventory includes several types of handgun, including the Swiss-made SIG Sauer P-228, the special force mainstay remains the rugged 9mm Browning L9A1 Hi-Power self-loading pistol (SLP). Having relied for years on a succession of sniper rifles, including the venerable .303 No 4 Mk 1 (T) and later the 7.62mm Parker Hale 82, the Australian Army has now accepted for service the Accuracy International 7.62mm AW sniper rifle, designated the Aust SR98.

Troops of the Special Air Service Regiment (including an attached Royal Australian Signals squadron; a Royal Australian Navy clearance divers team [CDT 1]; the 4th [Commando] Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment [4RAR Cdo] and the reservists of the 1st Commando Regt) comprise our Special Forces group.

It was confirmed in July 2015 that the contract for 30,000 EF88 rifles had been approved with full roll out starting in 2016. [214][215] Heavily modified up-armoured Toyota Land Cruiser four wheel drive vehicles designated SOV-Support are used for domestic counter-terrorism and special recovery. [49] The remains of the last Australian soldier who went missing in action in 1969 after falling into the jungle during a suspended rope extraction were found in August 2008. Although the anti-recoil system certainly bleeds off much of the AW50’s considerable kickback, to fire more than four or five rounds in close succession would be an unwelcome experience. [219] Members of the SASR are required to work in small teams for extended periods and often without support, and are specially selected for their ability to work in this environment, rather than as individuals. [27], The SASR first saw action in 1965 as part of the British Commonwealth force stationed in north Borneo during the Indonesian Confrontation. [231] The names of those killed are recorded on a plaque on a memorial made of a large piece of granite outside the SASR headquarters at Campbell Barracks, known as "The Rock".

[23] In 1960, the company became part of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) and was given the responsibility for commando and special forces operations. [88] Other tasks included VIP protection and other special forces tasks as required by the task force commander. 12 to remain in service until 2027.

[196] For medium to long range engagements the Heckler & Koch HK417,[197] SR-25 marksman rifle,[198] and Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle[199] are also used. Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

[144][145] B and C Troops of the SAS Squadron crossed the Iraqi border from Jordan on the night of 19 March by vehicle, penetrating 30 kilometres (19 mi) before engaging in one of the first actions of the war.

The SASR troop was flown on a commercial flight to South Africa. Possibly the most discomfort is reserved for the gunner’s mate who, lying alongside with binos or spotting ’scope, cops much of the muzzle brake’s back blast and dust tornado.

[9][10] In addition to warfighting during conventional conflicts, the regiment is also tasked with maintaining a specialist counter-terrorist capability. Carried by Captain Golonka (not seen as it is holstered, inferred because it is the Australian Army's standard pistol) M134 Minigun .

The Browning pistol currently in use by our special forces has changed little since those days. Manufactured in Australia under licence by ADI Limited at its Lithgow, NSW plant, the F88’s integral but low-powered 1.5 magnification ’scope and correspondingly wider sight picture allows for rapid acquisition of the target.

Of interest, from an historical point of view, is that the Germans, with their proven excellence in weapon technology, were happy to appropriate 120,000 of these pistols for their own use on overrunning the FN (Fabrique Nationale) plant in Herstal, Belgium in 1940. Fourteen personnel were later officially recognised for their part in the rescue and evacuation operation. Currently being acquired to replace the F2s. During this period 48 soldiers have been killed during operations or in training accidents, while another 20 died in "other circumstances". [59][58] In 1981, the divers completed a modified SASR selection course.

[83] It was involved in a number of significant contacts with pro-Indonesian militia, including at Suai on 6 October 1999 during which two SASR soldiers were wounded, and later at Aidabasalala on 16 October 1999.

The new rifle has several new features including improved modularity featuring extended accessories rail, a fixed barrel, bolt catch release and a black paint scheme. Withdrawn from service in 1993 and reintroduced in 1998 after upgrade.

The helicopter's pilot and a soldier from SASR were killed in the crash.

They were subsequently involved in a number of actions, including an incident on 21 May when they were flown to the scene of a downed Canadian civilian helicopter 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of Mogadishu to protect the crew, and another on 16 August when they were involved in a skirmish during a convoy which resulted in two Somalis being killed after one of them aimed an AK-47 at the Australians. In line with this change, the SASR took the lead in developing the Australian Army's capability to conduct patrol operations in Northern Australia.

SASR operators are armed with a variety of weapons systems depending on what the mission dictates.

[99] The SASR maintains TAG (West) to respond to incidents on the west coast of Australia. [113] During the operation SASR teams were to provide on-location, in-depth operational intelligence and reconnaissance after they infiltrated the Shahi-Kot Valley ten days prior to the operation, and also saved the lives of 24 soldiers of the US 75th Ranger Regiment after their helicopter was shot down, by providing sniper overwatch and guiding in precise air strikes to end the enemy advance as they attempted to overrun the isolated Americans.

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