These snakes are secretive by nature, and require a variety of secure, dark hiding spots within their enclosure. An Axanthic ball python is a special type of morph that possesses a unique appearance.

(Complete Budgie Diet Guide), What does a fennec fox eat? Looking for a boa constrictor for sale? Owing to the popularity of other species, rosy boas haven’t established themselves as popular house pets yet. As a rule, they are happy feeding on frozen rodents, warmed to room temperature – appropriately sized! Rosy boas are one of a small handful of common pet herps that can be safely kept on sand.

Selstad described the group he sold as 3rd generation "screamers" that he selectively bred out of his original wild caught parents. FTF $175.

This species is strictly terrestrial, some may go so far as to call them obligate burrowers, so cage height is not an issue.


Average life span is 20+ years, however, specimens living well into their 30's are not uncommon.

Although there are only a handful of recognized subspecies, there are literally dozens of rosy boa locales regularly available from breeders and dealers. While most of the common ball pythons are brown or yellowish color, they tend to be black, grey, and/or white. Family life Share also participates in affiliate programs with Impact and other sites.

Can they eat cat and…, Are fennec foxes endangered? The Limburg Albino Rosy Boa can be picked up for as cheap as $75 from some breeders, and can cost as much as $100. Population statistics for rosy boas are either old or conjecture. Some lines are dotted, some thick and clear-cut; some stand out like road markings, others seem to blend and pixelate into the surrounding skin. Let us know by commenting below!

Given its distinctive color and wicked pattern combo, these morphs are usually priced between $60 – $200 just for a single snake. Halmahera Boa – Pair available.

Rosy boas are small compared to their South American boa cousins.

Their stripes are dotted, or pixelated, as if painted on, in the pointillist fashion. On average, Snow Rosy Boas are priced at a minimum of $250. When you buy a boa from us, you automatically receive … Native to: Southern California and southwest Arizona. First, two rosy boa morphs about which there is some controversy. There is no concrete answer, for a few reasons.

), prices range dramatically.

Dome Rock Female Rosy Boa '20. From pastels to flaming red, stripes to speckled  $250-$300    Now Available, Gorgeous pure Arizona albinos (also know as the Arizona chocolate Albinos)$300 each  $550/pair, Absolutely one of the prettiest snow rosys out there. Cream overlaid with tan dorsal (on top) stripes and a faded, almost transparent-looking lateral stripe, very washed-out appearance.

In 1999 the original male Anerythristic and het female, along with a number of double het possible snows, were sold with Selstads entire collection to Chad Dorton. They are generally docile, unaggressive and pocket-sized. WWRBM.

Good temperament and ease of handling are a large part of what makes rosy boas an excellent pet snake.

One thing is for sure, there is a wonderful variety of rosy boa morphs out there, and more subspecies popping up by the decade. Our baby boas are captive bred and are healthy, proven feeders raised under optimal conditions. Rosy Boa – Melanistic Bay of LA.

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If you’d like to continue learning about Rosy Boa morphs, continue reading. $350-375  2 males available  $375 plus shipping, Incredible colors and patterns on these well started babies.

the rosy boa most typically representative of the species as a whole.

Mono-stripe trait refined over many generations in order to eliminate fully the two lateral (side) stripes. 2020 Het Picasso $600ea/ $1100 pair Sold Out, Jaw dropping beauty and fantastic rarity are what the Snowwhite line rosys are all about. Native to: West coast of Baja California (Mexico) and California.

Anything else? More. Some are huge, some are small, and virtually all are amazing to observe in captivity. While there are no concrete numbers, they are listed under “Least Concern” by the IUCN Red List, which is good.

Axanthics het Snowwhite $450.00    Axanthics posshet Snowwhite $400.00          Het Axanthic Posshet SW  $225.00       Axanthic het Snowwhite pos het limburg albino pos het borrego anery  $550.00  inquire on pair or group pricing.

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