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Azur Lane is a bullet hell style mobile game, with a character roster being the warships from World War 2 personified.

Rerolling here is also not recommended in general, because the username will not be able to be picked again in the same server. As of September 2020, no ship in the game is capable of reaching the cap.

Acquire 3 "Torpedo Tempura" (will be automatically consumed). SOS Signals are consumed to open a SOS Rescue Mission. Azur Lane Commander Leveling Guide by gumifu Disclaimer: The main topic of this guide isn’t about leveling up your waifu ships.It’s more tailored for those who wish to speed up their Commander leveling process and quickly unlock all the amenities in the game. Copyright © 2020 Gurugamer.com - All rights reserved.

The CPU will also instantly launch artilleries and airstrikes as soon as the meters have been filled. Look to the bottom right of your Port screen, above the carousel and play with the options there.

The game offers a pity system, where you can Retire units for medals. You must complete and S-rank the boss node of the SOS Rescue Mission at your current Signal Range. The button opens an interface where you can search for and access SOS Rescue Missions, as well as view your Signal Sensitivity, Signal Range, and remaining SOS Signals. Note that Stage 3-4 must be cleared before this can be accessed. Some shipgirls can be retrofitted - this upgrade would increase their stat and add 1 extra skill. Complete 3 Daily Challenges with the quest ship in the fleet. They do not need to stay the secretary once the quest line has started. After completing the tutorial, you are given a starter ship (we have a guide to the Starter Ships) - Javelin, Z23 or Laffey.

If the signal does not appear after 16 attempts, or 8 hours, then a signal is guaranteed to appear. You need to hit the Participate button in that page though. It can be received from Tarath near the Auresco, Rear Gate in the Kingdom of Torna. I really need more captains. Azur Lane does give a decent amount of premium currency for F2p players - they are best used for Dock Slots (you would need more very soon) and dorm slots (1 or 2 more slots is recommended to speed up your leveling speed). This is from building units each day or getting free units from mission drops.

As implied by the warning image, don't expect a smart CPU to control the fleet.

However, equipping depth charge auxiliary equipment for DDs and CLs and ASW airplanes for CVLs (or Retrofit Warspite) will increase ASW damage output considerably. You should limit break the ships you are using at least one or twice to clear out the early chapters easier. If you have problems 3-starring a map, get more levels on your shipgirls and clear it over and over until the threat level becomes green. . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. DDs and CLs are equipped with a default depth charge launcher.

A character wearing a peaked naval cap is no more out of place. I thought it strange or a bug at first but it's actually consistent with the character. Please check out this post for a complete equipment guide.

Though the selection of Super Rare unit is limited, you will find as you get further in the game, your issue will be dealing with limited dock space rather than obtaining Super Rare units. There are no 3-star conditions like normal stages.

Azur Lane is a very generous mobile game if you do not get a Super Rare unit (The rarest grade so far). You will start at sensitivity level 1, and it will raise as your Signal Range increases. And if anyone rages on the boards, then I consider it a great bonus. The specifics can be found in our Azur Lane Equipment Guide. Right below the resources there are a series of buttons in a row that lead to various menus within the game. From chapter 3 onward, you would need to upgrade them - the materials dropped from world 1 - 5 can only upgrade the gears to + 6 max - you would need to grind quite a bit at world 6 to get enough purple materials to upgrade your equipment to +10. The SOS Rescue Mission is then accessed like a normal stage, allowing you to choose your fleets. The best method of getting exp is probably the Dorm - as long as you provided it with food, the ships stationed there would get exp constantly even if you are not playing. Top 10 Best Among Us Imposter Tips To Avoid Detection And Win, Among Us Map Guide: Master The Map To Your Own Benefits, Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020: How To Gear Up Your Shipgirls, Free Fire Diamond Hack New Version: How To Get Unlimited Diamonds, AR Gun In Free Fire: Top 3 AR Gun Choices Of Pro Players In Tournament, Azur Lane Beginners Guide: How To Start Building Your Shipgirl Fleet. Most of the food can be exchanged with Oil, so if you ever reach the Oil cap, you should invest in food so that Canteen can automatically replenish per day. If you are familiar with the two franchise Touhou and Kancolle from Japan, this is pretty much a fusion of the two. Login Rewards [edit | edit source] Day Reward 1 100x : 2 200x : 3 200x : 4 3x : 5 2x : 6 2x : 7 1x : Retrieved from "https://blhx ... Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. "Go meet Azurda, who is waiting in Torna's Womb."

About the Frontline, CA should be in the frontmost position as a tank. After confirmation, you will be directed to the world map chapter where the stage was found.

That would be a no - it causes me to laugh too much. 3-Star Rewards: 2x T2 Carrier Retrofit Blueprint : Enemy Level: Mob: 28. SOS Rescue Missions are unique stages where you will battle enemy submarines and earn exclusive rewards related to submarines. Enemy submarines will be encountered on every enemy node. Note that signals gained this way cannot exceed your maximum dictated by the Signal Sensitivity. Power level up in 1-4, 2-4 and 3-4 until you are level 80 or so. This search consumes 1 SOS Signal. 100x Coins. As you reach a higher level commander, you can upgrade the Canteen and the Merchant to increase the speed and cap of daily replenish (Oil and Coin). Imho Hood, Belfast, Enterprise, Cleveland, Aurora, and Nelson are not patticularly high pitched in comparison to the HSF and some of the ARP voices. As the game adds more and more new ships, the initial dock capacity of 150 will not be able to contain all of them, so this should be your top priority. The shops here also provide rewards for PVP victories and competing missions in Hard Mode. Some units when fully upgraded are very powerful.

I might actually start playing regularly for this.

All sonar range calculations use the ships' base ASW. Also, keep in mind that a fleet has limited ammunition, so you cannot wage too many battles in a campaign.

Every 24 points of total main fleet base ASW increases sonar range by 1. Since you cannot receive a SOS Rescue Mission for a chapter you already have an active rescue mission on, it is recommended to use multiple SOS Signals before attempting the rescue missions, such that you have increased odds of finding the rescue mission needed to increase Signal Range. This one is a lot more overt than the previous Azur Lane flag I earned, which was some sort of stylized anchor IIRC.

Subreddit for the mobile game Azur Lane.

i know ill get two Hippers now, and i know i 'm complaining but yeah, i'm still complaining XD. The enemy's reconnaissance force has been detected up ahead - prepare to intercept them!

Afterward, you would need to clear Hard Mode.

HazeGrayUnderway, December 27, 2018 in General Game Discussion. Boss: 30 (Akagi and Kaga) Base XP 130, 140, 150, 210: Required Battles: 3 battles before boss appears: Boss Kills to Clear: 2 boss battles for 100%: Star Conditions: Sink Boss . After spending plenty of time in the game, you will eventually find yourself dealing with an excessive amount of units.

Retreating will not cause the mission to disappear, only completing it or allowing the timer to run out. 119k members in the AzureLane community.

Destroyers: 15 range, 60 x 2 damage, base cooldown 6.32 seconds, Light cruisers: 15 range, 60 x 2 damage, base cooldown 6.99 seconds. This is an easy way of earning EXP for your ships without grinding.

Requires level 90, and event-drop item equipped. The mission shows up in Personal Assignments. Gems are the paid currency of Azur Lane, you can use this to purchase anything in the game, this range from resources, inventory, costumes, anything. Overall, try to fill up all the equipment slots of your units when you field them out to battle. Free Fire: What Is Magic Cube And How To Get It For FREE? The contribution from total fleet base ASW can't exceed 15, which is reached at 360 total main fleet base ASW. "Defeat the Tenax Ekidno near Torna's Womb." 20 votes, 13 comments. Send help please!!!! To attack submerged submarines, they must first be detected using sonar. This article will go over the details of SOS Rescue Missions, then discuss combat mechanics. The screeching will continue until cultural tolerance improves. Thanks for the PSA. In WG's "January Missions 2019" page there's a section to do some Azure Lane missions and get some rewards like an Admiral Hipper flag. If you do daily & weekly missions while conserving resources, you can eventually get the Super Rare units without having to resort to rerolls or microtransactions.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to only activate Auto Battle when farming with a fleet which is considerably stronger than the average level of enemies on the map. We are conducting a joint military exercise with the Eagle Union's elite Task Force. The Super Rare units can only be substituted by the golden Prototype Bulin, which can be obtained by clearing 10 weekly missions. Such as inventory space, dock expansions, and Wedding Rings. The one I don't get is the cat, I NEVER hear him make any noises at all but people swear he does. A Quick Tour Of Free Fire Music: Free Fire Lobby Song And Theme Songs! By If not sunk before then, enemy submarines will be destroyed when they collide with the main fleet, which will damage your main fleet akin to suicide boats.

When power clashes with ideology, a new era begins. The contribution from equipment is the sum of the listed sonar ranges. 100x Coins. Some unit can be retrofitted with blueprints.

Diamonds are used to buy other resources or items from the Item Shop, and can only be obtained via the Diamond Shop or by completing certain achievements in Collections and Tasks. Signal Range starts at chapter 3, and increases when you meet two conditions: For example, if your Signal Range is chapter 4, and you wish to increase the range to chapter 5, you must both clear and S-rank the boss node on the chapter 4 SOS Rescue Mission, as well as complete stage 5-4 in chapter 5. If you're unfamiliar with Azur Lane, it is a mobile shmup mixed with RPG elements. Sink 7 Fleets.

To access the quest line, set any of these characters as your secretary and tap once on them. Thanks for the heads up. Since SOS Rescue Missions are selected at random, there is a possibility to rarely encounter the SOS Rescue Mission needed to increase your Signal Range. Signal Sensitivity controls the maximum amount of SOS Signals you can hold. You can further improve passive detection range by equipping Sonar auxiliary equipment on your DDs and CLs.

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