This article is about Suyin Beifong's husband. Canonical?

I thought the Equalists insurgency felt very believable and Amon was the most compelling antagonist outside of the Red Lotus.

The plot seemed to move at a glacial speed at some points and the pacing was off imo, but there were a lot parts of it that I loved as well.

Suyin allowed him to continue his work, to which Baatar responded by calling her the best.

Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Refusing to follow the order, Baatar calmly expressed his disappointment in his son, before being arrested by a metalbending soldier. Minor graphic novel characters (Legend of Korra), Season 1 was tied up too nicely and the love triangle is too cringe for me I just can’t and season 2 had one of the biggest plot points in all the series just to feel a bit rushed and needed to be over a longer time period for me.

Baatar is an architect and the husband of Suyin Beifong, with whom he has five children. Kuvira can't possibly capture all of us if we split up.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

After the hearing, he watched his wife confront Kuvira for having pleaded not guilty.[9]. If we don't do it now, we might not have this chance again".

Baavira. Baavira

Kuvira publicly declared the air benders to be enemies of the Earth Empire and issued an order to capture all of them. Daisy Johnson (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors Episode 14, Villains who are biologically related to the hero, Characters hailing from the Avatar: Legend of Korra Universe, Characters hailing from the Avatar: The Last Airbender Universe, Characters voiced and/or played by Todd Haberkron, Kuvira refused to to accept the non aggression pact the water tribes presented to her; she even placed embargos on the water tribes. Zaofu, Earth Kingdom "The Metal Clan"

Baatar was still offended that she tried to kill him, and departed.

Lin and Raiko attempt to escape Republic City but only Riako succeeds. The whereabouts and the condition of the air benders were not known publicly. The Earth Empire is clearly hostile towards us. "You'll never believe what I got!" While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. That’s why I decided to draw some Baavira fanart. The story begins after the scene where Bataar Jr. Kuriva's fiancé is pleading for Kuvira to have her army leave the United Replublic. He was e…

Kuvira says to Suyin.

", "We should not give in to their demands." Kuvira announces. " Includes spoilers up to the end of season 4 of LoK. Baatar The true reason you refused was because You worried that you will not be able to restore order even after using the wealth of Zaofu. Architect Later that evening, Baatar and Suyin each gave permission for Opal to travel to the Northern Air Temple and begin her airbending training under Tenzin.

Love interest He was voiced by Todd Haberkorn, who also played Nobuyuki Sugou. At some point, the two fell in love and eventually got engaged. The world leaders needed a capable leader who had sufficient wealth to acomplish this task.

That is why they picked you Suyin. Baatar Jr. is a secondary antagonist in Book 4 of The Legend of Korra. "but we cannot all go in the same direction. Enemies

"Baatar Jr. Was the one who weaponized the spirit vines and built the giant mecha suit. A year has passed since these events.

In light of Kuvira's remorse, she was later sentenced to house arrest in Zaofu, the same location as Baatar.

Can't wait for 6 months or a year for book 4! kuvira baatar jr baavira the legend of korra tlok fanfic It was decided that there would be three groups going in different directions to get a boat. Korra responds.

I want you all to make a decision of how we will react to this demand. in the southern water tribe, Korra is seen looking from her house window the sea in a depressed mood.

She might attack us at any time. "About thirty minutes." He is injured, and they share a private moment. Assami replied.

Three brief stories regarding the ordinary life of Kuvira and Baatar.

[8], Baatar was present for the beginning of Kuvira's trial three months after her defeat, along with his wife, Huan, Opal, Wei, Wing, and Team Avatar.

[2], At Opal's farewell dinner, Baatar watched in admiration as Suyin praised their daughter and raised his glass in a toast to her.

Male Three months later, Kuvira returned to Zaofu after trying to help Team Avatar stop the remnant Earth Empire forces. Are you coming to eat"? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

It had a very distinct and almost insular noirish, gritty feel (courtesy of most of the plot being centered in and around Republic City, which is one of the richest and most dynamic locations in the Avatar universe).

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