Dante, nicknamed "Stretch", is one of the shorter players in the series. One of his family members says he'll be a comedian when he grows up, which earned him his nickname, "Funnybones." He and Barry DeJay maintain a radio station, labelled KNNY. Ariel Atkins (Backyard Basketball) Ashley Webber. However, Kimmy Eckman makes a return in the new mobile games. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other He is best friends with Reese Worthington, and they keep each other entertained. She is wise, as she is the oldest player in the league (next to Tony Delvecchio).

She was discontinued after the 2006 games.

Angela Delvecchio. Stephanie Morgan has a crush on him in the later games. Players may also choose from several National Hockey League hockey players as children, some of these players are Steve Yzerman, Mike Modano, Joe Sakic, Jaromír Jágr, Jarome Iginla, Martin Brodeur, and Curtis Joseph. Known as "Wheelie", Pete is a long-necked boy with an oddly tall head. Reese is the only one whom she dislikes. This page lists all of the Backyard Sports characters. If you didn't use this man on your team something was wrong with you. Also known as "Pinky", Maria is a little Hispanic girl who loves the color pink. This section lists all of the fictional players, including the old and new ones. Worthington is based off of an original designer of the series, Richard Moe, who has asthma (just like Worthington), and was nicknamed "Big Toe" in grade school (also like Worthington). She was discontinued after 2006. Fictional characters are only shown. Pablo Ramon Sanchez is arguably the most legendary player of the entire series. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She often pokes fun at Tony for his lack of athletic talent. A young blonde girl who likes to talk pretty fast. If he fails to score, he shouts, "I'm telling my mom!". Ricky is a shy player, who suffers from a low self esteem. He is easily recognized by his afro and visor. Billy Jean Blackwood. She has four brothers and has a pet parrot. Some original characters, like Pablo and Vicki, have made it to the new games, while others haven't yet. … An African-American boy who is one of the tallest Backyard Kids. Lists the games broadcasters and color commentators. She is the tallest kid in the league, with the exception of pro baseball player, Randy Johnson. A boy of Italian heritage who speaks with an intimidating New York Bronx accent, "Vec" is somewhat arrogant about his abilities. However, the recent mobile games apps brought back some miscounted characters such as Ricky, Achmed, and Dante.

This park is noted for it's shallow centerfield. He loves sports simply for the related games having to do with physics and mathematics. He spoke with true skater dialect and his name is a play on "air extreme.". Her nickname is "Lulu." He backs up his arrogance in Backyard Football, where he is absolutely elite on offense and defense. He has a low self-esteem, seen in Backyard Baseball, when he would constantly break the fourth wall by, after saying things, adding, "if that's okay with you." Achmed Khan is a rocker who sometimes forgets he is playing sports and starts rocking out. He seems to always have a cold, which causes him to constantly pick his nose. Nicknamed "The Boss," she acts like a motherly figure to the younger kids, especially her younger brother Ronny, who can't stand her. She loves tennis. Kenny's little sister. She is nicknamed "Jabberjaw" as a result of her talkativity. This earned her nickname, "Crazy Legs." A snobby rich Spanish kid who hates to get dirty. She is noted to be the youngest player in the entire series. 30 Backyard Kids and 10 kid versions of NHL pros, including Joe Thornton, Mike Modano, Brian Leetch, Curtis Joseph, Jaromir Jagr, Steve Yzerman, Martin Brodeur, Joe Sakic, Paul Kariya … Over the different releases Backyard Hockey was developed by only Humongous Entertainment for the original and 2005,[1][2] but was developed by Humongous and Mistic Software for the Game Boy and DS releases.[3][4]. The undisputed GOAT. She is amongst the fastest players in the game. He zones out constantly. Amir Khan. V. Vicki Kawaguchi. Her family owns an authentic Mexican restaurant, called "La Luna Lleno." Known for his boneheaded statements during broadcasts, seeming happily dumbfounded. Giant Bomb users. His middle name is Alexander and his nickname is "Fella".

Ashlyn Harris (Backyard Soccer) B. She's a bit of a hippie who likes to play sports for the sake of being outdoors. Sidney Webber. For the 2007 Nintendo DS game, see, 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch, 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove, 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening, 3: You Are What You Eat from Your Head to Your Feet, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Backyard_Hockey_(series)&oldid=885384770, Video games developed in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 February 2019, at 18:31. Celebrating FAHM with Fam! She's eight years old and still in the third grade, but she has the IQ of an 8th grader. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Annie Frazier.

He's not the smartest, but he's good at most sports due to his blazing speed. She retired in 2007. Kenny is in a wheelchair and consider to be the "cool kid" of the group.

T. Tony Delvecchio. He has a little sister named Vicki. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. She is a new girl to the team. Angela is a tough tom-boy, and shows a lot of self confidence. The first thing he says upon clicking him is, "I'm Jorge Garcia, and I have more money than you.". His touchdown dance in Backyard Football is also one of the most legendary things in this game, along with his backwards cap. He comes from money, and makes this fact known in Backyard Hockey. His running is a hinderance to his overall game. She despises Marky Dubois, who has a crush on her. Dmitri Ivan "Paste" Petrovich is a large, nerdy boy who loves technology. Pick him for your team. He was discontinued in 2007. Her father is a multi-millionaire who spoils his two twin daughters. Sidney is a spoiled girl, who would much rather play tennis then a sport like football. Smith is known by the nickname of "MVP." He is almost always seen wearing large headphones during the games. Also voiced by Dolores Rogers.

"Backyard Hockey" redirects here. At random times during a game, power ups appear at center ice. His name is a play on the term, "bury the J.". They are much, much better players when playing together. Kimmy is a young red-haired girl who loves sports. His name, as you might have guessed, is another play on words.

S. Sally Dobbs. She was discontinued in 2007, but makes her return in the new mobile games in 2015. Keisha Monet "Flash" Phillips may be a joker, but she takes her sports seriously. No one has amassed the same skill that Pablo has had throughout every game. She can also run quickly in many games, but overall can be considered quite mediocre. She can be seen wearing her baseball cap and mitt in most games, including non-baseball games! However, she wasn't very agile, which hurt her overall game.

A tall southern girl who speaks with a Southern accent. B. He is a young African boy with a melon-shaped head, hence the name of one of the custom team names in the series. A small, frail blonde boy who is slightly nerdy.

One of the Webber twins. She loves to play tennis with her twin sister, Ashley, who also shares her nickname of "Little Smokey." Despite being a fan favorite, he retired after the Backyard Baseball 2003 until Baseball 2015, replaced by Abner Dubbleplay. He and Dante are good friends, but Reese is disliked by certain kids for clowning around too often. Jorge is a rich kid, whose strength isn't athletic ability. He thinks of himself as one of the best players, just like Tony. Appears as the color commentator for Backyard Basketball games up until 2007. Her nickname is "Flipper." Many kids dislike her due to the belief she is too bossy. Appears as the commentator in all Backyard Sports games up until 2009. send you an email once approved. He isn't an athletic type, as he is below average in almost each game. Her family owns a court that is playable in the Backyard Basketball games, called Smith Brothers Court. Pablo, Vicki, Dmitri, Kiesha, Tony, Ashley, Sidney, and Jorge were the only characters who appeared in every game of the series until the franchise reboot. Her father is a self-made multi-millionaire who pampers his two twin daughters.

She can also be quite cocky, letting other kids know when they underperform. Her nickname is "Twinkle Toes," and her middle name is Rae. He looks up to Achmed, unlike several little siblings in the series, such as Angela Delvecchio and Ronny Dobbs. Dmitri is a incredibly smart player, who uses math and science to help him excel in sports. He's nicknamed "Spud" because of his underwhelming height and ability. Angela is a tough tom-boy, and shows a lot of self … Her best friends are Dante and Jocinda. A total of four Backyard Hockey games have been released, these include the original Backyard Hockey, Backyard Hockey 2005, Backyard Hockey for Game Boy Advance, and Backyard Hockey for Nintendo DS. Achmed Khan is a rocker who sometimes forgets he is playing sports and starts rocking out. She mumbles and has a dry sense of humor.

Power ups provide help to the team that secures them such as causing all the players on the opposing team to fall over, or super speed. https://backyardsports.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Backyard_Sports_Characters?oldid=11798. This short, Spanish speaking athlete excels in every sport. Whenever she played on a team that had pink as a color, she played infinitely better. A blonde girl who loves to surf tidewaves. Ashley Webber. She is considered a tough athlete (having grown up with four brothers) and dislikes playing alongside her brother, as she prefers paving her own path. One of the best players, next to Sanchez. She speaks with the voice of a broadcaster-woman. He spoke in a hip manner, constantly using lingo in games. Annie Frazier.

However, this 5'6 10-year old can dominate any sport when plugged into the correct situation in the right line-up.

As of now, Pablo, Tony, Sidney, and Ashley are the only Backyard Kids that never been dropped or discontinued even when the franchise rebooted. Nevertheless, Frazier is a fine sleeper pick in almost all sports.

She retired after the 2006 games. It was first released in June 2002 for Microsoft Windows.

He, like Kiesha, is a total joker, only he doesn't take sports so lightly. He earned his nicknamed "K-Man" due to striking out many opposing hitters, as well as striking out plenty at the plate himself. Her strength on the field is speed. Achmed's younger brother who also dreams of being a rocker. Angela Delvecchio.

The color commentator for Backyard Football games up until 2007. Some old characters have been discontinued possibly because they were not too popular, or were simply removed to put new characters in, or because they needed room for more pros in the games. This list does not include the real MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLS teams used by various games in the series.

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