Dropping his stuff, he leaps onto the couch and starts flipping through channels. Dad! While the intentions behind creating it were good, it can certainly be used to make the wielder into a fearsome warrior. One Forever Knight notices this and decides to mentally kill Ben 10.

Two Plumber's arrive and arrest him. Wildmutt's nostrils get blocked by mucus, making him unable to smell and thus, unable to tell his surroundings and he seemed to develop a cough. Ben nods. You still have Kevin and I to talk to and of course there's Julie. I know a way to relieve me of this pressure and that's to go and kick some alien butt. Listen I need to apologize for what happened. He falls to the ground, unbearing the pain. Did you like it? "It's funny… Anodites are fickle by nature, but not a day goes by that I don't find thoughts of Max on my mind again.". asked Gwen, "How about Lily? You selflessly put on the Omnitrix and risked your life every day for the greater good. Ben turns to Derrick, "Okay I'll head in, take them down, and destroy their weapon caches. I said. Generally, having a cold causes a runny nose and sneezing.

Still thinking about it, I eventually drifted off to sleep. Author's Note: * Hello and welcome to chapter two of this one shot! Ben: Please stay here. "It's ok Ben, we accept you for are."

"I really think you should apologize. Over the course of six months, Ben has drank his problems away and an alien drug addict.

Ben: Oh ow, Gwen.

Their names on the bark had long-since been worn thin with the passage of time, and though she never did seek out Max in person, there was something comforting about leaving flowers for him. Looking up at the night sky just now, it makes me think, what if I don't belong here, on Earth?". While I had been changing, I began to feel some guilt for what I had said to Ben. Ben: You're right, Gwen. I mean— they have my DNA too, don't they? I'll have to give our a date a rain check okay? One Forever Knight notices this and decides to mentally kill Ben 10. https://matureben10fanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/Ben_10:_Revelation?oldid=4225. I've never seen you work in real life, only on TV. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He had worked himself up now, looking strained and anxious. "Oh, you should have seen the look on Max's face when I told him that. That's when my life changed forever, because some snotty punk outed my identity to the world. It's Christmas Eve and Gwen gets locked out without a coat. Ben and the knight continue to lock eyes onto one another, but suddenly someone acts.

Ben is packing up his stuff.

Verdona assumed that he felt the same, as he never expressed wanting her to leave or stopped his visits. So...why are you suicidal? Ben cements his decision by leaning into kiss Derrick straight on the lips first instead of Derrick doing it to him. "Please Ben," Gwen pleads, "Just one night. Ben tricks Gwen into walking underneath mistletoe and kisses her. Eventually, I came to a clearing in the woods, where I saw Ben, sitting on his behind, with his legs drawn to his chest. And whenever we did have to look at each other, we looked at each other with anger and hate. My room was a mess, just like it was the afternoon I had left with Gwen and Grandpa on summer vacation. Ben: Maybe tonight, Kevin. The cold of the water shocked me at first, but I quickly became angry. Ben begins to feel nervous. Gwen's right. But she was so cold her arms froze in the position while being folded so it was kinda complicated to pull her in. You have more books at home, don't you?" Ben considers the idea before Gwen shuts it down. "Grandpa, have you seen Ben anywhere?" You're suppose to be a hero. Is that a threat child? Honestly, Verdona did feel prideful that one of her offspring had grown to be so accomplished. Ben wasn't — (he couldn't be, she reminded herself dimly) — an anodite, but the warmth of his mana and his weight in her arms felt like home. Ben has to ask what they talked about though. Ben 10 List Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. But there was something poetic and symbolic about letting the flowers she pulled from thin air gradually wilt and become the dirt of the Earth like everything else on the planet. Derrick: Damn, man. However, there is one person who hasn't given up hope. The feeling was mutual. I just wanted to leave her alone, just as she always wanted me to. He hadn't been for a long, long time. I admit that it was a little too much, but you shouldn't have said that." After becoming frustrated, he bashes his hand into it, the blood pooling around him. Gwen smiles.

Kevin spits at him, obviously digusted. I had been so grateful about returning home yesterday, but now, it seemed sad to me. Gwen: Ben, I know your new found fame is overwhelming, but I know you. The Plumbers arrest Ben and take him to a Plumber holding facility where he is going to spend the rest of his days.

Can you go get it Ben?"

Julie has a box of miscellanous items. Gwen's lying unconscious on our door stop!" She rang the doorbell but no one heard it. Oh, the irony. "I promised Gwen's mom I'd have her home a half hour ago. Julie and I aren't together anymore.

Ben doesn't even speak with Gwen or Kevin anymore, none the less Max. He sighs, thinking about how he is going to tell his parents that he is gay. Even though he didn't have that spark, not like Max or Gwendolyn, Ben's mana was like nothing she had ever seen before, bright and attention-grabbing in a way that only a true Anodite should possess.. Sorry I'm late. Their worthless lives. Actually mind if I come a long and watch? Ben nodded.

Ben becomes an alcoholic when his identity is outed. She had made plenty of mistakes with her children that were too deeply-sewn for her to fix now. You— You just left your kids to fend for themselves and never saw them again and for all you could've known they were dead or something had happened! Ben: I don't care, Gwen. Another few months later. Calm down, Kevin. For a moment, it looked like Ben wouldn't answer. Ben asked, as he laughed. Your review has been posted. He then begins shooting more fireballs, but one of them causes an explosion in the building. Derrick simply takes Ben's hand. "Ben-" I began to speak, but he cut me off. What gives? My life is shit hole. See you later. Well to be honest Ben, I have to say that you've done so much better with your life. And she couldn't be happier about it… yeah… she just hoped he felt the same way…, "You're welcome Gwen.

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