Morse’s love life is largely disappointing and, more often than not, outright catastrophic.

#6 The Settling of the Sun (1988) – Second Time Around, Season 5 (1991) “Patrick thinks you’re a very good detective. #20 Promised Land (1991) – The moment Morse collapses in the grounds of the chapel, done in slow motion to the sounds of a choir singing is heartbreaking as you know this is the beginning of the end of the great detective. Great detectives usually have a sidekick, and Morse is no exception; his foil is Detective Sergeant Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately). She provided the comedy value in her never ending complaints about the tour and tour guides until finally at the end of the episode she announces she and her husband are being moved to another tour only for her husband to announce he’s staying put and she can holiday without him. Original airdate: Tuesday, January 6, 1987. #24 Absolute Conviction (1992) – #23 The Death of the Self (1992) – Gwladys Probert, a world-renowned mezzo-soprano, is shot by a sniper at Oxford. Morse investigates the death of a young woman and connects it to a weight loss company. Morse links the killing of a Deputy Assistant Commissioner to an 18 years old cold case murder of an 8-year-old girl. This relationship differs significantly from that of the books, in which Lewis is Welsh and closer to Morse’s age. #31 Death Is Now My Neighbour (1997) – The victim Anthony Donn is an old friend of Morse, although they haven’t seen each other for a good few years. Title: Inspector Morse DuckTales Season 3 Episode 14 Review: The Split Sword of Swanstantine! It originally appeared on Den of Geek UK. Presented by James Grout, best known as Chief Superintendent Strange, who gives his own characteristic views on Morse. Is this a case of murder or assisted suicide? While Morse is in hospital for a bleeding ulcer, he takes an interest in an 1859 murder and becomes convinced its resolution was a miscarriage of justice.

Morse is passed over for promotion and gets a new working partner in the shape of Lewis, who is not sure what to make of his new boss. Next thing we know her husband disappears shortly after Morse discovers he would inherit his wife’s fortune and a body is pulled out of the river. Colin Dexter’s bestselling series of thirteen Morse novels provided the basis for the show; twelve were adapted for television, while one, 1986’s, , proved too difficult to film, and was loosely reworked as “, The show’s appeal hinges on its lead, the Inspector of the title, played with an unforgettable gruff warmth by the late John Thaw. An environmentalist professor is mugged and later dies after an attack on campus just prior to a controversial debate. Our first murder victim (as there is usually more than one in Morse) is Trevor Radford, current managing director of the brewery and son of the owner Charles (Lionel Jeffries). The only one he seems to genuinely like is the wife of the second victim, Thelma Radford. This moving episode briefly reunites Morse with Susan Fallon, his former fiancée and lifelong love, as he and Lewis are tasked with investigating the death of her husband, academic Henry Fallon. Season Episodes Original UK air dates Season premiere Season finale Season 1 3 6th January 1987 20th January 1987 Season 2 4 25th December 1987 22nd March 1988 Season 3 4 4th January 1989 25th January 1989 Season 4 4 3rd January 1990 24th January 1990 Season 5 5 20th … Marvelous though Thaw’s performance is, there are many other reasons why Inspector Morse remains a hugely popular and influential series. Thaw’s policeman, however, is a gentler, more romantic figure beneath his surface cynicism. Original airdate: Wednesday, November 29, 1995. Season Episodes Original UK air dates Season premiere Season finale Season 1 3 6th January 1987 20th January 1987 Season 2 4 25th December 1987 22nd March 1988 Season 3 4 4th January 1989 25th January 1989 Season 4 4 3rd January 1990 24th January 1990 Season 5 5 20th February 1991 27th … Tragically just after this, Donn is found dead in his room at the college, apparent suicide although Morse is not convinced. I hope you enjoy them. #2 The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (1987) – The video and sound quality is poor by today's standards (if practically 4K compared to the Hickson Miss Marples). When Morse finds his friend Beryl Newsome stabbed to death at a rehearsal of The Magic Flute, he makes the mistake of picking up the murder weapon. A serial killer disavows a murder on his deathbed, leading Morse to reopen the case. Last Updated: Oct 14, 2020. Radfords Brewery owned by the admirable Lionel Jeffries (I still see him as Dick Van Dyke’s crazy father from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but that’s another story) is in trouble and on the verge of a takeover from a rival brewery Farmers led by the equally admirable John Bird.

That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is. As the series continues, his regrets about his past mount and his ill health worsens, leading to his heartbreaking onscreen demise in the final episode, “. Original airdate: Wednesday, April 8, 1992. Her affair with would-be Master of Lonsdale, Dr Julian Storrs (John Shrapnel) sets up a thorny private life, but the subsequent shooting of her next-door neighbour leads Morse to suspect that the first murder may have been a case of mistaken identity. It soon becomes clear that Morse has been framed, but by whom? The head of a wealthy but dysfunctional family is found bludgeoned to death. #13 The Sins of the Fathers (1990) – When In Rome - the love of Italian cuisine. Now it’s an opera house. #28 Twilight of the Gods (1993) – Many people get intimidated by the run time that a standard Inspector Morse episode has. A well-constructed complex and creepy episode although some Morse connoisseurs find it a bit daft. The relationship between Morse and Lewis is beautifully depicted here, culminating in the faithful sergeant’s farewell to the loveable curmudgeon he would never have dared display affection to in life. #11 The Secret of Bay 5B (1989) – Chief Inspector Morse has an ear for music, a taste for beer and a nose for crime. Into the Jungle - Review of Disney's The Jungle Bo... Musing Mondays - reading for the #readthemallthon ... Unboxing - #owlcrate August 2016 - Fast Times at Y... #ReadThemAllThon Update - Got my Boulder Bagde & o... Musing Monday - the #ReadThemAllThon, a Book Haul ... #ReadThemAllThon Update - Got my Thunder Bagde.

The Remorseful Day is the final episode of Morse and his final ever case as I doubt I’m giving away any spoilers here when I say that it marks the death of Inspector Morse as he is finally taken away thanks to his love of the drink. #5 Last Seen Wearing (1988) – #14 Driven to Distraction (1990) – For Endeavour Episodes, see List of Endeavour Episodes. When a serial killer is attacked and left for dead in prison, his dying confession disavows one of the murders he had previously confessed to. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Inspector Morse episodes of all time are. They are arguing about his erratic driving and she asks one of the other cast if she would take her home instead of Morse and ending her relationship with him there and then. The end is where we start from.”. Murder suspect number one is Chief Inspector Morse. To find the latest killer they have to unravel the first case again.... Morse finds himself at the top of the suspect list when his lady friend, Beryl Newsome, is stabbed at a dress rehearsal for the local amateur dramatic society's production of The Magic Flute. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Beer, Wagner, a red Jaguar, and Barrington Pheloung’s haunting theme.

Carnage and brutality. Inspector Morse. For Endeavour Episodes, see List of Endeavour Episodes. Poor policeman, and a very good detective.”.

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