For the past two decades, Marc Anthony has established himself as one of the best-selling artists in Latin music. If there is one album that is considered THE classic salsa album, it's Siembra. This is probably the best album by Hector Lavoe with the Willie Colon Orchestra. Many nice duets, many with a traditional Cuban flavour. There were (and are) few women that have found success in the field of salsa; Cruz left Sonora Matancera in 1965 and signed with Fania the following year where she found a home that allowed her to shine and earn the name the 'Queen of Salsa. April, 2007 – Lucid Culture debuts as the online version of a somewhat notorious New York music and politics e-zine. The guy is still a legend in Puerto Rico. Here are the best of New York's Golden Era.

One of those bands that did not achieve commercial success but managed to leave a hell of an album for future generations. Primarily a pianist, Harlow studied music in Cuba in the 1950s and his Orquesta Harlow was one of the first to sign with the newly formed record label.

This album features hits like "Mujer Celosa," "Y No Hago Mas Na,'" and "Patria. Some artists produce great songs which don't dance to well, Regarded by many as the most important salsa album ever recorded by Celia Cruz, "Celia & Johnny" paired up the "Queen of Salsa" with Johnny Pacheco, the founder of the legendary Fania All Stars. With its more than 60 years in the playing field, El Gran Combo is deserving of the nickname. 2. Both Colon and Lavoé would go on to bigger and more popular projects, but this captures that beautiful moment where Afro-Cuban-based music was just starting to morph into the big, orchestral Fania sound that would become just as iconic five or six years later. It took 20 years for that record to be broken and it put Anthony on a different league to all the other Latin artists. Top tracks from this album include "Yambeque," "La Soledad," and "Date Cuenta. During the last four decades of my life, I have had a chance to see almost every artist of this ‘Top 500’ list perform their best hits live, hear them on the original recordings and / or ‘Best of / Greatest Hits’ compilations, and, of course, on radio. Top tracks include tunes like "Plastico," "Buscando Guayaba," "Dime" and the worldwide hit "Pedro Navaja.". [12] On February 1, 2016, the RIAA updated its methodology for certifying albums by including audio streaming and track sales equivalent. 1 was certified eleven times Disco de platino.

2010 – Lucid Culture steps up coverage of jazz and classical while rock lingers behind. be a bit too "duro" (hard) just yet... and - don't let the often garish clothing and tacky video production distract you from the superb music! Most of his albums are fantastic, but Champaigne is a very special one. Every day, our 1000 best albums of all time countdown continues all the way to #1. Enjoy my personal list of the greatest Salsa Music of all time. No.6  LA VOZ (Fania 1975) Hector Lavoe. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - 'La Universidad De La Salsa'. P.S. In any case, most of the albums I've deemed "not very danceable" actually What else can you ask for? Posted by delarue | This scorching 1976 set, most of it actually recorded in Puerto Rico (the sound mix there was better than what they had in the Bronx), captures them at the peak of their brass-heavy power. A real masterpiece. fania all-stars live at yankee stadium vol.

His 1997 album "Contra La Corriente" features some of the best salsa songs of his repertoire including tracks like "Y Hubo Alguien," "Contra La Corriente," "Si Te Vas," and "No Sabes Como Duele."

Positions are as of October 2017;[4] sales, where shown, are from the reference given, which may be at a different date, and cannot be used to infer changes in position. The critics panned the album, finding the music too raw, but the public loved it and today it is one of the classics of early salsa and the Fania label. [13] Beginning in 2000, the RIAA launched the Gold and Platinum Awards (Spanish: Los Premios Oro y Platino) to acknowledge the Latin music market in the United States. From 1967 to the early 80s, they put out one ecstatic, danceable album after another, which makes this a particularly hard choice. [5][6][7] Selena's fourth studio album, Amor Prohibido, has sold more than 1,246,000 copies and is the fourth best-selling Latin album in the United States.

Since July 1993, Billboard has published the best-selling Latin albums in the United States on the Top Latin Albums chart. You can scroll down for a brief history and explanation of what we do here. Best Salsa Albums of All Time with Video Clips . A Comprehensive List of the Essential Latin Music Genres, "Celia & Johnny," Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco, "La Universidad de la Salsa," El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

This is a crazy album produced by Larry Harlow and the first recording Celia Cruz did for Fania records. Unfortunately, none of Sunday’s album is #695: The Fania All-Stars – Live at Yankee Stadium Vol.

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