The month of February would prove to be as full of strange accounts and multiple UFO sightings as researchers and enthusiasts might have hoped. Unfortunately, by the time the witness had reached for their phone, the orb was now traveling in a straight line. He would claim his wife’s repeated calls to the phone forced the video to stop on occasion. They even managed to pick out the landing lights on its underside. The witness would estimate to being around 100 to 500 feet away from the object and estimated the craft itself could be no more than 500 feet from the ground.

Another sighting appeared in the Sunshine State around a fortnight later over Panama City Beach on the evening of 17th July. We make use of Big Data and AI data to proofread the information you get. Or is there really an effort to scrub such examples of its existence from the public arena? Perhaps one of the first UFO sightings of July 2019 – at least to be captured on film – occurred in Newton Abbot in Devon in the south of England on the first day of the month. However, it is perhaps a good reminder of not only how quickly such explanations of “alien lasers” can be reached with a little investigation, but also, due to past experiences, just why the collective public would dismiss or at least remains suspicious of such official explanations in the first place. Furthermore, as we and many other UFO researchers have mentioned on several occasions, the mountain regions of the world are quite often hotspots of UFO activity. The witness would state how they were “shocked” and how they “couldn’t believe” what they were seeing. The entire family looked upwards, shocked at the scene before them. The Universe is more of a grounded documentary that is based in fact more so than theorizing and conspiracies, but it does have an entire episode dedicated to investigating alien galaxies. In this instance, a recording from Frackville, Pennsylvania, in the early hours of 29th June 2019, that was only submitted online on the 22nd December. So, what should we make of all this? If so, why would they choose to fly them over such populated areas? It was then that he reached for his mobile phone. He would state the lights would disappear from view a short time after he stopped recording. It didn’t seem to be moving and it just seemed really weird as it definitely wasn’t a laser, a helicopter or another light that was supposed to be there – it was just stationary in the sky and we thought it could have been a UFO! In front of him, to the west of his location just over the mountains that surround and look down on the bright lights of Sin City, a huge glowing object proudly sat hovering in the sky just above the mountain top over the Blue Diamond mine. The one thing that ties them all together, however, is that all of them, at least for the moment, are unexplained.

At just before 9 pm on the 23rd October in Plantation in Florida, footage was captured of a large “rectangular object with a lot of light” hovering overhead. The witness and her husband, who has also witnessed the same object on previous occasions, would state they both work as security officers and so are both trained to observe accurately. What is particularly interesting about the sighting, is that it appears to show a UFO that is seemingly sending out drones to perform unknown duties below.

A more recent sighting in Carnation, Washington on the evening of 28th January appears to show a star-like object moving over the sky before disappearing out of sight. As it did so, the land below bathed in the neon-type light. On the night in question, at around 1:45 am, the witness was walking through a public park when they noticed the bizarre object hovering above them. Unsealed Alien Files investigates documents of alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public by the Freedom of Information Act. The Jamie Maussan Show is a Latin American docuseries on Netflix that follows Mexican journalist and UFO theorist Jamie Maussan as he interviews people from around the world about their experience with unexplained phenomena. Despite many people having witnessed very similar red-glowing orb-like objects around the planet, it was our view at the time that what had likely been filmed was the last glimpse of the Sun as it set for the evening. They eventually changed formation and hovered again. Further still, it is clear that the person filming it, who seemingly has ample experience and knowledge of the skies above and what is usually found there, appears to be genuinely perplexed at the object he is witnessing. Celebs. As the witness asks, this could suggest that the craft was much larger than even they estimated it to be. At around 9 pm, the witness and her son noticed a “bright white light” hovering in the skies near their home. Whatever these strange spheres were, for now they remain unexplained. It was really strange! In the early hours of the 22nd October, at 5:43 am on Mexico, video cam footage captured what appeared to be a disc-shaped object suddenly appeared in the shot, directly above Volcano Popocateptl. I believe as there are good and bad in our race so there is in other races. Given their size, this crawling-type pace should have resulted in them “falling from the sky”. You can see that footage below. Unsealed Alien Files investigates documents of alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public by the Freedom of Information Act. Or might it be more likely that this incident is due to the apparent “leylines” that run across the United Kingdom and around the world? Descriptions such as “deliberate and silent moving” began to appear on online forums in the Florida region as residents thrashed out their ideas between themselves. Robert Clotworthy, It is his belief that he has spotted the anomaly, which he claims is a “huge alien spacecraft” in an image captured on the 24th June 2019.

This is an important detail as the footage – around three minutes long – is almost (for what it is) crystal clear as opposed to bouncy, grainy, or unfocused. In total, the lights were visible for between 20 and 30 seconds.

It then moved directly overhead and into the distance at a speed of around 50 miles per hour. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. There is a total of 26 episodes, each running less than a half-hour. They would later claim that although it was “a cloudy night and had drizzled off and on” regularly all night, the visibility conditions from their perspective was relatively good. In it, the lights, which begin in a triangular shape, reform themselves into a straight line. to see exactly what it is. (2019– ). Perhaps more intriguing, however, was the several flashes of green that appear on the left of the video screen. However, ultimately, they remain unexplained. Some viewers of the footage claim to see the orb vanish upwards, with some even drawing comparisons to the Dome of the Rock sightings of the early-2000s. A strange sighting on the evening of the 1st September from the Sherman Oaks area of California was also captured on video tape. You can view two of the photographs below.

Footage Of Late-Summer UFO Over Sowery Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK Enters Public Domain, Disc Hovers Over North Carolina In The Middle Of Morning Rush Hour (end October), Two Strange Objects Filmed Over New South Wales, 3rd November, “Mothership” Or “Hyper-leaping Disc” Captured On Video Over Portugal, 11th November, Strange Light Streaks Across The Sky In The UAE, 13th November, Huge Glowing Craft Over Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth 18th November, Beam of Light Not, in fact. The person behind the footage – Lisa M – only put the video online on the 5th April. Another sighting that is likely to have taken place at the end of April and arrived with UFO investigators in the UK (the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society) on the 2nd May. Another sighting from the end of June (29th) that only came to light in the public arena very recently occurred over the skies of California in Chula Vista. Machu Picchu Sighting Unintentionally Captured During “Selfie”, 20th July, “Shape-Shifting UFO” Hovering Over Cambridge, England, 21st July. Furthermore, the anxiety is clearly present in the pair’s voice. Others, though, would claim to have witnessed the same objects in the area and dismissed the idea that the couple’s sighting was merely a beach ball with or without LED lights. The witness would further see another orb a short distance on their journey which once more broke into several identical orbs and ultimately vanished. Furthermore, and where we will start our round-up, are cases of repeat incidents. The 1963 UFO Encounter Over The Atlantic Ocean, The Nixon-Gleason Alien Account And Other Presidential UFO Secrets, 2018 certainly ended with a flurry of bizarre UFO sightings.

Perhaps the best place to leave our review into the UFO incidents of 2019 is with a story concerning the apparent “sixth branch” of the United States military, the Space Force. If it were, the pilot reasons in his report, it would mean the cloud was moving as fast as their plane was. We can't help but wonder whether aliens and UFOs are real.

As they were doing so, though, the main witness noticed “a massive red glowing sphere” in the skies overhead “exactly above where we had been standing”. Staying in England for a moment, an apparent sighting of a strange orb from Doncaster in South Yorkshire went viral for several weeks following its appearance online on the 17th January.

The object then heads toward Antenna Mountain and the town of Henderson, flashing a bizarre bright blue as it did so.

You can view the footage below and make up your own mind. He would further state that just the presence of these crafts panics his herd, sometimes causing them to run and damage their enclosures.

The rancher further claims that this activity dates back at least six months. When he did so, not only did he see a hot air balloon in the sky over his home, but also “4 Saturn-like orbs” seemingly floating around it. Consequently, we will examine it here in our March sightings. The Hudson Valley Sightings Of The 1980s Are Still Happening! You can check out the video footage in question below. While that does perhaps make sense – certainly more so than the “swamp gas” explanations of a similar nature in the 1960s – some in the UFO circles and chatrooms are a little harder to convince of this “convenient” explanation. – Tom DeLonge on his new career as a UFO expert. The witness would raise his rifle and prepared to fire. The witnesses would further note how the orbs would often “blend in with the sky”. And both the UK and American meteor societies would state they received “dozens of reports of a fireball” on the night question. There are a plethora of claims currently roaming around the Internet. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos,

It was remarkably similar to the photograph captured by the two women several days later. There are episodes about Pearl Harbor, the idea that maybe Adolf Hitler made it out of his suicide bunker, and that there may be man-made structures on Mars, something this list hasn't gotten a chance to mention yet.

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