The story behind it is a mystery at the moment, but it was found not killed and that is what this list is all about.

"As we walked up on him closer and closer I drew my bow, just to make sure that he wasn't going anywhere.

In addition to the other charges, Ballard said Estep has been assessed an “enhanced replacement charge” of $1,500. Good location is just part of the equation. If you've ever driven in the rural areas of the Midwest, Illinois included, you know just how many deer bound in front of you across the roads at night. In 2002, Jess Kelly killed a Fayette County 15-pointer that scored 2200/8 but still fell 115/8 inches short. “At 6:35 I stood up, and about five minutes later I saw Mr. Great approaching the food plot. The buck was sticking close to the does, and he circled Harold's position multiple times without offering a shot. For hunting accessories, visit Later, however, an official Boone and Crockett Club scorer ruled that three of the points were too small to be counted. Having taken their vacation week in an attempt to finally connect on the deer that had evaded them twice now, they were seriously ready to seal the deal. If you have a subscription, please He harvested a 144 on Nov. 3, and I took a 140 from the same stand on Nov. With the deer at 40 yards, the hunter settled his sights and let an arrow fly. It was determined that the buck died of natural causes and demolished the score of the previous record. Yes!!! Haynes Shelton and Dr. James Kroll talk about how to supply your deer herd with key minerals, and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Now, a new all-time, big buck leader may have emerged in 2019. They knew he’d turn into a quality deer, they just didn’t anticipated a world-class buck. A few hours passed. ): Your email address will not be published. This deer didn't quite make it across, and it just so happened to be one of the largest-framed whitetails anyone has ever seen. "It was a tree stand Harold and I shared. What a beast, and congrats to the hunter! What is a big buck list without Kansas in it, anyway? I backed out and decided to call the neighbors, because they’d been a big part of this. "While Mercer County is abundant with whitetails, it's rare to see a true giant, due to the high concentration of firearms hunters in the area. Word on the street is it was taken near El Dorado, Kansas…. He waited all morning for some sign of the big buck, but it didn’t show. Much to his disappointment, however, the rustling of leaves that had accelerated his pulse turned out to be from a small 6-pointer, hot on the lingering trail of some doe that had passed through the night before. The Monarch had again escaped, this time without so much as a scratch.

That’s world-class numbers. They came up with 34. All Rights Reserved.

“On the way to the car, I saw two does running toward me,” he recalled. 14. Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. "I couldn't stop thinking about Chad's misfortune," recalls Harold. It’s entered 234 typicals in the last five seasons.

The Kermit resident’s 1997 kill obliterated West Virginia’s long-standing record for non-typical racks and, 20 years later, still holds the record.

A clear sky. His entry in the show, a massive 28-point buck that Graham killed Dec. 17 in Surry County, will occupy the No. The antlers on Estep’s buck had a 17-inch spread. My heart sank as I realized I had let buck fever get the best of me.".

That giant sported a 31-point rack that outdistanced the previous record by a mile — no, make that 10 miles. here is a list of the biggest bucks we have seen killed in the first half of October, and what we know about them. As you can see, the rack is one of a kind and ridiculously big, but what was almost more impressive was the fact that the buck weighed over 400 pounds. Adam walked up on the buck of a lifetime he was after.

Chad vividly recalls the ride home: "You hear people say they get sick to their stomach when they lose a buck. "Once he looked away abruptly, and I thought he'd winded me," Chad says. They eventually met their fate, though, and we are just glad someone stumbled across them. He didn't have a clue I was in the world!

While speaking with his friend Matt Aliff, who works as a taxidermist at Mountain Heritage, Chad noticed a big whitetail that had been brought in looked eerily familiar. ", Chad quickly took out his phone and compared his photos with the deer Matt was prepping to be mounted. The buck and news that broke hearts--the Heartbreaker Buck. Early that morning, the duo decided to make the almost two-hour drive to their stands. West Virginia seems to be producing a pretty steady flow of them nonetheless. When the men returned, they quickly found an explanation for the thud Harold had heard: His arrow was wedged firmly in a tree limb beside where the buck had been standing! That night the rain turned into snow and temperatures dropped into the single digits with wind gusts up to 20 mph.". Source: Guner says the 8×8 initially came out into the field at 40 yards. Needless to say, Wisconsin is still king in the deer hunting world. The next three years he put forth effort to locate and kill this buck but never got an opportunity. Ryan with an ABSOLUTE MONSTER from Greene County, OH! There was a problem saving your notification. The Badger State grows big-bodied deer and big-bodied deer produced big, heavy antlers.

Just as he was receiving a text from Harold, who was explaining how badly he wished for a hot mug of coffee, Chad heard something in the distance.

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