The comment above about a bullet in the barrel brought to mind my concern about the Blaser design. in Namibia and enjoyed one-shot kills on six antelope from 10-pound dik dik to 130-pound impala. bullet, 55 to 62 grains to shove a 180-gr.

If my experience is not something unique I would say that rifle design has an effect on perceived recoil. £305.00.

Ditto on bolts acting as safeties to withstand loads.

“Blaser with its modular options and impeccable German build quality are without doubt the finest firearms in the world! This is not caused by a flinch and it does not effect the accuracy of the shot. Peter, I also have one S2 double rifle, but smaller than yours. If you and yours are comfortable with suppressors, by all means use and enjoy them. A thread about the accident of Madrid started in 2009. They can break up on major muscle and bone and fail to reach the vitals. So, in a Eurpoean made barrel, what happens to the excess gases, pressure etc.

A thread about the accident of Madrid started in 2009. And if I did, I would either need to fire the system without fully closing the bolt. Personally, I don’t think you can go too light. Not the platform itself. So does the internet,libraries and common sense,etc.

Wir führen Blaser Bergstutzen, Bockbüchsflinten, Kipplaufbüchsen, Doppelbüchsen, Drillinge, sowie Zubehör und Magazine. The collet system on the Blaser is stronger and is “reinforced” under pressure of the detonation of the cartridge. The M700 averages a catastrophic failure a week. Eventually the used market will help excite buyers. Would you say that Blaser hunters are selling their R93 and buying and replacing them with R8 guns.

He was rushed to hospital with four broken bones in his hand. Forums › Forums › General Discussion › R93/R8.

Maybe I am… . I am not interested on following feeding this topic.

Or, one can do like some I know very well and invest in BOTH!! Ok. The Finnish hunting rifle manufacturer Sako has recalled nearly 3,000 of its guns with a potential defect that could cause it to break apart when fired.

Filling up a 300 Win Mag with pistol powder and firing it several times before the rifle explodes in your face is a special kind of stupid. Don’t shoot animals at bad angles or running away. Bowhunters kill them regularly. If true, I have my doubts that hardness via coatings plays a part in a KB structurally. Found this as well: With the economy the last few years and overall prices of everything going up accross the board the conditions are not ripe for the passion that the gun industry enjoyed for the last few years. With the sheer number of 700s and 70s in the US, perhaps there is an average of 50-60 a year suffering KB? Rapid hemorrhaging is the reason we aim for the heart/lungs. JavaScript is disabled. AH ambassador. ... Stock length 13.8" incl. Thanks for the post I will have to do some research. These suppressors, inaccurately called “silencers” by many, can knock about 30 decibels of sound off a typical muzzle blast.

, I agree with Blaserguy, …On a personal note, I own and have supported the R93, K95, and BBF97 rifles, but at today’s prices, I am will no longer be buying any Blaser products. I’m a huge Blaser fan. £418.00. It’s nice to have choices and plenty of options! Have the trigger checked since they usually are superb.

Not sure it will ever be comfortable to shoot, but it sure reinforces my belief in Sir Isac Newton every time I “squeeze” off a shot. and even 22-250 Rems. I am actually having the best year in my 14 years of business, but due to the political climate in the US, I am saving all I can and will no longer be buying frivolous things like $3000 rifles (or 4 wheelers for that matter).

Best of luck with your beetle issue. And you’re certainly right about triggers being important but, again, for big game hunting — not precision culling — a 3 to 4-pound trigger is more than adequate and safer than a sub-2 pounder. Blaser-USA referes customers to F224 This topic contains 32 replies, has 10 voices, and was last updated by  OK hunter 4 years, 11 months ago. It´s a 9,3×74, an european cartridge very good fir driven hunts, mainly wildboars and redstag. A good quality aftermarket trigger or good Gunsmith to turn an awful or orindinary trigger into something, predictable and reliable; this also can remove the urge to close ones eyes or just plain jerk that trigger to get it over and done with. bullet (depending on the powder burn rate.) Best regards from Spain from a Blaserhunter.

The barrels would break up lengthwise into several fragments, and in some cases, other parts of the gun also broke. in Namibia, Shooting’s Family Affair. “We did not consider that necessary, because we were able to reach all owners of the weapons in other ways”, he said. Overall, those invested in quality R93 rifles and accessories are taking the opportunity to acquire additional R93 items as SOME R93 shooters move into the R8 platform. Thanks

I’ve used 1.5-pound triggers on hunting guns and had some “early” shots due to cold fingers, gloves, etc. Ron Spomer started flinching with a little Winchester M94 lever-action 30-30 more than 40 years ago. You don’t want one so light and thin skinned that it breaks up on surface hide, muscle and bone. Wir bieten verschiedene Ausführungen und Komplettangebote mit Zielfernrohr an. Cartridge as you suggested, I was able to recalculate my Bullet weight to Powder type and Powder charge Ratio for Reloading some ammunition for the Target Range next week using my Remington 700 Long Range Rifle. By the end of the day I was ready to throw it down a bank! Have you compared it to another R8?

That’s not my opinion nor is it the opinion of many young hunters. and even as low as 80 gr. The bolt body, including the handle is made of a single piece of machined steel. While some states set minimum muzzle energy standards or caliber restrictions, others do not. Savage Lightweight Storm in 223 Rem.

In a conventional Mauser, the locking lugs would hold the bolt in place and the barrel would split if there were an obstruction. I am not aware of a single case where a bolt in a conventional mauser type rifle did the same thing. It does take a lot of stupid to push any rifle system to failure. I would like to discuss this without it getting heated with a witchhunt for heretics!

Along with other rifles. Contessa QD Low Blaser Mount .

Well, back to the original topic, I have an R93 and have no desire to buy an R8. Prices had yet to go out the roof and enough inventory was passing back and forth amongst users in the second hand market and users could accumulate a good collection. Will you hunt Ibex with it? Blaser ABS Case Type C . The newest fashion is to hang one of those big, ugly cans off the front of your barrel. It is kind of scary, but my wife and kids think I am sounding a lot like my Grandfather who lived through the first depression. seeing you and Betsy at the shows.

Short-circuit that cardio-pulmonary connection, and the animal dies. Fragen Sie bitte bei unserem Kundenservice an. See you down the road! Hence longer barrel life. One of the things that most surprises me about shooting in the USA is the lack of moderators.

JavaScript is disabled. The bolt blown up and it went to the maxilar bone of the man and he was seriously injuried. Statically, I’m sure there are 700s that come apart every year.

Dave, thanks for the reply. No matter the platform, you take a high-pressure charge, encapsulate it in a closed space, it’ll pressure spike exponentially until something gives. It’s a bomb. This increases tissue breakdown leading to faster bleeding. Ok. Blaser didn't do a "twenty" when I embarked on this project back in 2014.

Blaser R8 Professional Komplettangebot - schauen Sie bitte in unseren Online Shop.

You hold a bomb up to your face and flip the switch, you are in jeopardy of getting killed. The old “aim small, hit small thing”. I agree with Blaserguy, and to carry it a little further, I firmly believe that message boards such as this one helped the R93’s popularity immensely. Dave, thanks for the reply. We have not still an official explanation but extraofficial voices say that what it happened was that one shooter using remington safari grade ammo in bad conditions fired a 7 mm RM. I am not interested on critizise Blaser products. He misfired and the bullet, probably due to the bad condition of the powder, stoped inside the barrel.

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