The headbands! The drama!

The relationship breaks down completely, however when Carla and Polo point fingers at Christian for stealing Carla's father's watch — a watch containing vital information that could criminally tie Carla and Guzmán's parents to the collapse of San Esteban. Occupation

Required fields are marked *. Perhaps concerning was his willingness to use Cayetana to make Carla jealous.

I had nothing against Marina.

Therefore, Lu’s general rule of thumb for parties is more is more. Polo. Eye Color Carla meets Yeray at school, but she does not recognise him as the then fat boy whom she once defended from cyber bullying.

Today, I’m focusing on the character Lu and her style.

At the club that night, Polo becomes a recluse and it is clear that he cannot control himself. Therefore, her headbands often contain pearls or expensive gems.

Polo is a popular student at Las Encinas; he has been in a relationship with wealthy student Carla, since the two were twelve years old.


She has doll-like features, notably because of her big green eyes, cute nose, and slightly parted lips.

Andrea (mother)Begoña (mother) According to Samuel in season 3, she can ski. Carla is usually seen in her school uniform. After lunch, Polo visits Guzmán, and reminisces over times spent together as children, when the two would play video games until dawn. Given their current popularity with the fashion industry (and influencers), it’s no surprise that Lu rocks hair slides at every opportunity.

Eventually, Carla breaks off her relationship with Polo, and begins exclusively dating Christian.

They began an official relationship as a deal offered by her to keep him silent about Polo killing Marina, but they are not happy at all because Christian feels deeply guilty for Nano being arrested instead of Polo. Fearful that the secret will get out, Carla suggests that Polo go to the police station and turn himself in; she believes the repercussions this way will be less than if he is publicly named the killer.[5]. One night at the school pool (during the dance), Polo approaches Marina and demands she hands over the watch.

Season 2

Would you like to see more of this show on CF? He was involved in a three-way relationship not once, but twice.

1, 2, 3

He was often smartly dressed, wearing smart trousers and often, buttoned-up shirts; his dress sense and appearance allowed him to present himself as wealthy.

She does not deny it at first and, to distract him, she seduces Samuel and has sex with him. Female

After Las Encinas, she wants to go to the US and study in an Ivy League school.

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