For instance, in June 2013, the Utah State Board of Education approved a five year drilling lease to Anadarko on 96,000 acres; made largely without comment or input from the general public. Because of the remoteness and utter lack of infrastructure, this is why I think most people opt for the Moab area and the National Parks. Even though Utah lacks the volcanism of the "Ring of Fire" and the typical mountain-building processes, most of the geologic events that occur here include: compression, folding & uplifting, tension cracking and of course, the ever present, erosion. Top of the Castlegate Sandstone, Sagers Canyon, Book Cliffs, eastern Utah. Geographically speaking, this area is roughly 240 miles long laterally (latitude).

Of this, only .024% lies on the ground or within four feet of the surface. "The canyons and finger mesas of the Bookcliffs are the result of fracturing and folding , uplifting and subduction. I find it amazing that this kind of ‘terra firma’ exists only ~34 miles north of the sheer walls, pinnacles and buttresses of the Canyonlands. Considering paleogeologic patterns, this is indeed true of the large interior sea (Mid-Cretaceous Sea) that at one time existed within the center of North America; commonly referred to as the Western Interior Seaway. This 'Red Rock Country' is known for its' rich display of cliffs, hoodoos, domes and mesas. Here, they formed & hatched a plan to conserve the unique wilderness and wildlife in the Book Cliffs.The areas only settlers of any notable habitation were the Fremont People (named for the Fremont River in Capitol Reef National Park) but they disappeared around 1,250AD. The Barrier Canyon sytle Pictographs in places like Sego Canyon and Thompson Canyon (and in other places in the Book Cliffs) are much older than the Fremont Culture. Part of the southern edge of this WSA is dominated by the 2,000-foot-high face of the Book Cliffs. Bureau of Land Management siteConsequently, drilling is a bit of a hot-button topic currently within The Book Cliffs.

It would make a great place to film a western!

In regards to labeling/classifying cultures, the Paiute and Hopi tend to reject this 'Fremont' moniker. But again, this is just my speculation. As said, the Book Cliffs are roughly 240 miles long running west to east.

Box 968 Moab, UT 84532 (435) 259-5440. Link number two Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' In so saying, within the open wilds of eastern Utah and far western Colorado, exists a dry and lonely country. The plateau straddles Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona (basically the four corners) and is known as 'high desert.'

This plateau, usually known only as the Book Cliffs, is a confusing patchwork of federal, state, tribal and private lands. (7 ), Utah open the Book Cliffs up for drilling, View I imagine oil companies' interest in this will probably ebb and flow with the market prices. The Fremont culture/people thrived from 600-1280AD in what is now the areas of Utah, Nevada and Colorado. In the town of Vernal north of the Book Cliffs, there is the Uinta County Heritage Museum.

Diets were typically rich in corn, maize, squash and beans. Here, a village named five-finger was discovered in 1983 as I-70 was being constructed through Clear Creek Canyon. View Book Cliffs Image Gallery - 119 Images.

So that kind of begs the question. This escarpment by the way, is the longest continous escarpment in the world. 25.2% lies underneath at depths greater than four feet.

Abundant wildlife and rugged beauty have made the Book Cliffs wilderness one of Utah’s most popular backcountry destinations. Supporters and wilderness advocates like you play a critical role in the protection of Utah’s spectacular wild places. I've always wondered why the state of Utah has never developed the lands north of I-70. Utah can be divided into three overlapping areas. This lifestyle lends itself well to nomadic cultures which, given the known environment, was probably for the best since resources were scarce. Where the uranium actually came from is highly debated but small amounts of it exist...although nowhere near enough to be mined like the Uranium deposits found in the Chinle Formation. Given the temperature swings in the desert, pit-style houses worked better since they provided stability.

Also, these tribes tended to be located geographically around the desert southwest of America. Donations of $35 or more automatically include a year’s membership in SUWA. You have put forth an awesome amount of effort on this page, thank you. bushwhacking through scrub-sage, pine and cactus to get anywhere. See here (though the article erroniously refers to the pictographs and petroglyphs):

Over hundreds of years, through trial and error, some customs and practices are found to work better than others depending on the environment. One can rest assured that any outing here either by foot or pack animal will be met with a pure, rugged backcountry nostalgia that is completely absent from places like the Canyonlands or Arches. To start, The Book Cliffs, specifically the Nine Mile Canyon area in the north contains one of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs to be found in the entire Western United States. This will and can of course be transferred to cattle and free-range grazers also resulting in elevated selenium levels; a.k.a. But one of the tragedies of the Book Cliffs, with the exception of a few sites, all of the petroglyphs and pictographs are largely unprotected; to say nothing of the sites that await to be discovered and documented. Thanks for taking the time, Dean to add the hyperlinks!

This plate stretches from the California coast east to Greenland and as far south as the Caribbean. It is all marvelous wilderness.

There are two main methods of processing. This ranks Utah as the #13 highest in coal production behind states like Montana and Colorado. The usual suspects of this geologic composure are Sandstone, Siltstone, Shale and Coal. This enabled them to be more mobile and adaptive, moving freely with the seasons or environment. The Fremont Peoples are an archaic Native American culture long extinct. There is even a lesser hald belief that instead of migrating from the Great Basin, the Fremont was a sect that splintered off from the Mogollon (mountain) peoples in Northern Arizona and New Mexcio. New Road Updates: MyTopo GMU maps now contain updated National Forest and public land roads sourced directly from the US Forest Service and The northern boundary is generally accepted to be state highway 191/40 running from Duschene to Vernal to Dinosaur, Colorado. As far as I know, I don't think that there is any uranium or has been any uranium mining in the Book Cliffs.

Without delving too much off-topic, all I’ll add about the Colorado Plateau is the following, taken directly from Roadside Geology.

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