He gets one more full heal at the next 10 HP mark, and that is his last heal, so after that point, it'll finally go below 10 and you can defeat him for good. H.B.

Boosts enemy strength, but gain more XP and bonus rewards from bosses, Defeats enemies below your level upon contact on the overworld, Enemies on the overworld stay frozen longer, Super blocks stop one additional point of damage to equipped ally, Accessible after "Cable Car Bodyguard" riding the lift up, Purchasable from Shades (4 crystal berries), Ally in the back gains an additional point of defense, Golden Hills, one screen west, and one north, then behind a bush on the far west side, Heal 2 HP to all allies after winning a battle, Equipped ally's basic attack ignores one more point of defense, Reduces an ally's chance of receiving all bad status effects by 50%, Reduces an ally's chance of falling asleep by 50%, Equipped ally wont be woken up by attacks, takes half damage while asleep, and heals an additional 2 to 6 HP per turn while asleep, Reduces an ally's chance of being frozen by 50%, Equipped ally takes half damage while frozen, direct attacks while frozen have a chance to freeze enemy, Lost Castle, behind a crack in the west room, Reduces an ally's chance of being numbed by 50%, Reduces an ally's chance of being poisoned by 50%, Equipped ally gains 1 defense while poisoned, Snakemouth Depths, in the room with the large door and two paths, in a small ruin, Equipped ally has -1 defense, but heals every turn while poisoned. Thanks! This fight isn't that hard in all fairness, as The Beast only has a few attacks that aren't that troublesome, though it is  recommended keeping Leif alive as much as you can, as the boss will burrow underground occasionally. Shame i didn't got it before. Interact with the statue in the Termite Capitol throne room. rush mode, Lowers the flee command's inputs to three instead of six, Increases chances of finding Golden Seedlings.

Interact with the telescope on the balcony from the east hallway in the Hive. Return it to him.

Despite his incredibly high HP, he is on the easier end of the spectrum. Grants Leif the "Charge Up+" skill, which boosts all allies' attack by 1 until the next attack up to three times max, costs 7 TP. The Beast has two basic attacks, a horn slash which does more damage, or a bite attack which can heal it. As long as you've got good block timing on the red mothflies or lots of healing, you'll probably be fine, along with good damage to deal with the massive health pool. After gaining access to the submarine, head to the southeast corner of Metal Lake, and dock there. To start it, enter the art gallery one door to the left of the Hive entrance, and speak with Jaune in there. Talk to Carmina in the underground tavern, and beat her in Spy Cards. Speak to the Queen bee first to be able to take this quest.

Any of you guys have some strong medal combos? The seed is gotten from an optional boss, the Mother Chomper, from the Chomper Caves under the Golden Path. The main reason for this comes from its special ability to devour one of your allies, and remove them from the fight entirely until they're dead, or the boss dies; as the swallowed ally will take damage every turn and the boss will heal said damage, so keeping all your firepower on one member isn't a good idea since you'd be screwed should they be devoured. Yeah i just realized that, those are the last 2 im missing (TP saver must be awesome! Said doll can be purchased in the theatre in Ant Kingdom City for 40 berries, then return and hand it over for the trophy.

(Chapter 6 onward). Speak with Maki at the Ant Palace bridge, then head 1 screen south, 1 east, and 1 north from the Far Grasslands ant tunnel. I'm close to 100% completing the game, the only achievement I don't have is the medal one and the 100% one. machine. Enter the Chomper Caves, on the west side of the thorn pit 1 screen east of the Golden Settlement. Each deck can only have one boss card, and two miniboss cards with no duplicates, plus 12 more of attackers or effects that can be duplicates. Take the exit above the large doors in the second room of Snakemouth Den. About. Go to the Ant Kingdom City commercial district, and be thrown into a fight against Pisci and Cenn, they're not that hard and the fight will end long before you empty their health. As with all bosses with defense, Antlion Jaws or Break medals will be quite useful, as well as Fortify/Enfeeble, since all his attacks either hit the whole party, or are mutihits. The order is left, down, left, up, left, down. There are 50 total berries, and you can check how many you have at the Cave of Trials' right sign.

Both modes also can summon a 3 HP wall of ice or sand respectively, between your party and him, which must be destroyed to hit him with ground attacks. The final boss (or bosses technically) of the game can be real rough, so definitely stocking up on high tier healing like Queen's Dinners and Miracle Shakes are a must. This spider is almost entirely a support boss for the enemy it summons as it only has one real attack it rarely ever uses, that being a three hit combo attack.

Return to Doppel afterwards. The smaller half only has a ramming attack against one ally, while the larger half shoots a laser at one ally.

Also both the head and tail are immune to being frozen, so don't bother trying. Plus Front Defense, A.D.B.P. quest). Take it to the "mystery bug" outside the charm shop in Defiled Root.

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