Britain never actually entered the war. Oh By Gee You're The Only Girl For Me"), is a 1919 novelty song by Albert Von Tilzer with lyrics by Lew Brown.The song was featured in the Broadway show "Linger Longer Letty", and became one of the biggest Tin Pan Alley hits of the post-World War I era.. Hey Jingo Sirs! However, the concept of “jingoes” lived on. ; sung in the I Love Lucy TV show (episode #102, Season 4, ep. When spiritual Jugglers their chief Mast'ry shew Russia went to war with Turkey, and the British government led by Benjamin Disraeli as prime minister had grave concerns. Definition and Examples, What Is Imperialism? The expression "hey Jingo"/"hey Yingo" was also known in the vocabulary of illusionists and jugglers as a cue for magic appearance of objects (cf. Oh By Gee You're The Only Girl For Me"), is a 1919 novelty song by Albert Von Tilzer with lyrics by Lew Brown. The story of how the expression “by jingo,” a British expression essentially meaning “by golly,” came to enter the vernacular of politics begins in the spring of 1877. Albert Von Tilzer's 1919 novelty song Oh By Jingo! The chorus of an 1878 song [3] by G. H. MacDermott (singer) and George William Hunt (songwriter) commonly sung in pubs and music halls of the Victorian era gave birth to the term "jingoism". Definition and Examples, Biography of Nikita Khrushchev, Cold War Era Soviet Leader, Causes of World War I and the Rise of Germany, "M'Arthur Purges Japan of Jingoes In Public Office", jingoism of Donald Trump's foreign policy. Jingoism is sometimes equated with nationalism, but they have distinctly different meanings. The OED attests the first appearance in 1694, in an English edition of the works of François Rabelais as a translation for the French par Dieu! We've fought the Bear before, and while we're Britons true, We have no money, too. The expression by Jingo is a minced oath that appeared rarely in print, but which may be traced as far back as to at least the 17th century in a transparent euphemism for "by Jesus". From that position the Russians could, if they wanted, seek to block Britain’s vital trade routes with India. The phrase also appears in Chapter 16 of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Wrong Box when John recognizes his Uncle Joseph whom he had believed to be dead.

(also "Oh By Jingo! What Is Jingoism?

What Is Domestic Policy in US Government? Partisans supporting a more aggressive policy began breaking up peace meetings, and in London’s music halls, the equivalent of vaudeville theaters, a popular song appeared that called for a stronger stance.

Oh by Jingo, won’t you hear our love We will build for you a hut You will be our favorite nut We’ll have a lot of little Oh by Gollies Then we’ll put them in the Follies By Jingo said, By Gosh, By Gee By Jiminy please don’t bother me So, they all went away singing Oh by Gee, by Gosh, by Gum, by Juv by Jingo … (also "Oh By Jingo!


He was's first-ever history editor and has bylines in New York, the Chicago Tribune, and other national outlets. The term has never gone completely out of use, and is periodically mentioned to criticize actions seen as bullying or belligerent.

While the song lyrics say it is set in "the land of San Domingo", no geographic nor anthropological accuracy is found nor intended in the silly lyrics, set in a generic "exotic" and "primitive" location.

Definition and Examples. "next to of course god america i / love you land of the pilgrims' and so forth oh / say can you see by the dawn's early my / country 'tis of centuries come and go / and are no more

In the 1850s the two nations had clashed in the Crimean War. By Jingo!

was one of the biggest hits of the Tin Pan Alley era.[5]. The term was also later used to criticize the foreign policy of Theodore Roosevelt. Terry Pratchett directly references the original song in his Discworld book Jingo: We have no ships. "Oh, By Jingo (Oh By Gee, You're the Only Girl for Me)",,!&oldid=986026336, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 10:36.

The term dates to the 1870s, against the background of the British having to decide how to counter perceived Russian moves against Turkey. The previous year, Viscount Sherbrooke had applied the expression, then a popular schoolboy's oath, to the war excitement. The original US release of the album additionally features the phrase on the back cover, spoken by a group of dancers.

The story of how the expression “by jingo,” a British expression essentially meaning “by golly,” came to enter the vernacular of politics begins in the spring of 1877.

("by God!"). The Turkish-Russian war ended in 1878 when, with pressure from Britain, Russia accepted a truce offer. The term jingoism refers to a nation’s aggressive foreign policy which has been propelled by public opinion. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, What Is Astroturfing in Politics? In its original usage, connected to the music hall song, a jingo would have been someone from the uneducated class, and the original usage carried the connotation that jingoism was derived from the passions of a mob. The form "by Gingo!"

The song was much imitated over the next decade. We have no men. The word has a peculiar source: the phrase "by Jingo" appeared in an 1878 music hall song pushing for military action against Russia. "Oh By Jingo!" In the era of its initial popularity, phonograph records of the number were recorded by such popular artists of the era as the All-Star Trio, The American Quartet, Nora Bayes, Frank Crumit, Billy Murray, The Premier Quartette, Esther Walker, and Margaret Young. Promenade your "oh by golly" We'll put her in the Follies Swing with your "oh by Jingo" now FIGURE Side 2 couples right & left thru (backaway), that's fine Heads lead right and circle to a line Pass thru across the world, arch in the middle Do a dixie twirl * Dixie wheel ** 'em right on back The song was written in response to the surrender of Plevna to Russia during the Russo-Turkish War, by which the road to Constantinople was open. Therefore, the idea of Russia’s war with Turkey somehow involving Britain was a possibility.

Later recorded revivals of the number include those by Chet Atkins, Bo Grumpus (the San Francisco band of the 1990s), Eddie Condon, Stéphane Grappelli, Clancy Hayes, Keith Ingham, Spike Jones, Danny Kaye, Jeannie Carson, Lu Watters, The Travellers (band) and The Reverend Horton Heat.

A nationalist is someone who believes citizens owe their loyalty to their nation.

The expression by Jingo is a minced oath that appeared rarely in print, but which may be traced as far back as to at least the 17th century in a transparent euphemism for "by Jesus". Please also be aware that other Betfair customers may have access to data that is faster and/or more accurate than the data shown on the Betfair site.

Martim de Albuquerque (1881) "Notes and Queries", "500 Best-Loved Song Lyrics", by Ronald Herder (1998),, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2008, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Under the article "Jingo", it says that the anonymous, This page was last edited on 26 September 2019, at 17:11. A claim that the term referred to Empress Jingū has been entirely dismissed. The public, viewed by the British political class as uneducated and badly informed on foreign policy, were mocked as “jingos.” The word, despite its peculiar roots, became a part of the language, and was periodically invoked to mean those crying for aggressive international action, including warfare, in any nation. (You're The Only Girl For Me)", in University of Tennessee Library, Digital Collection, Sheet Music Collection, Young, Margaret, vocalist, "Oh! A version of the story appears in the Ingoldsby Legends. ("by God!"). The song was featured in the Broadway show "Linger Longer Letty", and became one of the biggest Tin Pan Alley hits of the post-World War I era. Oh By Gee! to describe Buck. You're the Only Girl for Me)," 1920-03-26, Victor record # 18666-A (accessed August 30, 2016, at. [citation needed]. When Benito Mussolini was threatening to invade Abyssinia in 1935, the British comic magazine Punch published a parody: We don't want you to fight but by Jingo if you do, ‘By jingo, there are some good stoushes between media and governments at the moment.’ ‘By jingo, I thought, I might actually be good at this.’ ‘It may not be sexy but, by jingo, there is an air about it that I believe every hard-working, middle-of-the-road New Zealander would agree with.’ Von Tilzer, Albert, "Oh By Jingo! is also recorded in the 18th century. What Is a Think Tank?

Advocates of neutrality began to deride those calling for war by labeling them “jingoes.”. The headline, which read "M'Arthur Purges Japan of Jingoes In Public Office" described how the extreme militarists of Japan were being barred from participating in the postwar government.

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