| fishing in Revel Creek (Revel Island) (25 mi.) But nonetheless, there are some big ones out there! Nice Drum Are Here Large red drum have arrived on the shoals between Fisherman’s and Smith Islands. ships and cbbt. Congrats!! | fishing in Rudee Inlet (30 mi.) The run to catch them isn't as far as an offshore deep-drop trip so this is an ideal fishery if you are looking for a shorter trip to entertain your family or friends. dd/mm/yyyy; mm/dd/yyyy; yyyy/mm/dd; First day of the week. www.chrisbait.com, Red drum spring fishing season canceled in N.C.Read More...http://hamptonroads.com/2014/04/red-drum-spring-fishing-season-canceled-ncsubmitted by Chris's ...more Bait and Tackle. Cape Charles (VA) Bait Shops, Tackle Shops, and Fishing Spots.

We invite you to share your passion and your expertise. The head boats have been having some decent luck on their 3/4 day trips right now, although the fishing is still just picking up.

Make edits, update details, share reports, and record your catches with photos, locations, and much more. | fishing in Wolf Trap Light (13 mi.) Cape Charles Inshore Accomack - Virginia. We invite you to share your passion and your expertise. | fishing in Windmill Point Light (26 mi.) | fishing in Brown Cove (27 mi.) | fishing in Bayville (26 mi.)

To round out the trip there were also a few streamer bass caught... streamer bass are generally VERY rare and they can almost be mistaken for a black bellied rose fish if you don't look carefully... the difference is the pink streamers that are coming right off of their sides. E-mail: info@baileysbaitandtackle.com. | fishing in Lafayette River (30 mi.) Special Facebook Promotion. | fishing in Rudee Heights (Lake Wesley) (30 mi.) Settings . A few puppy drum have been mixed in with the trout. Contact Us Today!

7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. Sun. | fishing in Dixie (28 mi.) Call us for more information or to book a trip.There was also a nice sighting of an awesome tautog that made its way to our scales! Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a 70 mile long peninsula that separates the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

7:00 A.M. - 5:30P.M. the customers are having a bunch of fun catching puppy drum with the crew! www.chrisbait.com. Tautog have been caught off the ...more ships and cbbt. Trips are available daily! Take a look at the photos below! We have live minnows, bloodworms and green crabs along with all the frozen bait.submitted by Chris's Bait and Tackle. | fishing in Fishermans Island (12 mi.) Height of the tides. | fishing in Belleville (25 mi.) | fishing in Jackson Creek (Deltaville) (26 mi.) We had a private boat pull in to weigh a few and one made citation size. )The waters are finally starting to warm up a little bit, and are cooperating with us for some nice inlet trips. The area has been blessed wit... 7lbs 14 oz Jim Shuty & Ron Greasercaught out of Wachapreguesubmitted by Chris's Bait and Tackle. Tautog, also called Blackfish, are a really ...more good eating fish and definitely fun to catch while we all await the warmer water temperatures. © 2020 Fishidy. | fishing in Harborton (Pungoteague Creek) (30 mi.) ), © TIDES4FISHING | WEATHER FORECAST IN CAPE CHARLES HARBOR | NEXT 7 DAYS, Plan now and enjoy your activities at sea with the tides4fishing app, Forecast in Cape Charles Harbor for the next 7 days, fishing in Smith Island (coast Guard Station), fishing in Sand Shoal Inlet (coast Guard Station), fishing in Great Machipongo Inlet (inside), fishing in Gaskins Point (Occohannock Creek), fishing in Lynnhaven Inlet (Virginia Pilots Dock). | fishing in Upshur Neck (South End) (19 mi.) | fishing in Tue Marshes Light (20 mi.) Like us on Facebook and get 10% off … | fishing in Mobjack (East River) (19 mi.)

We also sell Virginia Saltwater Fishing License and have the latest regulations on hand.

Find Local Fishing Spots on the Interactive Map! Change language. | fishing in Old Point Comfort (24 mi.) fishing in Old Plantation Light (2.6 mi.) www.chrisbait.com, This fish was caught just south of Cape Charles ..submitted by Chris's Bait and Tackle.

The black bellied rose fish made a great trip with their quantity and they are more than just good eating... they are AMAZING to eat!!! | fishing in Huntington Park (30 mi.)

It begins at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the south, and extends north to ... Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy.

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