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A lot of very mixed stories about his origins. Your IP: Those were the dark days. Sightings of this bizarre figure have dated back as far at the 1970s, but most documentation has occurred in the last 20 years or so. [greenock's] most bizarre resident was covered in an article by The Daily Telegraph in recent years called "The Catman". Contact Catman of Greenock on Messenger. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. He may be different but he’s one of us.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecd2fae485b1125 Or he's just pretending to do whatever this catman thing is that I'm seeing and he's not really that crazy? However, when the sun s Seems like a hoax to me. If he existed he is dead by now. A previous Reddit post that discusses possible identities of the Cat-Man came to the conclusion that the video simply depicts a man pretending to be the Cat-Man. I live in Greenock, and local legend states he lives in the Greenock Bus Depot and rubs in oil from the buses to warm himself up at night.

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Wait, is he pretending to be a previously-identified catman?


The key to the end of the world is therefore to solve the catman's Rubix cube. I'm guessing he's nothing more than a tourist attraction. He looks like that man who blue himself with colloidal silver. Once that has happened then I can add part four: ressurection, “Don't be absurd! Catman of Greenock.

However the local population occasionally leave food out for him. So was the catman at the time. 3.3k. You people have no imagionation! ', Taken from - Keith Wildman's article in Sabotage Times. However, there still appears to be no definite answer as to whether the Cat-Man truly exists or is simply an Old Wives Tale for the people of Greenock.

But it probably is rubbed if this is real.

There were rumors back in the summer of 2017 that he was in hospital. To be fair a rock doesn't sweat and crawl through mud. Friendly reminder that homeless people and people living with mental illnesses are not "creatures" or "human-like." Covered in what appears to be soot, the Catman is said to have eyes that glow like those of a cat, and he is almost always crawling.

Pah! He lived on the streets of the town to avoid being found. 4,927 people like this.

While there are many stories about the Catman, there was never any proof of his existence. Nice story though. After not being spotted for several years, he has recently resurfaced with his distinctive scar.

A video apparently taken of the Cat-Man began circulating around the town before eventually being uploaded to the internet, sparking a widespread interest in the Cat-Man.

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