They traveled to Africa, past the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Traders - people who get wealth by buying items from a

Sepúlveda tried to prove that Indians were “natural slaves.” Many Spanish, especially those hungry for wealth and glory, shared this belief. Once in Hispaniola, Las Casas helped to manage his father’s farms and businesses. The crew of one Portuguese expedition even sailed completely around the world. Merchants gained great wealth by trading and selling goods from around the world. One key advance was in cartography, the art and science of mapmaking. However, Muslims controlled the land trade route because it was geographically located between Europe and Asia; Europeans had difficulty traveling by land to Asia because they had religious conflicts with the Muslims. As the native population of Brazil decreased, the Portuguese needed more laborers. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. They had a compass and moveable rudder which allowed the explorers to sail even further than before. Causes

Two main reasons stand out. The world’s borders, technology, culture, and religion were all affected due to Europe’s exploration of the world’s unknown to them.

They wanted to find a northwest passage. Explorers used superior fire power, like single shot muskets, to conquer natives. He took part in the conquest of Cuba. Unlike the Spanish and... ...Name He was just nine years old and on his way to see Christopher Columbus, who had just returned from his first voyage to the Americas. Bartolomé’s father and uncles were looking forward to seeing Columbus, as well. Piere Jacques Marquette discovered Mississippi River and sailed down it in 1673 But they destroyed two advanced civilizations. December 08, 2012 All these factors were promoted from about 1450 to about 1525.

Why did European exploration begin to flourish in the 1400s? Desire for wealth and power.

This, of course, wasn’t born out of any altruistic nature. Cause & Effect European Exploration Essay Throughout history, people have been curious about finding new land and exploring. Siege of Tenochtitlan European nations also wanted to spread Christianity Religion. The things I tend to prove in this essay of European Exploration are major people you need to know, and what they did. The increased food supply helped spur a population boom. I also plan to tell about why Europeans were interested in the land. The Portuguese forced them to work on sugar plantations, or large farms. Missionaries sometimes tried to protect them from abuse, but countless numbers of native peoples died from overwork and from European diseases. Printed copies of the book inspired new interest in cartography. They acquired territory where necessary to further their commerce but His trip made the Portuguese even more eager to trade directly with Indian merchants. Also the European nations in front of the Atlantic Ocean saw new routes for trade. Criollos Other motives also came into play. The Enlightenment began in the late 1600s. They also tried to get them to give up their religion and convert to Christianity. The cause of European expansion was due to the overseas discovery, the growth in population and price inflation of all goods. With Spain’s decline, other countries—particularly England and the Netherlands—took a more active role in trade and colonization around the world. Then he announced that he would give up his ownership of Indians and the business he had inherited from his father. Portugal’s control of the Indian Ocean broke the hold Muslims and Italians had on Asian trade. Some basic effects of Europeans coming to North America are that the Native Americans caught new diseases which included smallpox, influenza, measles, and chicken pox. The French Muslims and Italians controlled the flow of goods.

Originally published by Flores World History, free and open access, republished for educational, non-commercial purposes. According to the readings, Columbus was denied by France and Portugal before Spain finally agreed to fund him. Dutch settlers established the colony of New Amsterdam on Manhattan in 1625. The people of Europe were out to seek new worlds. Second, Cortés was able to make allies of the Aztecs’ enemies.

These ships were small, fast, and easy to maneuver. Trade Route to Asia in the 1400s Second, advances in knowledge and technology helped to make the Age of Exploration possible. The Chinese Emperor ordered “…to ascend more than one hundred large ships to go and confer presents on them in order to make manifest the transforming power of the imperial virtue and to treat distant people with kindness.” (Zheng He) Although it was not religion, that “transforming power of the imperial virtue”, aka conversion to the Chinese way of life, was definitely part of the motivation. The colonization of Brazil also had a negative impact on Africa. It influenced monetary advancement by making it workable for enormous scope exchange organizes between the Old World and the New World to create. Huge riches collected to European colonizers because of exchange merchandise, flavors, and valuable metals. Proceeds are donated to charity. To start with, the Europeans brought with them many germs and diseases that decimated many societies in the Americas. These industries turned the raw materials into finished goods that they could sell back to their colonies, as well as to other countries.

Las Casas argued that: • Indians, like all human beings, have rights to life and liberty.• The Spanish stole Indian land through bloody and unjust wars.• There is no such thing as a good encomienda.• Indians have the right to make war against the Spanish.

By increasing Europe’s food supply, these crops helped create population growth. The European nations fought many wars; they fought against themselves and also against the Empire of Turkey. He sailed to the island of Hispaniola, the present-day nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This economic system is based on investing money for profit. Although the Incas paid a roomful of gold and silver in ransom, the Spanish killed Atahualpa. one place to another. However, Muslims controlled the land trade route because it was geographically located between Europe and Asia; Europeans had difficulty traveling by land to Asia because they had religious conflicts with the Muslims. Searching farther north, he sailed into a large bay in Canada that is now called Hudson Bay. Motives for Exploration . The Impact of European Exploration of North America. Zheng He on the other hand, was ordered by his Emperor. They sailed west from England, Spain, and Portugal to North America. The Scientific Revolution also led to the invention of new tools, such as the microscope and the thermometer. By 1650, the Dutch were supreme in both southern Asia and the South This meant that the price of an item depended on how much of the item was available and how many people wanted to buy it.

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