It’s actually pretty easy, and it’s reversible in a way that can give you two different looks. Or you can get much more involved and learn the more complex chain maille patterns. While this type of project is great for DIY gift ideas, chances are you'll probably want these seed beads and charms wrapped around your wrist. Yeah, we were chain crazy. And I still am. This is one of my all-time favorite chains — simple, striking, and fun! Stay up to date with the latest content, educational resources, promotions and special news from our partners.

These DIY earrings are great for so many occasions, from chic office attire to sophisticated date night style. The Japanese Dangle Earrings are adorable and attention-grabbing all at once. We’ll start out with the easiest of the weaves — the HP3in1. Check out these chain maille patterns and designs for inspiration on how to weave jump rings into beautiful adornments.

For the next step in your chain-making journey? Pictures included in these instructions demonstrate how to…, This Simply Stunning Statement Necklace is perfect if you are looking to learn how to make a necklace that is elegant in its simplicity.

If you want to take a basic wireworked chain to the next level, adding a pendant or a large single focal bead turns your chain into a work of art. Yeah, this is where it really starts to sound intimidating. Just what will you learn in this tutorial? Want to play with a wireworking jig? That is certainly the case with these simple, yet gorgeous Mother of Pearl Earrings.

It’s 37 pages and has 79 photos, so you have a lot of instructions and plenty of close-ups. everything.

Or for a greater variety, Lisa Niven Kelly’s Three Industrial Chains teaches you to make simple wire chains with or without beads. hbspt.forms.create({portalId: "6817144",formId: "f0f8d4c4-aae0-4df9-9443-19046428d6cb" Chains around our wrists. Chains around our wrists. Beaded Chainmaille Jewelry Tutorial — Video 1, Chain Maille Tutorial – HP 3in1, HP 4in1, DragonBack, how to make the Barrel chain maille pattern, Rhinos Shaken Not Stirred chain maille pattern, Chain Maille Christmas Ornament Tutorial 2, Tutorial – Chain Maille Ornament Covers 1, 18 gauge 6mm inside diameter rings (AR = 6). This particular weave is best used in earrings. Short chains. These 10 projects will definitely get you started creating your own chains. Learn all there is to know about how to make chainmail jewelry and armor. As for the small jump rings, you will only need two or so, depending on what kind of clasp you plan to use. Learn how to make earrings that play with color and texture by incorporating bold blue glass drop beads and gold hammered oval hoops. 18 gauge 3.5mm or 4mm inside diameter (AR = 3.5 or 4), 18 black jump rings, 18 gauge with a 6mm ID, 32 gold jump rings, 18 gauge with a 6mm ID, 24 amethyst jump rings, 18 gauge 4.5mm ID. It consists of two video downloads which concentrate on different chain forms — Intro to Chain Making: Single Loop-in-Loop and Further Explorations in Chain Making: Double, Two-Way, Two-Way Double, and Three-Way Loop-in-Loop. This video tutorial is for the basic pattern, which is the gold and black version. There are tons of bracelet designs to make, and this one fuses the simplicity of a seed strung bracelet with the classic charm bracelet. But Rhinos Snorting Drano isn’t just one weave; with a few tweaks, you can have different looks. So start by watching the video and then take a look at the supplies for the others if you like. This DIY necklace is a great and stylish statement piece that you will never want to take off once you have assembled it, and with its easy-to-follow instructions, you will have this ready to wear in no time at all. Read through this tutorial to learn how to make earrings that double as a great piece of knockoff jewelry.

Enjoy!!!!! For a good starting point, check out Jodi Bombardier’s Spiral Link Bracelet . It would definitely be Kylie’s Fluid Necklace. These loops only go through one jump ring. But if I had to choose which chain project is at the top of my favorite list? Chain maille, of course. We always wore lots of chains with our bell-bottom jeans and colorful shirts. It’s definitely one of my favorite chain designs — fun to make and amazing to wear. Here is the info on the jump rings and beads. Chunky chains. Ready…set…let’s get maille-ing with this beaded chainmaille bracelet! Welcome to the HP world! Oh, yeah. //

© Copyright 2020 Golden Peak Media. All you need to do is click the “Add to Cart” button. And if you want to add a dangle or charm, you’ll need to include those. You must Register or This delicate yet glamorous necklace can be worn long or wrapped multiple times for a layered effect. Chains around our ankles. Link earthy turquoise beads with glimmering gold beads for the perfect blend of beautiful hues. I know that HP has the reputation of being difficult, but it really isn’t — at least not without a little help in the very beginning (which of course I provide). . And for all of us, there are additional resources for chain making. Not to mention an absolutely gorgeous one! Yeah, we were chain crazy. Chainmaille isn't traditionally thought of as the most feminine of jewelry-making techniques, but the Japanese 12-in-2 Bracelet and Ring completely turns that stereotype on its head. For a more elegant design combining two metals, elegant curves, and more advanced soldering techniques, I highly recommend Judy Helfrich’s Silver and Copper Link Necklace . I show the earrings done in 18 gauge rings with a 6mm inside diameter (ID). The individual patterns are named and sorted by the number of times a single link in the pattern passes through another link and by whether the pattern forms a "Chain" or a "Mail". Let’s see — which obvious chain-making technique have I left out? Once you've mastered these simple steps, you can use them to make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces of any length. Perfect for beginners and experienced maillers alike.

The Rhinos Snorting Drano tutorial was a lot of fun to put together. Awesome!! Chains around our necks. // ]]>. This magical project only requires toggle clasps, beads and wire.

Once you’re ready to move onto more advanced techniques in chain making, soldering is the next logical step. As an FYI, you’ll notice that my pliers have a white coating on their tips — it’s the Tool Magic dip. With a couple of tips in the very beginning on how to start the weave, it becomes a whole lot easier! That’s it. Janice Berkebile’s video, Easy Jewelry Chain Making, is a great way to watch and learn new chain techniques.

Free jewelry patterns like this one are great for making a few beads go a long way. Now I have a lot of different chainmaille bracelets — right now I’m wearing a roundmaille, a Turkish roundmaille and a Jens Pind.

Chains around our ankles. Not that you can’t use it to make bracelets or necklaces, but the pattern shows itself best when hanging vertically. The tutorial is in the form of an ebook (.pdf file).

Oh, and why do I say “Video 1”? You'll be a chainmaille expert once you try these free jewelry tutorials featuring chain maille jewelry instructions. I do want to add that while I’ve checked around a fair amount and haven’t seen this pattern published anywhere else, it’s always possible that someone else has also hit upon this weave. 6mm bicone beads — I am using Swarovski, in the color Scarlet. The tutorial is immediately available as a digital download. The combination of chain maille with sterling silver jump rings and a fabulous Botswana agate really melts my heart. You even add little sterling silver beads to the ends of the links. Splurge and hit the nearest bead shop to begin work on this stunning piece.

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