Maybe you’re getting prepared for a job interview, or are curious about the main differences and similarities. What is more important is to have a well-established and experienced configuration management partner who can help in the entire process, right from choosing the technology, implementing it and reaping its benefits. Deployment and provisioning times could range from a few days to several weeks. DevOps brought them together and created the need for integrated configuration management and continuous integration. These types of tools help engineers to maintain a consistent configuration in all servers. What are your thoughts? Chef help us to implement the true DevOps environment for the development and product delivery. Infrastructure as code (IAC) simply means that managing infrastructure by writing code (Automating infrastructure) rather than using manual processes. Your IP: From an architecture perspective, Chef and Puppet look pretty similar since they both use a master-agent architecture.

Chef and Puppet have similarities in how they manage configurations in servers. in which heavy traffic is expected. This is called. It is best for teams that are focussed on the development and for enterprises that are looking for a modernized environment. For example, in Puppet, you can create custom functions with Ruby. Lastly, these tools differ in how you develop and test recipes or manifests. With Chef, you can take advantage of all the flexibility and cost savings that cloud offers.

It allows access to an accurate historical record of system state for project management and audit purposes. Operations team didn’t have access to the cloud or development environments. Chef is an automation tool that offers a mechanism to define infrastructure as a code. Configuration Management helps in performing the below tasks in a very structured and easy way: Refer my blog on Puppet to learn how NYSE saved millions of dollars with the help of Configuration Management. What are the common Git mistakes and how to fix them? Ltd. All rights Reserved. Configuration Management System uses Chef as a tool. Both help development and operations teams manage applications and infrastructure. Puppet is based on Ruby and utilizes a tailor-made Domain Scripting Language nearer to JSON for working within it. For instance, all servers might need to have IIS with a binding to port 443 for HTTPS access and the respective firewall rule for inbound traffic. Don’t worry, there won’t be any heavy definition of Configuration Management in this blog :). Puppet is used by Red Hat, Siemens, Salesforce, Sony, and Google. Everything You Need To Know.

-, It is advised to maintain one to one correlation between codebase and, Dependencies can be either build or run time dependencies. Join Edureka Meetup community for 100+ Free Webinars each month.

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