They are also much more likely to have been furloughed. That growth was not just about academics: the university’s strength in environmental sciences allowed the city to become the new home of the Meteorological Office. Too many newsrooms chasing the news, but missing the story.

The scale of the drop-off in output has not yet fed through to the number of people out of work.

And this year should have been a good year of progress towards becoming a town that can inhabit its physical space.

Exeter also has a number of language schools who troop through the city in their matching backpacks. Last week, the first week of the school holidays, it was positively sleepy. at BBC Newsnight and the Financial Times. As you enter the city from the train station, its large and very successful further education college is very apparent.

A new geothermal heating system in the 85-year-old art deco lido was due a grand unveiling.

But the scale of what may be about to happen is unclear – and it is uncertain which people, sectors and geographical areas will be most affected. Even a short sharp shock could be brutal. The national average is 8 per cent. Exeter College serves 5,400 sixth-formers, 1,500 apprentices and 4,000 adult learners. Policy Editor, BBC … But things are not yet fully restored.

He was a journalist whose dishonesty got him fired by the Times and – once he learned how to harness it – promoted at the Telegraph.

Why? This recession is stunning and strange. But that isn’t gonna do very much good.”, I bothered some visitors and businesses on and around the famous Hoe, the green space at the heart of the city which offers the best views of its remarkable natural harbour. And in our aerospace sector, that’s still not yet back to work.”. What is not clear from the data is whether they are going to be able to bounce back – which is why I found myself on the train down to Penzance in the first place.

Partner / Editor Tortoise Media. Nationally, this is a problem for all institutions: there are 136,000 students from China at UK institutions. In recent years, it has also started pulling in commuters from elsewhere.

I can’t see – and the dark green offers no clues. Stuart says she has been “run off her feet” since they were allowed to open in early July. Soft cover, 188 pages, full colour

But it is not a straightforward story of gloom. There are potentially three nightmares worrying the institution. What we do not know is what will happen when economic gravity pulls us into the sea. Britain has been humiliated. It is a measure of the city’s level of worry that its post-pandemic plan is called Resurgam – the motto adopted by Plymouth when it rebuilt after the devastation wrought on the city during the second world war.

Hassan says: “One of the one of the reasons why I think we’ve been less concerned than other places about the long term impacts of Covid has been that the structure of these businesses means they can work from home.”. But this is because of the furlough process: there may be only 1.35m unemployed people, but 9.4m jobs were placed on the Job Retention Scheme. Report this profile; Experience.

He previously worked as executive comment editor, leader writer and education correspondent at the Financial Times. He was previously public policy editor at BBC Newsnight, where he won three Royal Television Society awards for his journalism – including for an exposé of Kids Company and for Newsnight’s coverage of the Grenfell Tower fire. In 2019, he was named Specialist Journalist of the Year by the RTS for his work on harassment and bullying by members of parliament. Those UC stats give another reason to worry about the labour market: it is available both to people in low-income work and the unemployed, so shows up both unemployment and, critically, under-employment.

Within these covers you’ll find journeys fantastical and formidable, funny and frightening; journeys of discovery and self-discovery, of love and heartbreak. For now, things remain frozen – and not just in the south west. “You have regulars, local regulars that come in every week. Stuart says: “There’s threat to the old school Bed and Breakfast sector because that was their guest demographic. Chris Cook. The university has about 2,000 students from China.

The second nightmare is China: the Chinese government warned its students not to go to Australian universities as a diplomatic reprisal. Photographs by Tom Pilston and Getty Images, All our journalism is built to be shared.

Indeed, the critical factors which make a lot of Exeter employers resilient – their ability to have staff operate remotely – cause problems elsewhere in the city: their staff are not visiting retailers on the way to and from the office. Carol Cox, who runs a gifts stall, says she did very well from selling puzzle books. “We’re extremely busy – really, really, really busy.”, But there is a twist.

£12.99 RRP And not just university students either.

Those institutions have been able to keep working with fewer interruptions than many. (One person, waiting to take their child on a little miniature train, told me they weren’t local – “I’m from Salcombe”, 25 miles away.). Contributors include Arifa Akbar, Peter Hanington, Yoletta Nyange, Derek Pringle, Ana Botín and Simon de Bruxelles. It is impossible to open safely, Mary Smith said, given the intimacy of the work and her tiny premises. There are, however, clues in the furlough data. Special members’ price: £9.99 + postage. For the last city on my trip, that was an even bigger worry. Soft cover, 192 pages, full colour

Published 28 June 2019 “So my normal customers were lots of empty nesters and people really ranging from 55 up to 75. Dennis Peacock, who runs part of the Penzance antiques centre says they are doing excellent business as buyers leave their isolation. If it’s a one-year phenomenon, we can get through it. And, since our last data update in mid-June, how are things looking now? Giles Smith took on this arduous task.

So we’re trying to design programmes to support them. The city also has a lot of construction work going on. We can see that staff in industries directly or indirectly linked to tourism have been suffering deeply. ... One theme that runs through the large number of his emails seen by Tortoise is frustration at his inability to act with a free hand. All recessions are distinct and different – which sectors of the economy and which parts of the UK will bear the biggest brunt? It has lots of stranded commercial property and a problem with endemic low wages. Chris Cook travelled to three places on the South West coast of England to examine what is in store as more than 9 million jobs currently protected by the furlough scheme come under threat. It ensures that members aren’t all the same people, and that we don’t just end up in rooms in West London, full of posh people.” Discussed during the ThinkIn session was how readers tend to self-stream into isolated readerships too.

Their employers have been subsidised to keep them on their pay-rolls while the country waited for the virus to come under control. But this may be the wrong approach. “There is nothing wrong when nothing matters” and journalists should never feel pressured to only share interesting stories.

Shops are open again, but the centre is very quiet.

Penzance is a handsome harbour and market town, perched at the very toe of Cornwall. That will hit the university’s payroll as well as student accommodation and the high street. “Journalism needs to be sensible… and there is a craft to organising how you write a story.” His assertion that journalism is a skill, of taking seemingly unimportant information and extracting its relevance and wider implications — it interestingly hints at his support of re-centralising the voice of authority, expertise and interest back within the circle of journalists, which is what Tortoise Media seeks to achieve as well, by consolidating information and being one credible source for its readers.

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