This person should get the duchy. This lets you avoid the large 'foreigner' penalties, and you get -15% risk of rebellion for each. If any single vassal gets strong enough to challenge your power, you're at constant risk of rebellion. I'll play/think abit myself and probably add some more stuff but if you feel something could be added feel free to throw a comment. To do this you will need Limited Crown Authority.

All information in this guide is speculative and vill vary from person to person. You should now find someone who is not heir to anything, and whose heir does not own anything. I lost in civil war without a chance. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. By -=Crucesignatus=- It is so incredible easy to vassalise the papacy and it is such a usefull vassal as it can break the status quo between you and your fellow Roman-Catholic brothers. One county and one barony is also fine, but only a single holding is preferable. As I promised you the papacy before the year 1070 we should make haste. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Crusader Kings II. Second, you want to upgrade your holdings as much as possible. Thus I'll be going into how to prevent this from happening, concentrating on keeping your vassals weak. Medium Crown Authority will prevent all intra-realm warfare with the exception of rebellion. Whenever a vassal rebels and you beat him, you should strip him of his primary title. © Valve Corporation. Do note that honorary titles only expire upon the recipient's death (or rebellion); they'll even persist beyond the ruler's death. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines.

Toucan. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. So if their domain gets too big or powerful, I can easily revoke it and have the title back when they die. You should be quite careful about who you give these titles to, as it is easy to end up with a single vassal holding many titles, and eventually being able to challenge your power.

For culture you should simply make sure to never give titles to people of a different culture unless you have a very good reason to, for example so as to push their claim on some other title. Does he also pay the amount of taxes he does to catholics?

Everything you've worked for could be undone in years. If you expand via conquest, you'll often have titles that you need to give out. Finally, you should do your best to keep your vassals happy. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Another way to make them rebel without incurring tyranny is imprisoning them with a just cause. By following this strategy you'll end up with dukes who hold a single duchy and a single county, and will be unlikely to ever be able to challenge your power. Beyond how you distribute county/duchy grants, and stripping of titles, it is very important to attain Medium Crown Authority. You'll also refill your levies faster, so you'll be able to recover from wars faster.As your vassals will seldom be able to upgrade their holdings to the same extent as you, construction can give you a large advantage. If you've played Crusader Kings II for any decent length of time, you've almost certainly encountered what happens when vassals get too strong and dislike you. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). How to make your vassals happy and play a significantly easier game.

They'll also not be using up huge amounts of levies on pointless internal wars, so you'll have the levies you need when you go to war. All rights reserved. The advantage of keeping your demesne limited to a small geographical area is that you can now gather up your army very quickly, so you'll be able to respond quickly to any rebellion with very low risk of your units being picked off separately. The new count will then soon make the holdings in the county into vassals, and will be of no threat to you.

In this guide I will give you the strategy how to vassalise it at what the extra bonusses are., When giving out a county, give it to a dynasty member who holds no other titles, When giving out a duchy, give it to a dynasty member who holds a single county or barony, After crushing a rebellion, strip every member of the rebellion of their primary title. I am new to Reddit and the Paradox Community but I have been playing the games for some time now.

One more thing. The strategy I recommend for giving out counties goes like this: Search for characters that are not rulers, are of your religion, are male, and are of your culture. With powerful Kings on the boarders of my Empire, they will slowly, but surely expand my boarders for me. Everything you've worked for could be undone in years.

As your vassals naturaly aprove this law, it should be no problem. Mar 12, 2013 @ 7:38pm How to create a vassal? I get 138.6 at the very moment. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Crusader Kings II. Never got longer than 200 years vassal run in Poland but this one was pretty funny at least. These two duchies should together have 7 to 10 counties so that you can use most of your demesne limit without having to construct holdings. With conclave, you might have to put powerful vassals on the council.

If you've played Crusader Kings II for any decent length of time, you've almost certainly encountered what happens when vassals get too strong and dislike you. This is achieved in multiple ways. One, on an Empire scale, it's very difficult to manage threat.

Further, you should groom your heir yourself. In these situations, just offer the vassal a comcubine or a wife, or wait for him to have a child if he' married. You can also like described above, deliberately make them rebel so that you can give their titles to someone else.

Please see the. It is only visible to you. This will let you make various choices throughout his childhood, thus having him end up with good traits.

You need to sign in or create an account to do that. There are just two requirements to vassalise the papacy: (it is sooooo easy). I just made changes to some section to make it more up to date with the methods I'm using in Charlemange. A few good traits can make a huge difference both when it comes to chance of rebellion, and the levies and taxes he can get from his vassals. Keeping yourself strong in the long term primarily relies on two factors: Number and concentration of holdings, and construction. "gardening of your family tree" hehe , im kind of unlucky with eugenetics but the boost it gives is most apreciated. I also added a section under the tips and tricks about how to manipulate succession, I hope you find it useful.

If they don't rebel you can just ransom them, thus taking a bit of money from them and giving it to you, and you'll likely end up with another reason to imprison them later. The first thing you need to do is passing the law of free investiture. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Crusader Kings II > General Discussions > Topic Details. This will be a short guide to cover some very useful tips and tricks for managing vassals. As such you should be careful about when you give them out, as there's a rather limited number of them.

All rights reserved. The two most important ways of doing this is keeping your vassals the same culture as you, and keeping them the same religion as you. It is only visible to you. I hope you found this guide useful. If any single vassal gets strong enough to challenge your power, you're at constant risk of rebellion.

You want to hold every single county in two duchies you own that are either bordering each other, or very close to each other. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Yes, I realised very swifly that I was making an understatement. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. For duchies you do much the same. Find someone who owns a single county or barony. © Valve Corporation. The other side of the coin is keeping your vassals weak, and reducing their powerbase when possible.

Toucan. Inducing rebellion can help, Get Medium Crown Authority, it will stop vassals from expanding via intra-realm conquest, Hold every county in two bordering duchies, Upgrade your holdings as much as possible, Give out bribes and honorary titles to prevent rebellion. TLDR: Just own 1 County, give away the rest to non dynasty members to create vassals. How do I request money, How do I get claims and How can I start A CRUSADE. This will make it near impossible for your vassals to expand via conquest, and they're thus much more likely to remain weak.

Sort by dynasty, and scroll down to your own. Is it also worth to vassalize him if you are orthodox? No vassals will thus be able to plot for your duchies, thus keeping your powerbase secure. You can then follow the strategy described above to give this title to someone else.Further, you can deliberately make strong vassals rebel so that you can imprison them and strip them of a title. this is a very simple idea, but for the experinced, being the holy roman emporer in the 1066 start date basically garuntees the game if you can manage your vassals, what are other easy empires to create, because you only need an empire title, and a priest who is related to you that likes you more the the pope, I usually tplay pagan but I was thinking, maybe Hispania, cpmquring the muslims, Francia, but you would have to claim Burgundy from the Holy Roman Emporer, maybe Britiana would be an easy one, only England/Scotland/ and the task of the isles and wales? If the Viceroy decides to convert, I can choose a stronger candidate after the title reverts back to me. When you vassilised the pope I recommend that you turn the investiture laws back to papal as soon as possible as it halves the cost of each action summed up below. Sometimes I even reward multiple kingdom titles to my vassals. isn't it necessary that the antipope is in your dynasty ? Personally, I love having Kings under my rule, I also give important and powerful kingdom titles out as Viceroyalties.

In three months he decided to take away all my lands. Please see the. 20-35 taxes?

Great guide. In this example you start as the Holy Roman emperor Heinrich IV in one of the two 1066 bookmarks. To add to that, it's very problematic when you conquer king tier titles from other religion and have a landed noble rule over it. Viceroyalties are great for those kingdoms that needs conversion. Guide to vassalise the papacy and its uses as a vassal. I waited till this king died and sweared fealty to new king. Having all your vassals of the same religion is especially simple, as at Medium Crown Authority you can revoke any title held by a Heretic or Infidel without incurring tyranny. Pls help <3. CK2 things. Finally, apply bribes and honorary titles strategically.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unless you actually want someone to rebel it is usually better to pay them off with a bribe than to have to crush their rebellion. I find this to be one of the key things that you have to do when managing your vassals. I'll try to cover as many aspects as possible but might miss some so feel free to comment if you think something could be added and I'll look into it. @OFICER975 You Need Sons Of Abraham To Call For A Crusade. How to survive Confederate Partition. To prevent sizable rebellions, you have one primary goal: Prevent your vassals from having more power than you. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Eventually they will rebel, and then you can crush them and take a title from them. I WANT A CRUSADE. CK3 Tips and Tricks Guide.

Simply give them the court jester honorary title, and raise their vassal levies and just leave them there.

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