Em2 would not have had enough time to wake up and escape the trunk. Don't forget, it's also entirely plausible that "evil Em" took the sweater off once she got inside, off-camera. The ending itself is hard to analyze and I think there are several Emilys in this particular reality.

(IMdB, 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic.) What is observed? And it her disappearance WAS based on some scientific collapse of realities, how are two rings allowed to exist then? Exactly! Coherence in the academic writing task 1: There is a public version of Band descriptors which describes the criteria of coherence and Cohesion very clearly. Similar to Triangle in that it's rather low budget sci-fi but Coherence had a much more interesting concept and execution in my opinion. I'm just having trouble justifying it any other way. And there's no way they shot the end of the movie and just forgot what she was wearing. There were 3 Emily's... EmilyA walks into EmilyB reality likes what she sees throws a brick at Hughs car to lure them outside. Still, though, I like and appreciate anyone who takes the time to deep dive into this marvelous film. Edit: Also, in regards to your explanation, Em1 and Em3 are the same, the original Em we have been following, and Em2 and Em4 are also the same, the Em that is native to the final reality, right? Cookies help us deliver our Services. WHOA! It seemed that everytime one of them left or did something, the alternate would come. Note that it is not just two realities that have come toget… So, It doesn't really matter what happens in the ending. Just watched the movie, hopped on right over here to talk more about this. Em4 in the bathtub is gone in the morning because no one knew she was there, therefore the two realities did not collapse on each other. Spoilers below. share.

Hanging the plot of the movie on just 2 possible states, that only apply to a living/dead being, would just be an incorrect application of that theory. Shouldn't everything be exactly the same considering the comet essentially creates the new realities? The issue with Laurie and the yoga has always perplexed me. I’m not getting into the details and relationship between these 8 people. one Kevin and Mike are tied up to chairs to keep them restrained, Kevin gets a chance of a hot threesome with the Emilies. During their dinner, there is a comet that is passing over them. They are also sitting around and talking on a couch that never happened anywhere else.

I mean where does she hide?

Tell me one thing, how can the final scene logically happen? I thought this was a continuity error at first but they filmed specific shots of her with the sweater. We know this by the conversations throughout the movie. Em3 interacted with the current universe by staying in the house overnight making herself part of Em2's universe after the comet passed.

The book they find talks about a multiple universe theory. A reality where Em1 took Em2's sweater. Mike's shirt being buttoned differently each time a different Mike appears). It's a great mindfuck of a movie, and one that lends itself to complex debate and discussion. Schroedinger's Box wasn't only about the cat being dead or alive. Lastly, I've always felt the multi-Em ending is purposely malnourished, meaning there are some gaps in logic that don't have enough concrete information to solve with 100% certainty. I wouldn't want that to be the explanation at least. I then read that the directors purposely used continuity errors to display the alternate realities (e.g. It also isn't confined to just the living. Maybe this Emily is less indecisive than our original one.

You have to believe that a Schrodinger's paradox can occur every time a character leaves the scene or when the movie cuts to black even as a power outage. The Em4 when we see her does not have her sweater on. Rather Byrkit is using this multi-universe allegory as a way to show how the actions we do (or don't) make in life can have irrevocable repercussions. So wow, yeah, great catch! For example, Mike explains that he was an actor on the show, "Roswell" while Laurie, who says she, "loves the show" has never seen him on the show. I'd wake up the next morning and say "let's do that again next weekend!". And therefore it doesn't collapse when the comet passes. It is the Em from the trunk because in this reality Em3 did not take Em2's sweater.

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