Since these waters had not been fished for nearly 20 years, thick schools of curious reef sharks, many of them more than 8 feet long, and 300 pound Goliath groupers—mostly extinct elsewhere in the Caribbean—followed and occasionally nuzzled us like friendly Saint Bernards. Photo credit: Noel Lopez, School of Bluestriped Grunt. Elections, as in most old-school communist countries, offer limited options.

He can pull the plug on Keystone XL while sitting alone in Oval Office. Our mission is to gather data on the Caribbean's last pristine reef system. Avalon and its founder, Giuseppe “Pepe" Omnega, played a key role in working with the Cuban government to establish this marine reserve and continues to play an important role in supporting research and conservation efforts there.

Photo credit: David E. Guggenheim, Green Moray Eel. Photo credit: David E. Guggenheim. Colony of frigate birds. Photo credit: David E. Guggenheim, Aidan teaches English to the jutia. To her knowledge, it was the first example of obliterated reef rejuvenating itself in this way.

Clement Nabutto Lutaaya, University Librarian.

More: 5 Interest Things to Know About Joe Kennedy III, Branch of the Family Tree: Son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his second wife Mary Richardson. According to a new study published last week by Oil Change International, “Cooking the Books: How the State Department Analysis Ignores the True Climate Impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline," the pipeline will emit 181 methane tons of carbon every year—the equivalent of 37.7 million cars or 51 new coal plants.

Alfred Masikye Namoah, Ag. A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln dominates Havana's principal park on the Avenida de los Presidentes and another Lincoln statue stands in front of Cuba's Capital, a perfect replica of the U.S. Capitol building, built at a time when Cuba-U.S. relations were strong. As it turns out, tar sands oil doesn't float. Duke University marine biologist and professor Rebecca Vidra told us that this was an exciting discovery for the world's marine biologists, many of whom are struggling with the problems of reef restoration around the globe. They could not have been more numerous on the day Columbus named the Gardens of the Queen. We watched rivers of yellow tailed snapper cascading over the palisades to school in the middle of the water column followed by gleaming strata of tarpon that pooled above them mingling there with Jack Crevalle, horse-eye jack, yellow jack, big cubera snappers and sleek cero. Worst of all, instead of punishing the regime for their human rights restrictions, the embargo has fortified the dictatorship by justifying oppression.

Soon the beach was crowded with rodents, reptiles, crustaceans and humans, all just searching for food and friendship. Tony, who speaks perfect English with buoyant humor, would guide Team 1 in one skiff while Josh Bernstein and his photographer, J.P., were relegated to dive with us.

Attorney at Garcia Hernández Sawhney, LLP.

Back at the Avalon II, to pick up fresh tanks, we found two uniformed officials from a Cuban government vessel who had arrived during our absence with a letter from Castro thanking us for visiting his beloved Gardens of the Queen and encouraging us to report back to him on the conditions of the reef ecosystem and how the reserve has responded to government protection. Forging Her Own Path: Christina graduated from Georgetown University (the alma mater of her mom, Maria Shriver) in 2013 with a degree in communications. The moment we beached our skiffs, we were mobbed by what seemed to be a pack of Cocker Spaniels in the shape of rats. In the rest of the Caribbean that species is rare in waters shallower than 90 feet, having been plucked and cut by divers to feed the jewelry trade. We chatted with cab drivers, waiters, musicians and young and old people we met in the street. Our dive master Noel Lopéz Rodriguez told us that we were seeing the best living example of this species remaining in the world. The Cuban government must make delicate calculations that preserve jobs, protect the reef and limit tourism to sustainable numbers.

Forging His Own Path: He's probably best known for dating Taylor Swift for a few months in 2012, but T&C bachelor Conor Kennedy has also worked with Ocean Alliance to help save whales and attended the prestigious Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.

All the proceeds from the sales went to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights headquartered in Washington D.C. She now attends Brown University. We spent three days exploring rich, varied undersea bottom topography with its mélange of deep canyons, steep cliffs, coral ledges and lofty pillars rising from sandy bottoms 60 feet deep.

What Becomes of Cuba After the Embargo Is Lifted? Well, the Soviets have been gone since 1991—more than 20 years, but the U.S.-led embargo continues to choke Cuba's economy. Sylvia Namujuzi, Ag.

I was excited to see tangled webs of black coral in great abundance in just 20 feet of water. Castro answered that Batista's father had fought for independence on the side of Jose Marti and Cuba's patriots. That relationship is historically freighted with powerful ironies that make the U.S. look hypocritical to the rest of the world. This is Part III of a five-part series. Elsewhere in the Caribbean, some dive sites a fraction of this size can see as many divers in a single day. More recently, Conor, 22, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following a December bar fight in Aspen, Colorado.

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