It was definitely one of the better chocolate shakes we tasted throughout our arduous Cook Out journey. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3This shake boasts actual chunks of cherry, and a good number of them, at that. Each one gets 2 napkins.

Why do you inform the customer of the 2 side option if they order a tray? Priced at $2.89 and topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry, the flavor and consistency are really good. It’s fair to say there were shakes we didn’t like, but we don’t regret a single spoonful. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 4Dare we say it: This seasonal shake is better than the dessert it's inspired by.

Timeline: Trump's contacts over the past 7 days . The easiest way to get free food at 10 of your favorite fast food restaurants. This meal and shake combo is inspired by Cook Out’s North Carolina roots. To quote Donald Trump: “SAD!”Pairing suggestion: Honey mustard. This must be how drugs work.

Banana Nut.

since. You’ll count 44 possibilities on the menu board, but the seasoned patron knows that the number is actually much larger than that.

The biggest stories in fast food, shopping, and more. OUR GUARANTEE. The dairy delivers the peanut butter flavor without the overwhelming thickness.

And with a small shake going for about $2.85, it's a pretty inexpensive way to treat yourself. Only available in July and August, it’s fleeting, and therein lies its beauty.Pairing suggestion: Summer calls for watermelon and a Cook Out Style Hot Dog. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 0Body/Texture – 1Flavor – 2Finish – 0Quality – 1Put simply, this is the Melania Trump of milkshakes. You think this shake is going to taste good because the promise of double the chocolate makes it sound twice as nice, but it just makes promises it can’t keep, just like your exes.

A brownie flavor? But blueberry is a gentle lover, and cheesecake overpowers to the point that little of the fruit’s flavor comes through.Pairing suggestion: Food critics will tell you blueberry goes great with fancy ass Gruyere. It’s a blazing sentry of liberty. I tried several of their milkshakes, each being phenomenal. The dark horse runner of the Cook Out menu board, the walnut milkshake delivers in more ways than you’d expect. Half of a banana (check for brown spots) Banana Berry. If you are wondering that fast food, trays, salad, and burgers are the only thing that is sold by the Cook Out, then you are wrong.

Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3Among the candy mix-in possibilities, we weren’t expecting much from Snickers, given that all of its components — caramel, peanuts, chocolate, nougat — might not translate well in shake-form. May I take your order?

You can’t argue with a classic. When it comes to Cook Out’s cheesecake shakes that feature fruit, flavors have a tendency to overwhelm and compete.

It reminds us of the sticky toffee pudding you’d eat on banks of London’s River Thames.

1 – Sound0.5 – Nearly correct and attractive0 – Slightly off, 1 - pronounced and developed0.5 – clean, pleasant, scented, delicate0 – simple, underdeveloped and elusive, 2 – Balanced AF1 – A little too sweet0 – Syrupy, cloying, 2-Velvety1.5 – Smooth, even, pleasant1 – Thin or Heavy, Uneven, Awkward0.5 – Clumsy, and heimlich-bringing, 6 – Complex and Mature5 – Layered, Robust4 – Refined, Cordial3 – Agreeable, Clean2 – Simple, One-note1 – Uninspired, lacking, 1 – Long-lasting0.5 – Tapering, medium length0 – Short, harsh, 4 – Noble, elegant, distinguished3 – Charming, stylish, graceful2 – Sound, average1 – U amateur, u worthless. Just like every shake on the menu. PLAY.

Trying to explain Cook Out to someone who isn’t from the South is like trying to explain the sky’s infinite stars to someone who only knows the sun. We were expecting more of a yellow color, but its eggshell shade points to its lack of artificial flavoring and chemical additives. Pinkies up, bitches. It is like Pepto Bismol in both taste and color.

Terms in this set (102) Must go out with 1 spoon, 1 straw, 1 napkin, and receipt.

The shake keeps it real by using black cherries as opposed to marachino tho, so I dig it. The "classic flavors" like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are only $2.99 and come in a much larger portion than most others on the list. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3Cherry Cobbler is brightly colored but lacks cherry chunks. The caramel provides depth without venturing into the dreaded territory of Cloying, as the Double Chocolate does in spades.Pairing suggestion: Barbecue Style Chicken Sandwich. Smooth, rich peanut butter isn’t too proud to step away from the spotlight to let the ever-so-sexual banana have its moment to shine.

RIP Harambe.Pairing suggestion: You already got your fruit for the day in this shake, so pair it with a healthy vegetable: slaw.

The shake actually has a nice get-up-and-go flair, like a cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise, delivering a robust, fruity flavor.Pairing suggestion: The acid from the Texas Pete-topped BBQ Sandwich goes great with Red Cherry.

Learn. The problem is that each time you get one, you're rolling the dice on the quality. No one is here to judge. Spell. The toffee flavor works well in shake form, especially with the vanilla base, but the shake ultimately fails to pack the punch that most Cook Out desserts do.Pairing suggestion: Steak Style Hamburger because you appreciate the finer things in life, and thou aren’t no heathen. Amanda Devine. The consistency of the shake was coarse and clumsy, and the cherry syrup reared its cloying head.Pairing suggestion: BLT Sandwich; The saltiness of the bacon cuts through the sweetness of the cherry syrup. Kate Taylor Account active You eat this shake because it's there, not because you want it — like that hard candy in your grandpa’s glove compartment.

Basically, it’s like watching Seabiscuit while taking Adderall: You hope it’ll be intriguing, but nope, still boring. Frosties, the milkshake you have to eat with a spoon (and yes, we're classifying it as a milkshake), are thick and creamy in either flavor, but the chocolate one is by far the best.

Subscriber Cook Out cares about the quality of both its food and service. Oyster cracker : cabernet :: corn dog : oreo mint shake. It’s the neon sign across the street that reads COOK OUT — and those are tears in your eyes.

Cook Out Shake Ingredients.

It’s the best pre-sunrise breakfast you could ask for. It’s tied for last place but for the exact opposite reason as Hi-C Fruit Punch: It’s completely devoid of flavor, but *don’t worry*, it’s got a great personality.

The peanut butter in the Reese’s mellows the heat packed by a chicken sandwich with a bad temper. They're more than $4, which wouldn't be so bad if they were a larger size and weren't paired with higher priced food as well. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 4Foodies won’t shut up about about matcha these days.

Much to our surprise: Yes.

Pairing suggestion: Original Style Hamburger. Frosties, the milkshake you have to eat with a spoon (and yes, we're classifying it as a milkshake), are thick and creamy in either flavor, but the chocolate one is by far the best.

We would love to hear about your experience and follow up with you from there. Bless up.Pairing suggestion: There are a lot of elements to the Snickers shake, so keep your meal simple by ordering a Hot Dog. This shake provides that experience in a world-class, well-blended Cook Out standout.

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