damage, it is obvious that Brutes are good at damaging. However, upon increased damage and use of the area of effect cards, along with blood lust can get you exhausted. away. I can't believe you're reading this fine print. Cragheart has average stamina with a hand limit of 11 cards. damage, the Spellweaver may need to call upon their ally groups.

If you’re just starting out then you should stop reading this and come back when you’ve leveled up and have some decisions to make.

Then sit there smugly as your teammates try to figure out how you just liquified one enemy and seriously mangled another. The movement cards for a Spellweaver basically support her to keep up with the gang and not fall too behind. Empathetic Assault has a way cooler “burner” action, but then you lose your only heal card, and it’s on the top half so you’ll likely be pairing it with a Move action. So to get value out of him this guy needs to be on the front line, and with 4 Health it won’t be there long. When playing a two-player game, take your time to think well before you make a class choice. You can be reactive and clean up the monsters’ mess, or you can be proactive and turn those monsters into a mess! So I wouldn’t fret too much about cashing that bad boy in for a +1 Push, especially if it’s bumping it up to Push 3. We can’t even TMW our way up to a 3 attack on that, what gives? Very flexible in terms of build, and can be adjusted on the fly by taking different cards into the scenario. Even if it comes at the expense of a really handy Move 4.

Not bad for a bottom half.

So I attempted to choose cards that would allow me to play her like that. You can definitely bank on a trap lining up with your Push once a scenario, but more than that is asking a lot. The rogue Scoundrel is more of an assassin whose attacks can cause immense damage if and when she acts from the right place and time. Here is a more detailed overview of each class and how to play them.

That attack 6 is a burner, so we’re only ever going to be able to use it once… and ultimately we’re going to need attack cards that we can use multiple times if it’s going to be worth taking with us.

This card doesn’t fall into that category, so grab it with both claws and bring it with you!

This is the order I recommend them in, but I will caveat this with the advice that you should prioritize these based on your party composition. Such a good card for when you want to do something and do it NOW. You are capable of drawing up elements and then turning them into deadly weapons. A Brute is made for dealing out I always bring this with me, but if you’re playing a more wholesome, less greedy Vermling then this is one you’ll be able to substitute out for better higher level cards.

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