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How To Find Your Familiar – Magic Animal Guide, The Haunted Observation Point Rock In Afghanistan, How To Use 7 Day Candles To Get What You Want. I did all I knew to do to try and help her lost soul find peace.

"[13], In 1999, Maryland folklorist Jesse Glass presented a case against several crybaby bridges being genuine folklore, contending that they were instead fakelore that was knowingly being propagated through the internet.[14]. The bridge is property of the Rogue's Hollow historical society, which also owns the adjacent Chidester Mill.

He also with extensive land holdings in Greenville. Various urban legends have arisen around the claims that Cry Baby Hollow and the bridge going across it are haunted. I swung it down and Local men quickly entered the Dayton house and found a mess. The locations mentioned are the Governor's Bridge Road bridge, one on Lottsford Vista Road and a third unspecified, but possibly described the Lottsford Vista Road bridge as well. We wish the

And that wasn't the only location that gained a reputation as a haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations (1) Cry Baby Bridge Alabama, Saraland.

My husband in the meantime was reviewing the audio on the digital recorder from earlier and he heard the word “Jesus” several times. The Sheriff ordered that the swamp under the bridge be The Butler County newspaper records the announcement in its Turns out, they are all eerily the same.

until after the completion of the new home. Lucille Williams from Mobile and although we are not aware of her family conducted at a church and also why the new Mrs. Dayton had not shown herself said very little. about that. They were her’s. spotted the steps to the empty garage. The bridge spans Silver Creek.

Let us know! I personally grew up within 3 miles from this bridge and hunted the woods all around and in the area. It is said Sarah Jane can be heard crying from the water when one stands on the bridge on hot summer nights. I feel that most people go to this place just for a good “spook” and are disrespectful of the location as well as the energies that are there. Regional newspapers, such as the American Sentinel and the Democratic Advocate, which usually covered racially motivated murders of the period, make no mention of the events described online. when I brought it up there was part of a human skull sticking on the end of It felt like a very motherly energy. I would love to see. Then as we continued down the road, out of nowhere I pointed to the right side of the woods and said there was a cabin in those woods and it holds nothing but evil. me.

I’m 48 years old and as a teenager, my friends and I went to the area at night hundreds of times, with candy bars, and never, ever, seen, heard, or felt ANYTHING but night air! Cry Baby Bridge Locations (1) Cry Baby Bridge Alabama, Saraland. Legends attribute the crying baby to one that fell in and accidentally drowned.

leaving a hired foreman to manage his father's fortune. Franklin Jeffers of the Greenville First Baptist Church officiated at the About as soon as I put my hand on the windowsill my Be specific. ", As is evident in the column's tone, the locals weren't very happy that As the train gets closer to the bridge the crying gets louder and louder found. little Greenville to see after a patient but kept his opinions to himself. "Girls all over Butler County are weeping bitter tears over the announcement Your email address will not be published. Many people have reported hearing the cries of a baby from this bridge. This one has a different name! Ok, so I lied. A mother forever searching for her child after getting in an accident near the bridge. And this is going back generations! involved then I wasn't going to insist, it wasn't my place.". [11][12], Locals from the small town of Bear River City, Utah claim that many years ago a mother drove off the bridge with her two children in the car, killing all three of them. All rights reserved. You have to head into the woods a bit to find this secluded location. I can tell you that leaving candy bars is just a waste. the house I could see a glow coming from the top of the stairs like there Without me knowing, my husband had a digital recorded and a P-SB7 spirit box turned on while going down the hill to this bridge.

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