Biden has won New Hampshire, carrying the tiny battleground state the Hillary Clinton won by a slim margin in 2016. LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 8.4 points.

-- Advance voting in the Ward 7 by-election will start next Tuesday for those looking to cast an early ballot. So far, 76 per cent of the expected vote is in. ​Trump leads by 15 points in Pennsylvania, with 64 per cent of the expected votes counted. TORONTO -- Arizona has hit 92 per cent of its total votes cast in 2016, as of 3 p.m. Tuesday. More information regarding the by-election is available on the city’s website. -- WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 1.2 points. North Carolina is a medium-sized battleground, with nearly half the electoral college votes as Florida. Click here for our live map with up-to-date results. Long considered a perennial swing state, Ohio has shifted toward Republicans in recent years. Trump won North Carolina by a comfortable margin in 2016. CTV News projects Sask. Running in the election are Igor Dzaic, Farrah El-Hajj, Michelle Gajewski, Jeewen Gill, Barb Holland, Ernie Lamont, Greg Lehman, Michael Malott, Angelo Marignani, Thérèse Papineau, Albert Saba and Howard Weeks. However, the pandemic sidelined those door-knocking efforts for months this year, potentially disrupting a reliable source of Democratic support. Biden has said that, despite his progressive environmental agenda, he would only ban fracking on federal land, which makes up a small fraction of the industry.

Biden has captured Minnesota, winning the Midwestern state that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016. WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 0.3 points, WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Ballots can’t be tabulated until election day, and officials say it could take until Friday, Nov. 6 for results, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 7.9 points, Trump leads by nine points in Michigan with 61 per cent of the vote reported.

Election judges verify and count ballots at the Denver Elections Division building on election day on November 3, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.

If Trump can win in Nevada, he’ll eat into Biden’s base of support and offset potential losses elsewhere in the country. WHO WON IN 2016: Hillary Clinton, by 0.3 points. Watch CTV News Atlantic local news at 5, 6 & 11:30 LIVE right here. Biden’s campaign has been criticized by Democrats in Texas, including former Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke, for not spending more time and money in the state. Yes, as long as they are physically distancing and wearing masks. CTV Atlantic - Past Poll Archive. Nevada is another state in play this year that supported Clinton in 2016. WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 0.7 points. LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 9.2 points. Ward 7 residents will be able to advance vote on Tuesday, Sept. 29, Wednesday, Sept. 30, Thursday, Oct. 1 and Saturday, Oct. 3 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the WFCU Centre. Before 2016, Pennsylvania was considered a reliably blue state, having voted for the Democratic candidate in the previous six elections. Live Now: Trump has won in Iowa. The reason it has become a battleground this year is a steady shift in polling toward Biden. Both Biden and Harris have toured the state early on in the election and focused plenty of resources on winning over voters. If the race is close, those mail-in votes could make all the difference.

Trump has won Texas, dashing Democrats’ hopes of turning the Lone Star state blue. Americans may find immigration challenges. Voters in Georgia are poised to break 2016 records this year, with the vote as of 3 p.m. Tuesday accounting for 93 per cent of total turnout four years ago. A check-in on the public mood of Canadians with hosts Michael Stittle and Nik Nanos. The state voted for him in 2016, and polling suggested the Republican had an advantage heading into election day. Trump leads by one percentage point in North Carolina, with 94 per cent of the expected vote counted. Click here for our live map with up-to-date results. But the state has continued to shift more to the left in recent years, and polling averages suggest Biden has been leading there by a small but steady margin. a tweet from Michigan’s secretary of state, Protesters gather near White House, no wide unrest seen, Aegean quake toll rises, Turkish rescuers make final search, 'Definitely concerned': Border city mayors wary of civil unrest in the U.S. post-election. The state also represented one of Trump’s more comfortable leads in the South in 2016. Whether or not he can pull off another victory is a major question tonight. Wisconsin’s results will begin later in the evening, and if Trump can hold onto the state, he could widen his path to victory. Breaking news, features and latest poll results on the 2019 Canadian general election. LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 4.7 points. With several races still up in the air, here’s a look at which states are still in play. Graham Slaughter

(Rich Garton / CTV Windsor).

There will be four opportunities to vote prior to the Monday, Oct. 5 election day. Writer. Full, exclusive federal election coverage. Engage in respectful discussions on the U.S. election on our dedicated Facebook page. WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 8.1 points, WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Advance ballots are counted first and are expected to be reported by 8 p.m., officials say, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Donald Trump ahead by 0.8 points. Lindsay Charlton WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 9 points, WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Officials in Texas have not provided an estimate, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Donald Trump ahead by 1.1 points. Trump has used Biden’s past comments against him and tried to paint the Democrat as a liar who will destroy the fossil fuel industry. There are 12 candidates vying for the Ward 7 city councillor seat. Arizona hasn’t voted for a Democrat since Bill Clinton’s victory in 1996. LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 11.1 points. Visit the site and select your response! A voting sign sits outside Saskatoon City Hall on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 during advance polling for the city election. Hillary Clinton won the county by a thin margin in 2016. Some polling places in Pennsylvania have seen long lines on election day with voters waiting three to four hours to cast their ballots. There will be four opportunities to vote prior to the Monday, Oct. 5 election day. ). Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris spent election day campaigning in Detroit in hopes of boosting voter turnout. Some pundits view Arizona as part of Biden’s “plan B” approach to win the White House if he fails to clinch Pennsylvania. WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Officials expect final results on election night or by noon on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

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