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": A Study of the Performance of Geek Identity at Comic Book Conventions, Tell Sir Thomas More We've Got Another Failed Attempt: Utopia and the Burning Man Project, Finding a Home: Latino Residential Influx into Progress Village, 1990-2010, Auteurs at an Urban Crossroads: A Certain Tendency in New York Cinema, The US Response to Genocide in Rwanda: A Reassessment, From White City to Green Acres: Bertha Palmer and the Gendering of Space in the Gilded Age, Let's Go to the Carnival: Hybridization of Heterotopian Spaces in the Films of Kevin Smith, Sobering Anxieties: Alcohol, Tobacco, and the Intoxicated Social Body in Dutch Painting During the True Freedom, 1650-1672, Four Women: An Analysis of the Artistry of Black Women in the Black Arts Movement, 1960s-1980s, The Black Experience in the United States: An Examination of Lynching and Segregation as Instruments of Genocide, The Problems and Potentials in Haunted Maternal Horror Narratives, "Die Mauer im Kopf": Aesthetic Resistance against West-German Take-Over, Masculinity, After the Apocalypse: Gendered Heroics in Modern Survivalist Cinema, Caribbean Traditions in Modern Choreographies: Articulation and Construction of Black Diaspora Identity in L'Ag'Ya by Katherine Dunham, Spectatorial Shock and Carnal Consumption: (Re)envisaging Historical Trauma in New French Extremity, Collecting Stardust: Matter, Memory, and Trauma in Patricio Guzman's Nostalgia for the Light, Refiguring Indexicality: Remediation, Film, & Memory in Contemporary Japanese Visual Media, The Black Freedom Struggle and Civil Rights Labor Organizing in the Piedmont and Eastern North Carolina Tobacco Industry, Out of Our Depth: Hyper-Extensionality and the Return of Three-Dimensional Media, More than Words: Rhetorical Devices in American Political Cartoons, Postcolonial Religion and Motherhood in the Novels by Louise Erdrich and Alice Walker, Butterbeer, Cauldron Cakes, and Fizzing Whizzbees: Food in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, The Early Works of Velázquez Through a Phenomenological Lens, Tales of Empire: Orientalism in Nineteenth-Century Children's Literature, When Bad Things Happen to Good Mothers: Rethinking Motherhood Through the Single Mother Image in American Films from the 1930s to the 1970s, "You Understand Me Now": Sampling Nina Simone in Hip Hop, Monstrous Dialogues: THE HOST and South Korean Inverted Exile, _Alien_ Thoughts: Spectatorial Pleasure and Mind Reading in Ridley Scott's Horror Film, Sexually Explicit, Socially Empowered: Sexual Liberation and Feminist Discourse in 1960s Playboy and Cosmopolitan, Shifting Blackness: How the Arts Revolutionize Black Identity in the Postmodern West, Sorting Through the Junk Box: Dickens's Objects and the Great Exhibition of 1851, Fantasy, Leisure, and Labor: A Story of Temple Terrace's Historic Architecture, "Take Another Look At 'Em": Passing Performances of Gender in the Junior-Freshman Weddings of Florida State College for Women, 1909-1925, The Return of the 1950s Nuclear Family in Films of the 1980s, The Holistic Complementary Structure of Western Bio-Medicine and Traditional Healing and Achieving Complete Health, The Hippocratic Corpus and Soranus of Ephesus: Discovering Men's Minds Through Women's Bodies, Painting Parisian Identity: Place and Subjectivity in Fin-de-siecle art, Closet Space: Investigating Gay Identity through Advertising in Gay Media, The Sunshine State's Golden Fruit: Florida And The Orange, 1930-1960, “Some Marvelous Thing”: Leonardo, Caterina, and the, Struggle In The Sunshine City: The Movement For Racial Equality In St. Petersburg Florida 1955-1968, Visionary of Control: The Efficiency, Expertise, and Exclusion of Alexander James Inglis, Visualizando la Conciencia Mestiza: The Relation of Gloria Anzaldúa’s Mestiza Consciousness to Mexican American Performance and Poster Art, Artemisia Gentileschi : The Heart of a Woman and the Soul of a Caesar, From Night to Dawn: The Cultural Criticism of George A. Romero, "Which Way to the Honky-Tonk?" ": The Jinx, The Imposter, and Re-enacting the Digital Thriller in True Crime Documentaries, Brett Michael Phillips, The Palazzo Medici and its Polyvalent Message: Cosimo de Medici Navigates the Shifting Meaning of Pride, Lisa Morgan Thieryung, Family Life in Carver City- Lincoln Gardens, Lisa K. Armstrong, The Apocalypse Narrative and the Internet: Divided Relationships in New Natures, Brooks Scott Benadum, A Tourist Performance: Redefining the Tourist Attraction, Brandy Lee Kinkade, To Utopianize the Mundane: Sound and Image in Country Musicals, Siyuan Ma, Heavy South: Identity, Performance, and Heavy Music in the Southern Metal Scene, Michael A. Mcdowell, The Apatow Aesthetic: Exploring New Temporalities of Human Development in 21st Century Network Society, Michael D. Rosen, Constructing the West: The Hired Hand and McCabe & Mrs. Miller and the Challenge of Public Space, Eric Ward Ross, Negotiating the Delta: Dr. T.R.M.

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