The diatonic major scale for bass guitar is fundamental for the bass player because by mastering it we can begin to play simple lines and become familiar with the sound of tonality. Guitar Center. The diatonic chords of the major scale are one of the most important parts of understanding harmony. Note: This jam track is the same as the one above it – Try playing a C major pentatonic scale over this progression, then switch to a diatonic scale to hear the differences in action! In the lesson block Beginning Diatonic Harmony from StudyBass Fundamentals Two, we began discussing the diatonic chords of the major scale. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already got some wear on your fretboard, we’ve got a great lesson in store for you. Featured in Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk,’ this bass guitar scale is perfect for the bassist looking to lay down the groove. Have a look at the TAB below to play along: Another great song that uses the minor scale is Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, Click Here to jam this scale over a backing track! Over 100,000 guitar-learners get our world-class guitar tips & tutorials sent straight to their inbox: Click here to join them. 5 essential bass guitar scales that will make you sound incredible. We will primarily be referring to two different scale types – ‘Diatonic’ and ‘Pentatonic’. Shopping through these links also supports StudyBass: Amazon In order to play this scale, we’ll need to use all four fingers. Major Diatonic Chords I, ii, iii, and IV Playing the first four diatonic chords of the major scale on bass. Skill Tip: The minor pentatonic scale has a very consistent pattern to it, and you won’t need your middle finger at all to play it! This is one of music's most common cyclical chord progressions. As amazing as it is for writing sappy ballads about your first love, it’s also an incredibly powerful scale to use in genres like soul and funk. Since bass is a harmony instrument, the better you know these essential chords, the better you will play bass. It comprises 7 notes (8 including the octave), spaced: whole tone, whole tone, semitone, whole tone, whole tone, whole tone, semitone. Playing the first four diatonic chords of the major scale on bass. If you haven’t, set some time aside for it – it’s a great film! 2 quick and easy tips to learn bass scales at lightning speed. be diatonic because the third of the chord (Eb) is not in the key of C major. Notes outside of the key, such as C# or Gb, would be called chromatic. In the key of C again (C, D, E, F, G, A and B), the chord C major (C, E, G) would be diatonic to the key of C because its 3 notes are part of the C major scale. Underpinning every great bassist is a series of bass guitar scales and patterns that make up the musical lines they play. Chords of 2nd suspended – Asus2 ✅ 1.1.1.… Another great song that uses the minor pentatonic scale is Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ – Have a listen! Uppercase numerals represent major-type chords, and lowercase numerals are used for minor- and diminished-type chords. When we study chords and number them this way, it is called harmonic analysis. If you're uncomfortable with them, you're going to get lost. Spend some time with it!

Diatonic Major And Minor Scales bass tab by Lessons - Scales. Chord progressions often move in fourths. The slower you play the major scale, the sweeter it sounds. The scale patterns you are about to learn can be played anywhere on the fretboard, but all examples will be shown in the key of C. The bass guitar scale patterns that we discuss are the exact same scale patterns that you will see on a guitar. In the chord column above are the seven basic diatonic chords in the key of C major. Click Here to jam this scale over a backing track! Remember to make use of your pinky finger for those long stretches! 1.1.1. The C minor chord (C, Eb, G), however, would not be diatonic because the third of the chord (Eb) is not in the key of C major. This is a common variation on the I-vi-ii-V progression using what is called a substitution chord. Was this info helpful? Pentatonic scales of either the major or minor variety sound great over many blues and funk songs. Check out the TAB below to see the difference, then try playing the major and minor scales back-to-back to hear it. Since harmony is a big resposibility for bassists, understanding and recognizing chord progressions needs to be a way of life. Heavily used in rock and metal music, this scale is great to add a sense of darkness to your next melody. Let’s review what we’ve covered before, and let me go into more detail. the ‘A’ notes in an A major scale, or the ‘C’ notes in a C major scale. Another great song that uses the major pentatonic scale is Stevie Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke’ (B Major), Click Here to jam this scale over a backing track! Bass guitar scales that shake the earth! No distractions. To use the interactive features of StudyBass, please enable javascript. Composed of seven notes, the major diatonic scale carries a positive and uplifting vibe. A chord which is diatonic is simply a chord built from notes of the key. It's a good idea to play, recognize, and understand this sequence of chords. If we build chords on those roots with only notes from the scale (that is, staying diatonic), we get a set of 7 diatonic chords. In every major key, the type of chord falls the same way. The goal with this exercise is to play the notes as evenly as you can. report violation, StudyBass is a registered trademark of Leading Tone Media, LLC. Have a look below to learn about the seven degrees of the major scale and how to play it as a bass guitar scale: DO (I) RE (II) MI (III) FA (IV) SOL (V) LA (VI) TI (VII) DO (I), Let’s try playing along to Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’, Another great song that uses the major diatonic scale is Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day’ (E Major), Click Here to jam this scale over a backing track! How diatonic chords are applied in basslines. When chords are described by their number position in the scale, we use Roman numerals to describe them: I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi and vii. You may not always hear it, but you’ll definitely feel it. The minor scale’s dark character comes from its use of a different arrangement of notes than its cousins above. That is, all of the notes of the song stay within, or come from, the seven notes of the key.

An often unsung hero, the bass player is the backbone of any band. This scale also removes two notes from its diatonic cousin in order to create a less moody (and more direct) sound.

In this lesson block, we're going to dive much deeper into them. Rated 5.0 out of 5 by 9 users. Okay, now that’s out of the way – Let’s get to some bass guitar scales!! The minor pentatonic scale however, is a weapon of choice for many bass guitarists due to its versatile and ‘open’ sound. It's important for me to remind you that when a song is in a major key, it means the song revolves around the notes of a particular major scale. The low-end thump of a bass guitar exists in almost every memorable song that you’ve ever heard on the radio. Creating basslines applying diatonic chord shapes to one of music's most popular chord progressions. Diatonic means coming from or derived from a scale or key. The #1 top-secret tip that will help you learn scales in ALL keys. Applying Major Diatonic Chords in Basslines, Diatonic Chord Position with an A-String Root, Truss Rods and Replacing a Stripped Truss Rod Nut. With this in mind, we created a cheat-sheet; a key and scale-finder that you can use again and again. Major triad chords – A ✅

©2003-2020 Leading Tone Media, LLC - all rights reserved, Copying or distributing content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. To use the interactive features of StudyBass, please enable javascript. These are by no means the only genres to play these scales in, and you should feel free in your creativity to experiment to your heart’s content! The younger sibling to the major scale, the major pentatonic scale has only five notes. In this bass lesson we learn the V, vi, and vii chords in a major key. Exercises and examples in several styles. Full chromatic progression of major and minor diatonic scales. Instead of annoying, creepy, privacy-invading ads, pop-ups, or selling your data, StudyBass relies on the support of its users. 1.1. Skill Tip: If you’re positioning your hand properly, you shouldn’t need to use your ring finger at all for this scale!! Learning this next position will give you access to the diatonic chords in a low range for all 12 keys. Start them on the 5th fret of the 6th string and you’ll be playing an A scale of some kind. 130 views, added to favorites 16 times. Block: Diatonic Chords Of The Major Scale. As amazing as it is for writing sappy ballads about your first love, it’s also an incredibly powerful scale to use in genres like soul and funk. StudyBass is here to teach; you're here to learn. The Major Diatonic Bass Guitar Scale (aka the Major Scale) Composed of seven notes, the major diatonic scale carries a positive and uplifting vibe. Yes No. Skill Tip: Unlike the major bass guitar scales, you will need to start with your index finger on the root note this time. If you played an E7 chord (E, G#, B, D) while in the key of C, it would not be diatonic because G# is not in the key. Major Scale For Bass TAB The first section of the page shows to how to play a major scale with a number of commonly-used tonic notes in open position. (On the bass fretboard, adjacent frets are a … Download Pdf

Enter your email address to learn our best guitar tips and tricks today! Approach to bass guitar scale, 3 easy ways to do it. This leaves us with a more ‘open’ sounding scale than the one we looked at above. In every major key there are 7 basic chords around which most songs revolve. That means if a song is in the key of G major, it is based on the notes of the G major scale. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- A great way to show love on a special day! Start them on the 8th fret of the 6th string and you’ll be playing a C scale of some kind. Submitted by just3boyz on September 8, 2014. A fantastic song that makes use of this bass guitar scale is ‘Feel Good Inc.’ by Gorillaz‘. This technique makes learning bass guitar scales a much easier process, and helps avoid the feeling of “jumping around” the fretboard.

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