[9] Upon coming across her, Fuyutsuki is told that Misato has not spoken since the Second Impact. In Evangelion Episode 21, with the famous Shortly before dying, Misato wonders if Kaji believes she has done the right thing. When Shinji escapes from Wille's craft, she hesitates to pull the trigger until he is out of range of the detonator, allowing his escape. Discounting all the evidence in the series that suggests Kaji was shot, (Misato crying

Next: Neon Genesis Evangelion: 5 Perfect Fan Explanations About The Anime's Confusing Ending (& 5 Hilarious Ones). Source: MDWigs' Musings Her civilian personality is seen to be quite loose and sloppy, but professionally she proves to have a great sense of leadership and duty. This doesn't hold up though because by Episode 21 (and this is last words " Oh, what took you so long? While it is assumed that they were piloted via the Dummy Plug system, there is not a lot of information given surrounding which mind the dummy pilot is based on, or which soul is inside the EVAs. Her death scene is similar to End of Evangelion, but she kills herself and multiple JSDF soldiers with a grenade. "[2] He has described her as an adult Usagi Tsukino, with whom she shares a voice actress as well as hair design. Towards the end of the series, it is revealed that, following the death of Shinji's mother, Gendo cloned her in the form of Rei and infused that clone with the soul of Lilith. indifferent coolness that won him so many fans. This would suggest that, in the final moments of the film, Asuka is simply expressing her feelings about being one of only two people left alive, and having to share the world with Shinji.

an elaborate ruse. She is seen much more indifferent than in any of the previous chapters of the series, and her appearance went through drastic changes as well, making Shinji unable to recognize her when he sees her for the first time. She is the operations director at NERV, initially with the rank of captain; she is later promoted to major. In the manga, which loosely follows the same story, he is shot twice and remarks that his assassin isn't a very good shot, indicating it may have been someone in power who delivered the killing blow rather than a foot soldier. This has since been proven false by Hideaki Anno, the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, who confirmed that it wasn't his long time lover who killed him. intended this cut to be a clue of any sort. Like many other aspects of the series, his eventual assassination is shrouded in mystery, though that hasn't stopped fans from digging deep into the series to find answers to their questions. In Evangelion Episode 20 SEELE refer to Kaji as a bell attached to As the series progresses, through her former lover Ryoji Kaji she learns the truth behind the Human Instrumentality Project and the depths of deception that NERV and SEELE have gone to keep the Project secret, even from her. Partway through the series, viewers are introduced to Kaji, an unapologetic ladies man with a past connection to Misato Katsuragi and who seems to be playing for both sides of the impending Third Impact.

In the redone For a while, it was assumed that Misato was the one who killed Kaji as just before his death, she was interrogated by NERV in regards to her romantic involvement with him. This line is more of an issue in translation than being directly confusing for the sake of it, as "kimochi warui", Asuka's line in Japanese is more an expression of feelings rather than a direct statement. Kaji was a bit of a player, being romantically involved with Misato while flirting relentlessly with her friend (and NERV's top scientist) Ritsuko Akagi. As to who shot him, well Anno has said it for SEELE. Unlike the anime, which is silent about Kaji's past before he met Misato, Sadamoto's Manga has a Kaji backstory chapter, in which we learn that he was in a post Second Impactgang of looters, and when captured he betrayed his friends to their deaths. Why he chose to do this isn't made clear until End of Evangelion, where he reveals that he intends to implement the Human Instrumentality Project with the sole purpose of seeing his wife again, though he ultimately fails and Shinji ends up being the one to take control of the Third Impact alongside Rei. Her first appearance in this continuity is in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, where she appears to be almost identical to her anime counterpart apart from some minor differences, such as her hair being a darker shade of purple. officers enters Gendou's office and tells him that Fuyutsuki has returned but that they In an interesting contrast between Misato's photograph, the picture she possesses of Shinji, attached to the dashboard of her car, presumably from the Marduk Institute, shows Shinji tight-laced and prim in what appears to be his school uniform. [6] The capsule saved her life, but her injuries left a large scar on her chest. Misato threatens to kill Kaji if he refuses to abandon his plans to sabotage Nerv. The End of Evangelion. Early on in the series, it is established that each pilot has a special connection with their EVA Unit that allows them to pilot it with greater precision and ease than the others, though no reason is given as to why this is. Her duties at NERV include acting as a field commander for the Eva pilots, issuing orders and relaying battle strategies as well as processing input from Ritsuko Akagi and the technicians monitoring the Evas. Then the scene a security agent to shoot him. He is dead. "Checkpoint" section of the official film book, it states that the person who Check it out, and if you like what you see, be sure to hit like and subscribe, and feel free to leave some feedback in the comments.

Before he shoots her, he speaks a line that is silent, though Ritsuko responds by calling him a liar. However, Misato is mortally wounded in the process. [3][page needed] The disparity between her professionalism on the job and her slovenliness at home, as well as her issues in her relationships with her father and Kaji and the ambiguous nature of her relationship with Shinji, ties into her psychological issues. In Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Misato encourages Shinji to get closer to his father and also brings Asuka into her household in hopes of establishing camaraderie between the two pilots. tells her that "it's over now" and that they "don't know where 'he' This theory circulates most among the legions of devoted Kaji lovers Her loyalty to Nerv appears to be unbreakable, although apart from the main objective of annihilating the angels, she is unaware of Nerv's underlying intentions. Rei's is a little different, in that the soul within Unit 00 is the first clone of Rei rather than someone close to her. that's fans thought it was Misato. She then chooses to have Shinji move in with her rather than live alone, and later takes in Asuka Langley Soryu. He was a It seems clear that SEELE wanted Kaji killed. Then there is End of Evangelion, where some lines seem so random that they have apparently no meaning, with the most well known being Asuka's final words "How disgusting", or "I feel sick" in the Japanese dub. She also appears in various video games based on the franchise, including the popular cross-over series Super Robot Wars.

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