“Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Not intensely or keenly felt, as in pain. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? his senses/intellectual powers are growing, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. very strict in moral or religious matters, often excessively so, talking or tending to talk much or freely, 1200–50; Middle English; akin to Old English, Dictionary.com Unabridged Share this quote: Like Quote. , dreary, sombre, dark, subdued, muted, toned down, lacklustre, lustreless, colourless, faded, washed out, muddy, watery, pale, , cloudy, gloomy, dark, dim, dismal, dreary, bleak, sombre, grey, leaden, murky, sunless, louring, , muted, quiet, soft, softened, faint, indistinct, , blunted, not sharp, unkeen, unsharpened, dulled, edgeless, worn down, , sluggish, flat, slow, slow-moving, quiet, inactive, static, stagnant, depressed, , lethargic, enervated, unenergetic, listless, languid, torpid, inactive, inert, slow, slow-moving, sleepy, somnolent, drowsy, weary, tired, fatigued, heavy, apathetic. Meanwhile, you can download “Don’t Dull” below and check out the website’s homepage for other similar tracks, but don’t forget to share your thoughts because it’s very important to us. What does the Australian term chalkie mean? When we live in the moment we create more memories that we will forever treasure and hold dear to ourselves. Just as people are always changing and never staying true to themselves.

Not bright, vivid, or shiny: a dull brown; a glaze with a dull … What does the Australian term bonzer mean? How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know what languages these words come from? Why Do We Have “Red States” And “Blue States”? You can download “Don’t Dull ” free mp3 on NaijaBasic.com right now. I was quoted in The New York Times saying, ‘We dared to be dull’. ‘she'd have to find something to dull the edges of the pain’. An impressive song that will sure be worth a place on your playlist. Some people may want to dwell on the past but not everybody does and those who do not are the ones who find peace, happiness, eternity, and the true meaning of life on earth. Send Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? ‘However, vibrant as this movement was, the slow and insidious process of co-option began to dull the edge of militancy.’. In British English, if a knife is no longer sharp, you do not say that it is 'dull'. Her face was yellow; her eyes were sunken and dull; her hands trembled. This is undoubtedly one of the impressive songs on the internet which has been found worth of making it to our site. We need to learn to live in the moment because we are all guests in this world, and eventually our time expires.

With thousands of other amazing music on our website for download, we are glad we keep sharing the best songs across the globe with you every day. Posted on June 16, 2013 by Ashley. The world is always changing, never staying still. est 1. a. Arousing little interest; lacking liveliness; boring: a dull movie. Learn a new word every day. We must not fear death because with death we are given eternity. | © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Cause to be less keenly felt; reduce the intensity or effectiveness of. Home; About; Tag Archives: meaning Post navigation True Meaning of Life on Earth. Can Obama and a Republican Senate Find Common Ground? The work at Art Basel is often interesting, often dull, and disproportionately decorative in nature. They can retweet, like, etc. ». Cause to be less keenly felt; reduce the intensity or effectiveness of. stupid.

Delivered to your inbox! Wizkid just dropped a new song on air titled “ Don’t Dull” and is here for your free download. When fluid has collected in the lower part of the chest cavity the sound will also be dull on percussion. (of a person's senses) not perceiving things distinctly; insensitive. What does the Australian term pirri mean?

There is always someone waiting for us in the afterlife and someone with us now on Earth. Life is always changing, always moving forward never stopping for anyone. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. Alfred Hitchcock’s Fade to Black: The Great Director’s Final Days, Sneer and Clothing in Miami: Inside The $3 Billion Woodstock of Contemporary Art. We have to move on because as much as people say “I want to live in the moment” only about half, if that, actually do. And hey, why not share this music with other people via social media using the share icon at the top left corner of this post? slow in motion or action; not brisk; sluggish: a dull day in the stock … If you say that something is dull, you mean that it is not interesting. Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language? « (of a person) slow to understand; stupid. Louise was announced one dull November morning, a few days later. These memories are what get us through every fight, every death, and everyday. American English also uses dull for this meaning.

(of a person) feeling bored and dispirited. Don’t “Dumb” Down Your Speech: Use These Words Instead Of “Dumb”. If anything our memories and love for someone are strengthened after they leave us. I mean I don't consider it to be a focal point of my career not because it is not, but simply because I never think in that way. 2. Wizkid just dropped a new song on air titled “ Don’t Dull” and is here for your free download. , decrease, diminish, reduce, dampen, depress, take the edge off, blunt, deaden, mute, soften, tone down, allay, ease, soothe, assuage, alleviate, palliate, moderate, mitigate, , benumb, deaden, desensitize, render insensitive, stupefy, daze, stun, , pale, bleach, wash out, decolorize, decolour, dim, etiolate, , blacken, dim, blur, veil, obscure, shadow, fog, , put a damper on, cast a pall over, cast down, lower, depress, crush, shake, sap, suppress, extinguish, smother, stifle, These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. Because of this we are never really alone. b. Everyone knows we cannot change the past, we can only live in the present and create our future but even with this knowledge we all still tend to dwell over affairs that have happened. 2Lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. a dull pain cineuropa.mobi. ‘The dull thud of horse hooves on the packed earth changed suddenly to the loud clacking of iron horseshoes on a paved road.’ ‘The dull sound fell loudly into the silence of the prison.’ ‘When a sample of the cancer cells touched the man's forehead, the percussion sound changed from resonant sound to a dull …

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