However, Draco denied knowing who Harry was. However, Lucius did not openly declare himself against him until after Lord Voldemort took control of the Ministry. Lucius Malfoy was a Death Eater during both wizard wars. However, despite our best efforts, we sometimes miss the mark. He’s Harry Potter’s arch rival at Hogwarts, he’s from one of Slytherin’s venerated pureblood families, and he’s our favorite spoiled brat. House When Draco was made a Death Eater, she trained Draco herself In 1997, Bellatrix stayed with Lucius at his house, as she wanted to come closer to Voldemort, who was also staying there. He also insults Hermione Granger's Muggle-born status by referring to her as a "Mudblood", a term that, as stated by Hagrid, is one not used in civilised conversations. In addition, Lucius did have a replacement wand in the 7th film, but was dispatched by Harry before he could use it. Lucius was only present at Hagrid's arrest because he had to inform Dumbledore that he and the other governors had voted on his suspension. [5], Many of Draco's relatives on his mother's side of the family (the Blacks) are named for stars or constellations (e.g., Sirius Black, Regulus Black, Andromeda Black Tonks, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Cygnus Black, Orion Black). The Malfoys were desperate for a chance to be forgiven, and thus were excited when a group of Snatchers led by Fenrir Greyback brought Harry Potter and his friends to the Manor in the spring of 1998. In the following years, Lucius continued to dislike Dumbledore and cause trouble for him. In an interview at the Royal Albert Hall, Rowling noted that boys liked to dress up as Malfoy a lot more than Harry, and that people are "getting far too fond of Draco", which she finds "a little bit worrying". The Malfoys have been in England since 1066, the time of William the Conquerer. As the D.A. [21] Which was not to say, however, that his magical education was by any means an uneventful one. The Time-Turner he created was kept by Draco, and used to save Scorpius and his friend who were trapped in the past.[60]. flees the Room of Requirement, Draco earns Slytherin fifty points after catching Harry, and helps hold several members captive in Umbridge's office, letting them free only after Ginny Weasley performs her famous Bat Bogey Hex. During an interview in 2005, Rowling revealed that she enjoyed writing Draco in this book, and that the character "did a lot of growing up" as well.[7]. He attempted to sabotage Arthur Weasley's career by slipping Arthur's daughter an old school diary of Tom Riddle's, opening the Chamber of Secrets in 1992, and in 1994, he participated in the humiliation of a Muggle family after the Quidditch World Cup. Lucius shared at least some of his Hogwarts years with Avery, Mulciber, Evan Rosier, Wilkes, and Rodolphus Lestrange. However, when Ginny Weasley was taken into the Chamber to lure Harry Potter, the other Governors decided to face Malfoy and Dumbledore was reinstated.

It is unknown how Lucius reacted when he learnt of Snape's death and his true loyalties to Dumbledore, though it is possible that he was saddened by the death of his old friend and may have been sympathetic towards Snape due to his own disillusionment from the Death Eaters. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione seek Ravenclaw's diadem in the Room of Requirement, Draco, along with Crabbe and Goyle (Blaise Zabini in film version rather than Crabbe), attempts to capture Harry alive. He is a student in Harry Potter's year belonging in the Slytherin house. Although Catherine's successor Queen Anne Boleyn suffered an infamously dark fate, Aragon's own life was somehow even more tragic.

However, he never used it which led Draco to believe that he actually preferred a world without Voldemort. Narcissa lied directly to Voldemort for Harry's sake when he informed her that Draco was still alive, and she and Lucius ran through the crowd, "not even attempting to fight, screaming for their son. At the end of the film The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Voldemort gives Draco a nice, awkward hug when Draco crosses over to the side of the Death Eaters. Do you question the accuracy of a fact you just read? "I'm trying to clearly distinguish between Tom Felton, who is a good looking young boy, and Draco, who, whatever he looks like, is not a nice man.

Securely hidden by the powerful Fidelius Charm, however, it was only when one of their own friends and Secret Keeper, Peter Pettigrew, joined them out of fear and disclosed their whereabouts that this new enemy could be dealt with. Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World, Interview with Jason Issacs about his portrayal of Lucius Malfoy, seen. Lucius Malfoy had a strong dislike of Albus Dumbledore. His father, Abraxas, died of a case of Dragon Pox, when he was very old. A plot twist reveals that Draco had unwittingly become the Elder Wand's master when he disarmed Dumbledore, even though Draco never actually possessed the wand. At least some content in this article is derived from information featured in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.As such, spoilers will be present within the article. This instance proved that Hagrid did not trust Lucius. Buckbeak's owner, gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid, desperately tried to defend him, with the assistance of Hermione Granger, arguing that Buckbeak had been provoked by Draco and had attacked in self-defence.

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