Yup, the 2004 sandbox MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online is still sailing along, with their most recent update, Lost Memories bringing with it some cool new stuff. There are also a set of portraits used for the player’s status bar during gameplay. All I want is a response EA!!!! Iunno. Reboot. I’ve heard some people saying it looks “really good” and I’ll be honest here, from a non-bias perspective, the game definitely looks pretty good. To celebrate the Open Beta launch, the ChangYou team will hold special events both in-game and off-line. An email from ChangYou stated: It is with a bittersweet sadness that we announce that Zentia will be closing its doors August 13th, 2012 at 11:59PM PDT. I was kind of disgusted by how bad the game ended up being. I'm trying to run Dragon Age Inquisition on my Windows 10 PC.

This information can be left blank, or set to be viewable by only friends or the player. Still doesn't work. Since its initial launch in China, ChangYou.com has taken steps to sell Dragon Oath on an international stage. I paid for a product, and I'm not getting what I paid for. We listened to what they had to say, and while we were not able

ChangYou has developed over 27 expansions for Dragon Oath since its original launch in 2007. However, I am under the assumption it is an entirely different server between PC and consoles.

its the server its been down for days now. So think.. However, instead of addressing this they instead opted to not only keep the forums down for what, 4?

Unfortunately for EU players, Dragon Nest will be shutting down its EU servers effective May 15th due to an end to their contract with the developers. I’ll wait and see. Ran a UO trace route to easo.ea.com and only saw 0% or 100% loss in trace route/polling. [citation needed]. I also cannot connect to the Mass Effect 3 servers either. Dragon Oath is a Fantasy MMORPG published by ChangYou which is set in China during the time of the Song Dynasty in 960 AD. The classes allow for a variety of play styles, from traditional tanks and healers, to more layered classes like the Voodoo, who stack abilities to cause damage over time. A simple "we're having problems on our end!" Dragon Oath was developed by the Chinese game developer ChangYou, which is partially owned by Sohu. Sure, MMOs have dinosaur monsters in-game but aren’t dinosaur themed. Follow-up update. Hopefully this will be helpful. Perhaps this is different on other computers, especially in China, but these keys are bound to Windows functions, such as backlighting, sound volume, and others, so some will have to click the skill bar with their mouse instead or simply rebind the keys. Dragon Oath, called Tian Long Ba Bu in China, is a 3D martial arts MMORPG developed and published by ChangYou and released in 2007 in China. Every port that I opened was indeed open. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information. For Dragon Oath the game’s .exe file should be at C:dragon oathBin or whatever directory you installed the game into. The game is set in ancient China and is based upon the mythology of the eight races of non-human deities described in Buddhist cosmology. Well so are we! Also, I opened up all TCP and UDP ports according to: I tested Dragon Age Service on another Windows 10 PC through Dragon Age 2 Origin Game. It seems they have a more stable version of the game online I just played it here free https://www.brightestgames.com/game/lets-fish-the-game, this is a discord server with people that try to revive the game if u wanna give a hand pls join here : https://discord.gg/6bguqd. In the game, players can further customize their character by creating a small biography. Seriously hope someone picks up the game and gets the servers running again. And more! Gain Treasure-Dragons are the true owners of treasures great and small, and it is your duty to amass a hoard.

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