It is recommended to get the Korek Machete as soon as possible to make the rest of the game easier.

238. Most of the quarantines require you to pick up some supply crates in buildings or parking garages.

Then, unplug the power cord on the back of the console, and plug it back in. Since its stats improve with your level, it is recommended to collect it later in the game. If a weapon has an empty upgrade slot, go to your inventory, and select the upgrade mod you want to apply to it.

This video guide shows them in the most efficient order with the smallest distance in between.

However, you will also get points just for surviving the night outside. Repeat this process until your Power skill level is maxed. Endorsements.

While the weapon is in mid-air, open your inventory, and drop the thrown weapon to duplicate it (one thrown and one dropped). There are two methods to doing this.

All collectibles (Notes, Battle Journals, Audio Logs, Zombie Statues, Flags) obtained.

Travel east to a building shaped like a backwards "C". Grab the flag to get a small amount of experience points. They are one of three text collectibles and are required for the "It's All In The Writing" achievement (34 Notes, 17 Battle Journals, 16 Voice Mails). Swords can be bought from merchants later in the game and after completing the story (Survivor Level 12 or higher is required to increase the odds).

Travel along that road to find a military caravan. Required ingredients: 1x Baseball, 1x Crowbar, 1x Metal Parts, 1x String, 3x Fluorescent Shrooms. Original upload 09 July 2016 6:21AM.

Then, select a game or demo to auto close Dying Light with your inventory intact. Can the New Final Fantasy Revitalize the Series?

Travel to the northern end of the Slums, and enter the middle safe zone.

Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app! They are one of three text collectibles and are required for the "It's All In The Writing" achievement (34 Notes, 17 Battle Journals, 16 Voice Mails).

All of the items listed in earlier save uploaded on 5 April 2015. Search it to collect the weapon, which will take approximately 120 seconds.

Player Unlimited Health. During the "Gunslinger" mission, you can purchase a Ray McCall figure from the pawnshop. You can also craft the weapon as often as desired since it only costs 10 alcohol and 20 metal parts (which are the most common materials and can also be bought from merchants). To travel to Antenna, use the door in the north of the Slums or the sewer entrance in the north of Old Town (there are only some flags and zombie statues there). They are one of three text collectibles and are required for the "It's All In The Writing" achievement (34 Notes, 17 Battle Journals, 16 Voice Mails).

Proceed along the rocky shore to your right until reaching the very edge.

When you run out of targets, move to the next gap.

They are very fast and deadly. There are two ways to get a 9mm pistol. Go to the merchant in the tower (Slums), and look at what he is selling. Easy Lock Picking.

Our Dying Light trainer has over 34 cheats and supports Steam and GOG.

The designation of the Enterprise, "NCC-1701", can be found spray painted on the wall next to a classroom door. Night Hunter at level 23 with 20 skillpoints to assign.

Requires Dying Light version 1.6 and Bozak Horde DLC.

Are Gamers Really Ready for an All-Digital Future? These messages and cave are a reference to the original loot cave in Destiny, which eventually got patched. Search the indicated locations to find all 34 Notes. Quarantine Zones are counted as co-op competitions, even when completed in single player mode.

Turn on the electric switch inside near the entrance to make the zombies dance. The machete has four upgrade slots, which you can use to increase the damage to over 600. Use the zip line that takes you towards the mountains (northeast), then search for a Toxic Lichen plant on one of the rocks, on the south side of the hole. Is Amazon the Dark Horse to Watch in Next-Gen?

2. Use it on your sword or khopesh when you have all the required crafting materials to get the "Gabriel's Sword" achievement. A very easy way to kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage is to climb up a fence or building at day (since enemies cannot follow you there), and throw Molotovs and/or grenades at groups of zombies.

Successfully complete all eight Quarantine Zones to get the "Trespassing" achievement.

Once you defeat the zombies, you can search the bodies to collect the loot. If it is not night, sleep to change it to night, as you will gain extra XP for killing enemies at night. All rights reserved. When the Volatile walks into the trap, it should die. The sword's loot icon will read "This EXPcalibur belongs to me."

Search the indicated containers and/or areas to find the corresponding ingredient: In the Antenna area, climb the large antenna until you reach the zip lines.

After progressing far enough in the game, you will find a guitar in your room at the Tower. 100% completed savegame files. Location: Travel east of the lake from the starting area to find it on a watchtower. It also works well with guns, especially if you get headshots.

There is a secret underwater cave at the far northeast corner of the Slums.

But i've been given by people who joined me, yellows police weapon with 0 ammo, but when i shoot, it's unlimited.

The starting points of the required quests are also shown in this video guide. After collecting the loot, a message will appear saying "Enough! The other stone is on the edge of the beach, at the southwest side of the museum. The Gunslinger side quest gives you access to a pawn shop that contains two text collectibles. Games Dying Light cheats Trainers and cheats for Steam and GOG. It is easier to do this in Co-Op mode. One of the shops in the Slums is named "Left 4 Bread". If he does not have a sword or khopesh, go to sleep in your bed to skip time. You must reset it before activating it again. Invite a player back into your game, and repeat the process a few more times. All rights reserved.

During the clinic mission where you need to carry samples, you can find a folder with a QR code. Location: Travel east from the large lake and enter the barn through the window on the upper floor. You can also collect them after completing the story. With the DLC, there are ten Quarantine Zones in total.

The sword cannot be repaired and will eventually break after a few hits. Higher quality weapons will have more upgrade slots.

Search the indicated locations to find all 16 Voice Mails.

Virus scan.

Max Power …

After completing the game, you can use fast travel in the Tower to return to Old Town. You can still access all areas after completing the game by using fast travel (nothing is missable). If one of them sees you, it will hunt you down. Invite a player into your game.


The damage stats of your wrench do not matter. After escorting Omar, he will say "And may the fish be with you, always.". They all have their own number -- so you can track which ones you are missing. Stand above an electric fence trap, throw some firecrackers, then activate the trap.

You can use this area to easily level up your Power skills. Location: Enter the Water Processing Faculty on the east side of the lake. To fast travel between the Slums and Old Town, go to your bedroom in the Tower. It is on a shelf inside a building. The following are the various weapon colors and the rarity they represent: Gain the indicated amount of experience points to reach the corresponding level for Perks: The Infamy Bridge is in the east of the Slums (right side on the world map). Note: Having another player sit at the bed will make this process faster. Then, turn left and climb up the rock wall at the dead end to find a second duffel bag. To view how many collectibles you have found, open your inventory, and press X to see an overview of all the text collectibles you have obtained. It will appear in your room afterwards, and you can interact with it. Then, unplug the power cord on the back of the console, and plug it back in.

After completing the game, the repeatable side missions will be available again with randomly placed blue chests that contain helpful items from the G.R.E. They all have their own number -- so you can track which ones you are missing. The easiest is to pick it up from the cottage in the bottom right corner of the Slums.

When you are near a collectible, you can use Survivor Sense to mark it with an orange icon (hold A).

To have unlimited health, keep duplicating the med kit. Sell unwanted items to get an unlimited amount of money. The Korek Machete does 500 damage, can take 35 hits, and has 218 handling.

After collecting both stones, place them inside the eye sockets of the skull inside Ishaq's apartment during the "Shadow Of The King" side quest. Note: If you buy the two backpack upgrades, you can carry more weapons and farm much quicker. 1. Search the indicated locations to find all 17 of Marvin Zucker's Battle Journals.

It will teleport you to a Plants vs. Zombies mini-game where zombies are fighting plants. You can pick it up and play it, but it will sound terrible.

Go to the school. Hello guys, so i am playing the first part of Dying light, and i checked, Vac secure is on. The trick is to remain quiet. When you are near a collectible, you can use Survivor Sense to mark it with an orange icon (hold A).

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Search the rocky outcroppings for a supply crate. During the escort mission for Nick Pesto, he will ask you to help him collect some items he lost.

Travel there to obtain the Exploding Throwing Stars blueprint, and kill the madman before escaping. Travel to the boat house at the large lake in that area. wemod. Once there, dive in the water to find another crate on the sea floor. The EXPcalibur sword appears randomly as loot.

Outside the Tower is a wall with a lot of pictures of missing people, which are the game's developers. You will then be attacked by spawning zombies for approximately four minutes. The second way is to lock pick police vans. There are spikes all around the map -- on streets, buildings, roadblocks, and many other places. 1.

There are five escort side quests that are found in the Slums, just before leaving for Old Town. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu.

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