All of our technicians are fully trained and very experienced in all aspects of road/performance and race technology. The 2009 M3 was given a much better version of iDrive with helpful buttons that surround the controller. The DCT in the E90 was pretty quick-shifting, but as the technology gets better, people may look back on the M3's transmission as being a little slow. Hence although I am OCD with warm up and oil change (5k) I still plan to change RB should I keep the car (had it for 4 years and probably keep it as its wonderful). Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk OE Bolts ARP Bolts. Taillights are an easy fix, but the iDrive navigation system will be far more difficult to replace. check out our Oil Tech Page by clicking here. We stock the ACL Conrod Bearings (commonly known as 'uprated'). They all fail mate, I've heard of 2013 cars failing but mainly US cars. We are an independent BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mini specialist based in King's Lynn. You can add luxury features like rear sunshades, full leather seats, navigation, and electric everything or you could also order the M3 with manual seats, a cloth interior, and a simple six-speed manual transmission. DT will be around £1400 using OE parts and new engine mounts. Problem can be addressed during engine rebuild, but it's expensive. BMW released an updated rod bearing (702/703) around mid 2010 manufactured from tin & aluminium, coupled with a slight increase in bearing clearance value. I went with BE Bearings in my E92 M3. The BMW 088/089 Conrod Bearing Shells are known to wear at an unusually quicker rate when compared to BMW's previous M-power engines like the S50 S54 M3, and S62 M5. So it's very important to measure the clearance of the new bearing shells.When in situ the human eye can't see the difference between 0.050mm and 0.080mm but yet the difference in terms of engine reliability would be massive. We also stock Genuine BMW Conrod Bearings (commonly know as 702/703). A specialty shop will charge you around $2,000 for the service. BMW M5 (2005-2010), BMW M3 (2008-2013) can suffer early bearing failure due to inadequate rod bearing clearance. Also includes BMW projects, tips and more. Finally, I assume labor will cost around $1.5K for 12 hours @ 120/hour.

I’m in Surrey and drove to Aaron to get mine done. If I was to have them changed for the standard bearings wouldn’t the same problem still be there with the apparent design fault of the original bearings? Rod Bearing Replacement Cost (preventive maintenance) Discussion in 'E90 Saloon / E92 Coupe / E93 Convertible M3 ... if the bearings are ok) I get mine done from Only cost £30 or something and has the potential to save carrying out what could potentially be a needless £1500 repair job. Some of these cars are nearing the 100,000 mile mark, but we were amazed at how many examples we found with less than 70,000 miles. ... Rod bearing replacement is not the kind of job BMW would typically do on Motorplan. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The E90 was gradually updated with LED taillights and better electronics that you won't find on the 2008 model year. We the manuals are more future-proof and probably better to own in the long run considering that these cars are getting up there in age and miles.,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Kirbster Achieved official socks. As discussed before I found a e90 that I will be picking up on Friday in Dbn and I am in JHB. 2019 Tesla Model 3 Review: Simply Electric, 2018 BMW M3 CS Test Drive Review: Saving The Best For Last. Final hurrah for F80 M3 is a best-of compilation to savor.

That engine made this generation M3 one of our favorites and also one of the most unique. £1595 for BMW Bearings & BMW Bolts. Without engine mounts With engine mounts (pair) * Rod bolts.

The earlier E90 M3s are more susceptible to rod bearing failure as BMW made changes to the S65 engine later in the car's lifespan. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. When considering this complex repair for your E9x M3, make sure you know whether you are simply having your bearing shells/bolts replaced, or whether you're having your bearing shells/bolts replaced, along with comprehensive analysis of clearance measurements backed up with recorded data, plus digital media of the repair.Otherwise you will not know if the clearances are suitable and it will purely be an assumption that none of the new bearing shells were defective, incorrectly packaged or manufactured, or even microscopically scratched in the packaging for example (it's rare but it can happen). BMW M3 Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost Know what price you should pay to get your vehicle fixed. Designed using correct materials and proper tolerances.

This is a 10 hour labour process due to our due diligence of measuring the clearances of all the new Conrod Bearing Shells to Crankshaft Journal, and recording the measurement data for you. E90 Saloon / E92 Coupe / E93 Convertible M3 (2008-2013). M3 E90'2'3 Rod Bearing Problems And Cost.

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