By removing humans there was a little effect on the ecosystem. There are about 350 different species of mammals along with 12000 different species of birds which are found in India. Having an organic maintenance culture for fertilizers.

Biodiversity is a term used to refer the different forms of life on the Earth. A species is a group of plants or animals that are similar and able to breed and produce offspring under natural conditions. We need to curb pollution for protecting Biodiversity. Water bodies like seas, oceans and rivers are polluted by the release of industrial wastes into the.

There are various wildlife conservation programmes in place to protect the vulnerable and endangered species. If proper care is not taken, the biodiversity of Earth may become extinct one day and if it happens then, humans have to find another planet to live. Using sustainable agricultural methods.

In order to make the students know more about biodiversity and how it affects us we have come up with long essays for students.

A study from the University of Maryland suggests that by increasing species diversity in an ecosystem, both the efficiency and the productivity of an ecosystem will increase. Similarly, there are many other species which are on the verge of extinction due to the urbanisation and modernisation of the world. Like this post? Genetic diversity is due to the genetic components shared by living organisms. There are many regions in the world that have similar problems and if we do not do our best to conserve biodiversity, we could be looking at similar or even worst natural catastrophes. All these species of plants and animals are collectively called biodiversity. According to the Encyclopedia of Earth, species diversity is a measurement of an ecosystem’s species richness and species evenness. Government should frame stricter laws and organizations should sensitize people to be concerned about it and contribute their bit. For instance, it is more in regions near the equator due to warm climatic conditions. That’s when they started grazing extensively which depleted the grass on the shore of the Yellow stone river and this, in turn, made the soil loos.

Ecological diversity is a broader term used for the ecosystem diversity. The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health states that “these species grow and reproduce rapidly, causing major disturbances to the areas in which they are present.” Invasive species outcompete other species for food and habitat. All the three types of biodiversity are important to the existence of living organisms. Some changes could be encouraged to improve biodiversity in our environment. Because of the removal of flowers it eventually removes bees which effect humans and the food chain. Having a very high biodiversity is extremely essential to help maintain the surroundings in a state of harmony.

There is therefore a need to try as much as possible to dispose industrial wastes through other means and methods that do not harm the environment. These living organisms include marine, terrestrial and aquatic life. If these species cease to exist then such programmes shall not be possible. in American history in 2008. Such is the volume of the subject. The variation exists due to genetics, species and the ecosystem or the habitat. Explain how you determined this.

2. The ecosystem is the hallmark of diversity because it helps to sustain the lives of diverse living things. This deforestation is the largest way for humans to affect trees. However, the ever increasing pollution is negatively affecting biodiversity. Essay, 3 pages. Our environment is a complex phenomenon that consists of the climate, geography and other natural resources in the environment. Digging into the term ‘Biodiversity’ more generously makes us realize that we have over 10,000 species of birds on earth. 3. Therefore it becomes our duty to maintain the Biodiversity. With our need to be productive all the time we lose sight of the small things that make the system function as whole. Don’t waste Your Time Searching For a Sample, Get Your Job Done By a Professional Skilled Writer. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay Sample: a. 4.8

The ecosystem is the hallmark of diversity because it helps to sustain the lives of diverse living things. So, if biodiversity does not persist how people will have access to these fibres? Hence it is our duty to ensure that our activities do not affect the other flora and fauna on the planet. The species that have similar genes diverge and they develop differently thus creating biodiversity. Species diversity occurs when a habitat comprises different kinds of living things. But they were not able to adapt to the changing environmental conditions which led to their extinction from the Earth. iii. It provides natural services such as soil protection, water resources, pollution breakdown, food, medical resources, and future resources, according to Shah (2014). Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Essay, 4 pages. Plus, get a FREE copy of How to Make Money Blogging! A number of plants and animals have gone extinct because of increased deforestation and other factors.

If an ecosystem has poor species diversity, it may not function properly or efficiently. Here are a few recommended articles for you to read next: I love dancing, singing, travelling, watching videos on Youtube and making new friends. If an ecosystem has poor species diversity, it may not function properly or efficiently. My personal experience as a student has thought me that I learn best when I have an example so I will give you an example of the importance of biodiversity. Since the indigenous species can’t compete, they either are forced to leave the ecosystem or die out. Biodiversity has three levels – genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. Essay, 10 pages. For instance, penicillin is a fungus through which the penicillin antibiotic is extracted. For example, we human beings depend on various animals and plants for our clothes, shelter and food. According to the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio Janeiro, biodiversity may be defined as, “the variability among living... An ecosystem is basically a specific environment as a whole. There was actually a lot of plants in both of the environment but of course the ones in the sunlight had a healthier ecosystem. Hence there has been a need to conserve the biodiversity so as to maintain the balance of nature. c. Round 3 = In this round bees was removed. A lot of other words and terms have been at one time or another used to explain diversity.

There is an uneven distribution of biodiversity on the Earth. If an invasive species forces out too many other species, the species diversity will drop, which could cause an ecosystem to function inefficiently or fail. This term refers to the many different life forms that inhabit the earth at this moment, this includes bacteria, plants, animals and humans and it also refers to their shared environment. We should protect it no matter whatever be the limitations. The Importance of Ecosystem Management and Protection. Biodiversity or Biological diversity refers to the variety and variability of living beings on planet earth and it is the degree of variation of life. All the food we consume is either derived from plants or animals such as fishes and other marine animals. There are different ways in which we can preserve our Biological environment. Diversity is the hallmark of nature. 2. It also denotes each and every aspect of the ecosystem such as micro-organisms, coral reefs, rainforests, deserts, forests etc.. A good balance in biodiversity supports human race and humans on the other hand must ensure to save biodiversity.

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