"What we want is for there to be peace, tranquility. And she won't stop looking. Better known as CJNG, this cartel has plagued hundreds of mothers like Silvia in Mexico as they’ve watched their children disappear. “I’m going to find you, my boy. Authorities have few photos of the elusive El Mencho today. Silvia tells her five other grown children not to be on the street at night, to call when they leave and again when they arrive. To be careful of what they post on social media. Silvia believes it was CJNG that took her Jorge. By the time she arrived at the right office, it was 2 a.m. Officers made her wait, then pelted her with questions. Another day, and I did not find him. Unlike the more militant approach of past administrations, the president has advocated for addressing what he believes are the root causes of violence such as job insecurity, the lack of education and poverty. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Cristopher Rogel Blanquet is a Mexican photojournalist who worked for The Courier Journal on this project.

I have to find you.”. That seemed the whole of the investigation. “… You don’t know how terrible it is to go looking for your children at (the morgue) among the dead and even more when there are mutilated bodies. He was wearing a gray, short-sleeved shirt with buttons, jeans and Puma sneakers, she told them. Silvia was confused. What she doesn’t know is whether he’s dead or alive. They put pressure on authorities to make sure fingerprints of the dead are taken and recorded before the bodies are interred. So be sleepy. They’d found a 25-year-old man, thin, with tattoos. ", Mexican journalist, Rodrigo Pacheco, tweeted: "The president says that the arrest or death of the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, Nemesio Oseguera 'El Mencho', is a lie and false news.". “But he already knows he is missing. That at that moment they tell you all those things?”. “… Although it hurts you, you have to accompany them. Silvia belongs to the support group Por Amor a Ellxs, or, For the Love of Them.

Officers told her she had to file a complaint about Jorge’s disappearance. He was wearing a gray shirt and dark pants. “The day passes, and hope continues to fall. And in the collective, that is what we do most. More than two years after his disappearance, Silvia still has no information about his whereabouts. El Mencho — CJNG’s leader — has “zero concern for human life,” Donahue said from his Mexico City office. Jorge wasn’t carrying a cellphone, so that made geolocation impossible.

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