A modification that causes weapon strikes to temporarily enhance the regeneration rate of a wingman's shield, at the cost of increased heat generation. Double Braced for Beam Lasers, Burst Lasers, Pulse Lasers, Multi-cannons, Plasma Accelerators, Fragment Cannons, Cannons, Rail Guns, Mine Launchers, Torpedo Pylons, Seeker Missiles, Dumb Missiles.

Layered Plating for Hull/Module Reinforcements. Additional capacitor arrays allow the power distributor to store more energy at the cost of a slower charging rate. Friend or Foe Beam modulation upgrade. Experimental munitions that cause the frame shift drive on the impacted ship to reboot, at the cost of reduced damage. Enlarged projection nodes increase resistance to kinetic damage, at the cost of overall shield strength. (beside as I know the rapid fire pulse will generate more heat than an overcharged burst lol) But each of their own I guess.

Scaled up components and reinforced munitions housing allows the weapon to pack more of a punch, increasing damage at the cost of increased power draw.

Experimental upgrade that causes strikes to envelope the target in energetic particles, significantly amplifying its signature, at the cost of increasing heat generation for the attacker.

Friend or foe targeting upgrade that causes rounds to self-destruct before damaging ships that are not currently targeted. Experimental upgrade that increases damage and converts half of it to kinetic, at the cost of introducing aiming jitter. But I guess its also just a personal preference . | Privacy and cookies policy | Update cookie preferences | Contact | Support Inara / Hide ads |.

Quite a bit. Modulating burst fire system designed to defeat shielding. I just unlocked the dweller and im not sure which mods are actually worth using. If you’re looking for the best Elite Dangerous mods, apps and add-ons in 2020 then you’ve come to the right place. Depends on what ship what laser what purpose? Experimental munitions that interact with shields upon detonation, generating significant heat on the target. So here I am seeking advice. Cluster Capacitors for Power Distributors. Experimental munitions that disrupt engine exhaust flow on the target, temporarily preventing ENG power distribution from increasing thrust. I like pulses with long range and scramble spectrum.

Experimental upgrade that breaks target lock on successful strikes. Angled Plating for Hull/Module Reinforcements. My distributer gives out before I get anywhere near having heat issues, so in my book this is a pretty good option.

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