My husband is an anesthesiologist and is usually gone in the mornings, so Ivan and I get some alone time. The women that you interview tend to be highly educated and creative. There’s nothing wrong with identifying yourself as a woman first and foremost (not a mom or wife)! I could never be a stay at home mom. I guess my point is that someone has to watch a toddler, they cannot be left to their own devices.

Any plans for a series of SAHMs? I think we need to be prepared for anything – you never, ever know what will happen so it is important to be able to take care of yourself if necessary. I like that I get to work on two very different shows, yet I still have time to work on my own things. My father is a great dad but a successful, hardworking surgeon above all else, and I worry a lot about how he will cope when he retires and that piece of his life recedes. The interviewee by some comments makes it sound like if you are a stay-at-home mother then is no alternative – you are going to be too focused on your kids and lose your identity. Do you ever wonder how other women manage the juggle? It’s just out of reach for the vast majority of families :/. I also live in a major city. Your blog is amazing Joanna, great ideas and writing. Thank god for Whole Foods prepared meals. “Up All Night” is like a big hug for working moms. Though I admit that not judging is very very difficult with a hot topic like this one!

Even if you do become that (through work or children) is it such a bad thing if you find personal happiness in it? This series, however, left a negative impression. Would love to give the perspective from here (both good and bad and just different) if you decide to do an international spin!

My mom was a single parent, so she always worked, bc thats how we lived…my fiance’s mother was a SAHM, so I’ve see both sides & heard both stories.

I confess it’s hard to relate to some of these moms because they can seemingly all afford at-home full-time childcare, and to jet off on weekend trips to other countries.

Yes, they may use a nanny and not a grandmother, which is a totally different dynamic. Thanks, Christy, thanks Joanna, it is a great time to hear that there are many working moms…many different ideas, and in LA there is someone who practise alone from baby holiday, sometimes:) I really like these holiday with my husband alone…hmmm… yummy!! How do you and your husband fit marriage into the balance? I have to disagree with you. I live in DC where this is a big topic of conversation amongst my friends – both mothers and not-yet mothers – who constantly worry about their work-life balance. I normally love this, but perhaps the structure of your blog was not the best medium to convey this complicated issue. It’s great to know I am not alone and also great to get some much needed perspective. The overwhelmingly best part is that she hasn’t been completely consumed by her child or the mommy role. To provide the perspective of a mostly stay-at-home mother by complete and utter choice. So great!

Thus, the competition for the close-to-work day cares is really intense – as one of my Mom friends put it, the first people to know that she was pregnant again were her “husband, gyno, and day care; in that order.”. Perhaps I´m not the average kind of mom but I think this is something a lot of my friends relate to as well. Erica Rivinoja.

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