Toutes les marques déposées sont la propriété de leurs détenteurs respectifs aux États-Unis et dans d'autres pays. 6015 - Add 1 Base Tax to a random owned province. Sure it can make it a little better, but good enough is all people care about for tolerance most of the time. Visibilité actuelle : Contacts uniquement. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ideagroups.712 - 5 Years of +5% Infantry Power. Its like having 100 missionaries, sounds awesome, but it doesnt help if everyone is true faith anyway. Since EU4 first came out many of its featured religions have been further developed and fleshed out with unique mechanics. 5088 - Add 50 (Diplomatc Solution) Opinion to a neighbor with less than 50 opinion. For example, every time you avert a religious revolt because you're Reformed you are saving money and manpower. Posted by. u/Hunter5232. Protestant bonuses are much better, and the tiny tolerance isn’t enough to compensate, certainly not enough to avoid taking religious or humanist. Because of the way the Reformation works, both Protestantism and Reformed begin with an event like this, ... More posts from the eu4 community. Edit: for example my Hansa here which is completely prospering going Reformed, whereas in this situation as Lutheran or Catholic there would be turmoil, disaster ticks, low income/goods produced, mass rebels, and instability: The country follows the Nahuatl religion. All events here have the same base chance to happen except where noted otherwise. revolution.19 - Change Government to Revolutionary Republic. 5057 - Increase defensiveness by 10%. Reformed is just as good as Protestant in EU4 (prove me wrong guy) Discussion. Reformed: PROS: +1 possible advisors and +2 tolerence of heretics is very nice especially when you just switch. The Protestant faith is not enabled. Second question is what buff would you counsel to Paradox to make Reformed as viable as Prot? Its useful at the start of the game to avoid stuff like lithuania imploding due to orthodox rebels but you will eventually convert everyone to true faith anyway and then its a useless bonus that does nothing. Also, don't forget that post AoR, it's still useful dealing with orthodox/catholic provinces. 864 - Add 30 (Improved Relations) Opinion to a neighbor, same religion, no truce or current war. Thats an extra +50% "free" morale. 7.4k. You ignore pretty much ALL the penalties of the Age of Reformation. There are three types of events: single-usage, multi-usage, and provincial usage. Tous droits réservés. ideagroups.214 - 5 Years of -2 Revolt Risk (Unrest).

Costs 50 gold. Protestant vs Reformed... Reformed. Catholic events include the event that allows the Counter-Reformation, two triggered events that disable the papacy and a group of bi-yearly pulse events. 5074 - Add 28 manpower to a random owned province. Catholic events[1] include the event that allows the Counter-Reformation, two triggered events that disable the papacy and a group of bi-yearly pulse events.

Who even treats that religion seriously lol. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mostly they have also events that are triggered by a monthly pulse. The Protestant faith is not enabled.

The following events are either triggered only by country with specific religions, or deal with enabling those religions and converting to them.

And (less important in this patch but it was in earlier ones) - saves money. Please help with verifying or updating this section. (hidden) The country: loses 100 authority. But, I think going the same thing every game is quite dull. Costs 50 gold. To use do event [eventID] [province ID]. Permanent, one-time command. There are 4 pulses in the game that trigger events every 3 years. People who blob will understand how insane the unrest/tohe modifiers are and how irrelevant/trivial all the "customized" buffs that protestant give are, well, except for the -1 unrest. I like reformed but you make it seem like you don’t need to take humanist at all but I still isn’t great for heathen lands. 6170 - Change religion to Orthodox. The year is at least 1520. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ideagroups.1205 - Subtract 1 Ferocity and Hostility to random owned Colony with Natives. This page lists all collections of events on the wiki. Granted after Age of Reformation these bonuses diminish, but they are a lot of buffs that people don't figure into mechanical cost/benefit analyses. The year is at least 1480. 6167 - Change religion to Protestant. When you are in a very tumultuous area with a lot of centers of reformation causing chaos, you will be 100% stable with no civil war or turmoil event. The following table details which religions are expanded by which DLC (in order of appearance). Si vous pensez que votre objet a été supprimé par erreur, veuillez contacter le, Cet objet est incompatible avec Europa Universalis IV. ideagroups.1307 - 5 Years of +5% Light Ship Power and 10% Trade Steering. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by … Press J to jump to the feed. For a long time, it was pretty much default to pick Humanist ideas, and that handles tolerance, which is the entirity of your argument. Everyone goes Lutheran EVERY game because that's the meta, and if you don't go it you aren't "optimizing."

4027 - 6 Years of +2% Missionary Strength.

Close. The main reason is that you get 3 bonuses that you can easily switch out plus you get improved relations to reduce the huge AE in the HRE. ideagroups.713 - 5 Years of +5% Cavalry Power. 2 year pulse . religious_events.4 - Change religion to Coptic. ideagroups.811 - 5 Years of +0.50 Land Morale. republics.7 - Add 5 Republican Tradition.

But sure, if Tolerance is all you want, then Reformed is the best religion ever. This page was last edited on 4 July 2020, at 09:00. 6.5k. There are 2 pulses in the game, each triggers events every 2 years. ideagroups.1606 - 5 Years of +1 Advisor Pool. republics.14 - 5 Years of +1 Merchant or +15% Trade Power. Also very changeable and mendable to suit your playstyle. Protestant is for people who don't care about optimizing expansion.

Everyone goes Lutheran EVERY game because that's the meta, and if you don't go it you aren't "optimizing." There are 2 pulses in the game, each triggers events every 2 years.

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share. It was last verified for,, Articles with potentially outdated sections.

With tolerance bonus you accept all heresies - Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox, Anglican. 5057 - Increase defensiveness by 10%. Permanent, one-time command.

Also If you want to increase tax in specific province use "debug_mode" mouse over province look for "Prov: ****" that's the ID of a province and then you use "event 5073 [provid]", A nice one for doomstack navies is "random_event.7", also "9469" is Lux Stella, and "revolution.15" is to go revolutionary. I think the only arguments with protestant are that it comes first (say, you want to rush Prussia), league wars and HRE becomes a bit easier (you can still make reformed official faith now though, just with a few more hoops), and roleplay.

ideagroups.217 - 5 Years of +2 Heretic and Heathen Tolerance (Unrest). Posted by. - You don't have to do ANY converting at all if you don't want to.

ideagroups.407 - 5 Years of +1% Missionary Strength. Events can be used in the console (Default is the ` key) with typing event [eventID]. Modifiers for being Catholic: 1.

The Papal State: The Protestant faith is not enabled. How do you make reformed the official faith? ; pretender rebels (size 4) rise up in a random province of the country that is connected to the country's capital.. pretender rebels (size 3) rise up in 2 further random provinces of the country in its capital area. Is this really worth it to be this min/maxing to compel us to always choose this as our religion? 857 - 5 Years of Diplomatic Relations over Time +10%. Reformed has the mechanic where you wait for +5 fervor then you pick 1 bonus at a time. completing the ‘Restore the Pentarchy’ mission. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by …

One random province following the trigger conditions: Province is owned by the owner of the currently considered province. 6 years ago. This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 10:07. Catholics must contend with the intricacies of the Papacy system. You're lucky to be able to use 1 at all times. Connectez-vous ou créez un compte pour faire cela. ideagroups.907 - 5 Years of +10% Trade Steering. All events that share the same pulse occur exclusively of one another. The following events for Catholic countries are triggered by a bi-yearly pulse. Currently the Isles are partitioned between myself (Wales) and Scotland. 6166 - Change religion to Catholic. PLUS, you can switch focuses instantly at will, making it the most flexible Christian sect. Every four years, one out of the following events may happen: The following events are either triggered only for a singly country (or culture), are part of event chains related to that country (or culture), or deals with the creation of that country. Cet objet ne sera visible que pour vous, les administrateurs et toute personne marquée comme créateur. I'd focus less on the tolerance for why I like it though. religious_events.4 - Change religion to Coptic. Il n'est maintenant visible que par vous. Never really went reformed so you have to excuse me. westernisation.12 - Change Religion to Reformed.

Also Anglican? Going from 50% to 60% morale gives you less benefits than going from 50% to 55% morale and 2.5% discipline. Just here to congratulate a fellow lover of Reformed for sticking out from the Protestant crowd.

The Catholic hierarchy is led by the Pope and includes cardinals and bishops. Certaines données géographiques de ce site sont fournies par, Español-Latinoamérica (Espagnol - Amérique latine), I decided to convert to Protestantism since the Reformation is pretty violet on the Isles this game.

Meanwhile Protestant gets 3 slightly weaker buffs, that it can swap out on a whim fairly frequently, and gives a wider range of benefits. 6166 - Change religion to Catholic. - If your country has a native +1 or +2 heretic tolerance like France, Burgundy, or the Dutch, Reformed is even more viable as it means your tolerance of heretics will be equivalent to that of your state religion. the decision ‘Declare the Kingdom of God’. The Papal State did not had the event ‘Simony Judged’ and chosen the option “We will treat this as the crime it is!”. share. Plus if you're familiar with playing it then fervor is easy to stack meaning that you can run a bonus constantly. This article has been verified for the current version (1.30) of the game. It is objectively weaker militarily and that’s what matters to most people. - You ignore pretty much ALL the penalties of the Age of Reformation. 7.4k. Eligible to re… All disasters have at least a start event and an end event. The Protestant faith is not enabled. One random neighbouring province following the trigger conditions: From event “Reformed Refugees” - option "Let them across", From event “Sending Ministers Abroad” - option "For the glory of God! Log in sign up. Can be used as many times as you like, and add no country modifiers.

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